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  1. Hello to all you lovely best destination wedding Brides!!! Brad and I have been married for almost a month now and I could not be happier! the vacation, wedding & honeymoon could not have been better.....I would not change one single thing. Destination weddings are the way to do it!!! Here's a review broken down into small sections and then I have a link to our photographers blog to see some of our pics. I really hope this will be helpful to anyone who is considering getting married in punta cana. Our Resort: EdenH Real Arena.........absolutely stunning resort. It's so modern and the grounds are beautiful. I loved everything about this place. The rooms were also very modern looking complete with a jacuzzi on the balcony. The food was delicious and the staff was super friendly. Our group mostly hung out at the main pool bar and we always had a blast. Wedding Coordinator: Her name is Elizabeth and we met with her our 2nd day there. She was super sweet and was willing to do anything to make our day perfect. I really didn't have anything planned out at all until I got there and everything turned out perfectly.....she definately knows what she's doing. the Ceremony: the first couple of days we arrived the weather hadn't really been that great and the forecast called for more rain and overcast for the day of the wedding. When I awoke that morning I realized that my ceremony on the beach was not gonna happen.....it was way too windy and it would have been miserable. so back up plan was to have in in the tantra bar which is a roof top lounge with a bit of shelter to it. Looking back on everything I'm actually glad that the ceremony was there and not the beach......it was decorated fantastically and it was completely private. So just keep in mind that even in crappy weather, you can still have the wedding of your dreams. Reception: We decided to go outside of the resort to the Jellyfish Restaurant. and Oh My God did we ever make the right decision......this restaurant is AMAZING. it's like a giant treehouse on the beach! we had the whole place rented out privately and it couldn't have been more perfect.......and the meal was best wedding food i've ever eaten in my life, we even had the wedding photographers tell us that and they've been to hundreds of weddings. Everyone had a blast and even still can't quite talking about how much fun they had there. anyone getting married in punta cana, no matter which resort you should definately consider have your reception at this place. check out their website Punta Cana restaurant Bavaro Jellyfish - Home they have their own in house wedding coordinator and her name is Mayte.....She is amazing........she put so much passion and thought into my reception and I will be forever grateful towards her. Honeymoon: we went over to the paradisus palma real for our honeymoon and wow.....if you wanna be spoiled rotten for a week go there. It was the perfect honeymoon place.....this place oozes romance I'm not the best at writing these kind of things, but if anyone has any other questions please feel free to message me. and I would really just like to say thank you to this website and those of you that have shared there ideas and stories......during this past year it has been fantastic to oogle all of the photos and get loads of ideas and inspiration. Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for reading my review and looking at my photos http://www.justmarriedphotography.ne...1228809978.php
  2. Hey All you EdenH Brides!! Just wanted to let everyone know that My Wedding was amazing!!!! my photos will be ready by the end of the month so i'll be posting a full review then. I wasn't able to have my ceremony on the beach like I had hoped due to bad wheather. But they set up the tantra bar for us and looking back i would not change a thing. Everything was beautiful and no random people watching us. The next day for the trash the dress was beautiful so we got all our beach pics then. We had our reception at the Jellyfish and it was perfect. this is the most amazing restaurant I've ever been to and anyone unsure about having your reception at the resort, you should really consider the jellyfish. The meal was the best food i've ever eaten in my life and to even have our wedding photographers say that was pretty cool. I can't wait to post my pics!!! anyone with any questions, please feel free to email, cause I won't really be checking this site until I post my pics. rubyringo@hotmail.com
  3. Hi Girls, Just wondering if anyone can tell me in what order they are doing their receptions.....like first dance, speeches etc. or if anyone is using an MC? I was really wanting to keep everything casual but My parents are insisting there is some order to everything. I feel really unorganized now and I have less then three weeks to go!!!! Thanks for any help
  4. rubyringo

    Great Website For Clip-in Extensions!!

    I ordered the 14" and yes My hairdresser cut about 3 inches off for me. I lucked out with the color and it actually matched perfectly to my hair. They seem to have highlights already in the hair so it blended really well. what brand did you order??
  5. I based my colors on my Bridesmaid dresses (Turquoise and a pale lemony yellow color)
  6. I ordered some flip flops from this site (the ones with the turquoise stone) and they are worth the $$$ so pretty and comfy. Thank you so much for posting this link
  7. rubyringo

    Great Website For Clip-in Extensions!!

    oops, here's the before and after Untitled-1.pdf
  8. hey Girls, I just got some clip in extensions from this website Clip In Hair Extensions They are AWESOME!!!!! So if anyone is considering buying some I would definately check out this site. my hair is about 1-2 inches longer than the before pic.
  9. rubyringo

    Anti Anxiety Meds?

    One thing I can suggest for panic attacks is a Beta-Blocker. They are actually prescribed for people with high blood pressure but they are amazing for panic attacks. They shut off that crazy adrenalin, jump outta your skin feeling instantly. Plus there's no out of it feeling from them. Something to ask your doctor about it you do decide to seek out a prescription for something
  10. Awesome Jessy, I can't wait to see how everything turns out. I'm also gonna head down to Mac and see what they can do with my mug. Good luck with everything......I know you'll have a wonderful wedding and I can't wait to see your photos Cheers!
  11. I really wanted to have cute placecard holders on our reception tables but I already have fairly big favors and I didn't wanna junk up the tables too badly so I found this idea online and it's just so stupidly simple that I wanted to share it with all of you. it's a cute idea and no cost what so ever..........sorry if all of you have seen this before but it was new to me. wedding stuff.pdf
  12. Hey Jessy, I'm just wondering if you plan on getting your hair and makeup done at the spa. that's something i'm really stressing about for some reason so it would be nice to have someone's review on their services. Thanks
  13. NICE!!!! Wiggin' out is the way to go! Great pics