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  1. #7 Sweet Fire shows the part of a TTD session that you rarely see. The message is very clear in this photo.
  2. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding here in Cabo. Answers to a few questions will focus the options: 1.) Preferring something close to your wedding location in San Jose? 2.) How many guests will need accommodation? 3.) 3 star or 5 star? 4.) Considering all-inclusive? 5.) Considering villa rentals? 6.) What is the name of the Villa/Casa you have chosen of your wedding? I look forward to your answers.
  3. Karla is very well connected here in Cabo and brings the best talent into her wedding planning. Her excellent reputation is well deserved.
  4. Dino? Many of the brides considering (or already booked) Dorada would love to know the answer to this one.
  5. I have photographed weddings at Dreams working with David and he is a very cool guy (also great at his job!) so rest easy. I am going to suggest a beach restaurant that often gets overlooked and I don't know why. The restaurant is Tobascos right on the beach on the bay in Cabo San Lucas. It is 'almost' half-way between the two groups of people and quite affordable and fun. Tabasco Beach Restaurant, Water Sports - Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos 3.) Oot bags can easily be stuffed buying local. Ask your hotel concierge for directions to Todos de Bizarre or Bizarre de To
  6. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Here is a partial list of wedding planners in Cabo. It is best to hire local wedding planners as they are plugged into the destination like no others. We have an incredible group of people who collectively have done thousands of weddings here in Cabo.
  7. What an incredible wedding. Wait it was more than a wedding, it was an event! Thanks for a very thorough and well written review Liz. At times it felt like I was reading your personal blog. Most, if not all of your vendors and contacts were Cabo locals and good on you for hiring and entrusting your precious wedding (event!) to our talented local vendors.
  8. The Wedding Planner for Barcelo is Violeta Carrillo and here is her direct email. loscabos.weddings@barcelo.com Phone from the U.S. and Canada 011.52.624.163.7730 ext.4112 Have a great wedding in Cabo!
  9. Congratulations Ashley, for three reasons. That you are getting married, you chose Dreams and you have Yarai as your WC. Yarai is a pro and a stickler (funny word) for details. As are Mariana and David who also do weddings at Dreams. I always ask my couples about their experience at their chosen hotels/villas and Cabo in general. Dreams consistently gets very positive comments. You will be well looked after.
  10. Here is the link to Lunas De Fuego web site here in Cabo. Enjoy.
  11. I can help Lee Lee but first a few questions to focus in on some good choices. Where are you staying? How many people for the dinner? Is there a preference for cuisine other than taco bar? Will they want to go to any clubs/entertainment after dinner? Time?
  12. The three wedding planners at Dreams are Yarai, Mariana and David and all three of them are excellent wedding planners. They are usually very busy leading up to and during the weekends but they will respond. I have shot many weddings at Dreams and I always ask my couples about their Dreams experience from wedding planners to restaurants and everything in between. To date the feedback has been 100% positive. You have picked a great place to have your wedding. Here is a link to some revealing virtual views (360) of Dreams Los Cabos.
  13. The three wedding planners at Dreams Los Cabos are Yarai, Mariana and David. They have all been at the resort for quite some time and are VERY good at their jobs.
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