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  1. Hi Katman! The fiesta was a total success and everyone had a great time. Looking back, we probably would not have had the AHR at all. We felt our wedding in MX was so perfect that planning another event was somewhat anti-climactic. Although we were burned out from planning, spending $ and more planning it was a wonderful party where all of the family/friends were able to celebrate with us at home. It was fun, but a lot of extra work. Essentially--you plan TWO recpetions! Its work, so be prepared. I guess we could've just had a BBQ and made it much more chill, but that's not how I do things....ha! :-) What everyone loved: the delicous taco bar, the dessert buffet and the margaritas! Ole! We decided to use the large beverage dispenders to serve maragritas and lemondae, as well as a keg and wine. We didn't want to have pop cans sitting everywhere, so we opted for just a few options of beverages. Guests also loved the dessert buffet, cupcakes, caramel corn, churros and 3 different cakes. It was so cute! Sam's Club has amazing buttercreme cupcakes for about $13 for 30! Such a great deal! What else--the moonbounce was awesome! It kept the kids busy so the adults could mingle. I would highly recommend!!!! The mariachi duo was a hit too. It was a little entertainment but not too much. I'd reccomend that you have a non family member or a friend of a friend that can keep things clean and refreshed. I hired my sister's friend to keep the beverages stocked, the food fresh and things organized. What a life saver! You need to focus on your guests, not how full the chips are, so its great to have a reliable 'employee' to worry about everything so you and your hubby can focus on the guests. What would've we done differently...? Ordered less FOOD! Our entire family (both sets of parents and sibilings) at tacos for 2 weeks!!!!! We ordered food for 215 (RSVP count) and only 150 or show showed up! Think about ordering for less than RSVP b/c summer's are busy and people will end up not making it. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!!! Stephanie
  2. Hi! I hope I can answer a few of your questions. Did you hear back from Gabriela? They can be very busy and slow to respond, so be persistent! At MCR, there are 3 A la Carte restaurants and 1 buffet. During your stay, you are able to make a reservation at one of the open restaurants pending availability--each day or dine at the buffet. I believe what the "Dinner Reservation" of the Tides package means is that you will be at one of the 3 restaurants--a semi-private dinner. You will not have a fully private dinner--other resort guests will be at the restaurant, but you will have space for dinner, toasts, etc. I believe the price is set--so you'd order off the menu and only pay your Tides package amount. Although you are at an all-inclusive and you can dine at the A la Carte restaurants during your stay for no extra charge, the cost associated with the package includes other services, too...right? As for wedding guests that are not staying at the hotel, I believe its an extra $50 per guest. As for after dinner festivities--depends on the day of your wedding. Friday and Saturday's typically have a DJ so you can go to the Lobby Bar and shake it or the resort will have entertainment lined up in the bar, so you'll want to coordinate the wedding day with a day that is most likely to have a DJ that night. Best of luck planning! I hope my response helps. Stephanie
  3. Hello! I cannot speak to to distances between the Dreams and MCR--b/c I don't really remember, but this was the breakdown of our wedding package/food/bev. When we were at MCR in February, the Tropical Fairy Tale Wedding for $1890 includes cost for....(things may have changed?) Wedding Cermony (legal might add to the costs? we got married in a church, so this did not apply to us) 24 guest's appetizer, 3 course meal, cake and open bar (you don't really pay 'extra' for an open bar, I feel this costs covers the extra staff involved to set up for your private event, private bartender, etc.). Being that it is an all-inclusive resort, its like...why are teh Bride and Groom paying more, b/c the guests have paid already and if they weren't dinning at the wedding reception, they'd be dining at on the MCR's buffets...but you kind of just have to throw that idea away--since its a private party with an elevated menu, servers that are really attentive, etc....ya know? Brides Bouquet Groom's Boutonniere + $45 per guest over the 24 (our guest total was 32, including us) I hope that helps! Let me know if you need more details!
  4. I thought the Melia was pretty chill. I think its all about who you end up there with. The other guests....There were some crazy party animals by the pool a few days, but the pool is so large and has almost a 'divider' for a more chill atmposhere on the other side, across from the swim up bar. The grounds are HUGE so you have space to getway and relax or hit the pool bar and get tipsy. The hotel bar had entertainment every night. A live band, karaoke, dance night, fire thrower/dancer night, etc. So people are busy with the fun and not visiably wasted...ya know? Our guests ranged from 2 to 65 and almost everyone was pleased with the atmopshere (even the "non-drinkers"). There is a bonfire, so if your non-party guests wanted to chill they could go by the fire. I feel like the non-wedding evenings were consumed by dinner. If you dien at the reservation resturants, that turns into an evening affair and by the time you're done with dinner--you almost are too full and tired to 'party'. I vote Melia! :-) One thing another DW bride said was that another resort they toured, people were doing kegs stands and it smelled like throw-up, but that was not the case at Melia Cabo Real. I think you'll be safe for whatever type of personality your guests may have. The only downfall is that it is in the Cooridor, so a little too far from San Jose and San Lucas...a bus or cab ride, but for anyone that may be cabin fever...it might be too far. I think you'll be 100% pleased with MCR! I was there for a site visit and our 9 day wedding trip and would go back! Thanks! Stephanie
  5. We had our reception at the Melia and I would not change a thing! It was amazing! Check out my Melia review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/melia-cabo-real-all-inclusive-beach-golf-resort/reviews/4256 I believe the price was $45 for each additional guest beyond 25 ppl...right? Not shabby if you think that covers alcohol, appetizers, salad, main course and dessert + a cake! Not to mention--you get the ceremony items included in the price. Have you emailed Vanessa for the details or reached out to her on Facebook? One thing that was a decision-maker was that the Melia had really afforable rates for our guests. I think Dreams was a little more pricey. But--after we did our site visit, I didn't really consider any other locations. I loved how large the grounds were and the Garden Terrace--it was so romantic and secluded! Good luck! Happy planning!
  6. Hello! I wanted to follow up my original post with my actual review! I really loved how I looked on my wedding day! I told Neysa that I wanted to look like the most beauitful version of myself and I think she hit the nail on the head! :-) I've attached a few photos of my hair and makeup. Neysa was very professional and very talented. I did not do a trial run b/c I wasn't sold on any one hair style. I just wanted my bangs off to the side and romantic and classic. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted for makeup, so I brought my own lip color and had a photo example of the make up which she recreated without a problem! She brought 2 team members with to assit with the wedding party, 4 bridesmaids, my mother, MIL and niece. Neysa and her one team member rocked it, there was a 3rd team member that wasn't at 100% but still did an OK job. I was happy with the end result. The makeup stayed on all day/night, my hair held all day and night...maybe even into the next day if I hadn't torn out all the bobby pins! :-) If I were to do it all over again, I would book Neysa! I hope this helps, but feel free to respond with questions. Thanks!
  7. Hey there! We did decide on MCR and loved every minute! The wedding planners are wonderful and our wedding reception was amazing--perfect--magical! I agree with you 100%! Good luck in 2012! And...just some advice...book the 10 piece mariachi (worth every penny!) band and have sparklers during your first dance! Quote: Originally Posted by meghmarie I am having my wedding at the Melia Cabo Real in March 2012! I visited Melia recently and I didn't get the old and boring vibe! I didn't get to see the rooms while i was there (which may have told me a lot more. .. ) but the grounds were beautiful and not out of date! Melia is actually one of the first resorts in the cabo area so of course It is definitely older compared to the new, extravagant resorts in the area but it wasn't noticeable. Personally, I strongly believe that it is what you make of it! I know there are fancier places in the area but my fiance and i chose to do business with melia because of all the good reviews, our wonderful site visit, and the gorgeous grounds. The beach is huge too! I have no doubt that our friends and family will be happy staying here. Oh and here is a quick fun fact: the travel channel actually named Melia Cabo real as one of the top 10 resorts in all of Mexico! I think this information itself is a little dated. But hey, it's still good news right?!
  8. In response to Vbbbtk: I know...its sneaking up so quickly! I am in the midst of all the last minute details! We are not doing a grand entrance, just hanging out. Nothing too formal. THANK YOU for suggesting s'mores! Why didn't I think of that? Of course we need s'mores! :-) Thanks! I will update you on how it went! Thanks! In response to Sarah2010: The taco bar, hands down is the best! Easy, simple and who doesn't love tacos?! We got married in Feb and our AHR is 4 months after...I think it would be OK to wait 6 months, but in all honesty--it costs a pretty penny to rent a tent, tables, chairs, etc...it might be more cost effective to have it at a hall or a local Mexican resturant! I love that idea! You could rent space at a resturant--sometime they don't have a minimum food order? Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!
  9. Hi! Our AHR is just a month away, so I am in the midst of it all! We ended up simply stating "Open House" on the invite. I was so torn, because I wanted people to know this was an RSVP'd event (we included a RSVP postcard with the invite)--but that is was also casual and dinner/cocktails would be served. The plan is to have the taco bar, dessert bar and beverages set up all evening. People can eat when they want, come and go as the please. We decided to hire entertainment--to keep people engaged in the party, so we have a Mexican Mariachi Duo playing for 2 hours, a moonbounce for the kiddies, yard games, sparklers and a bonfire when it gets dark. Here is my invite--I felt like it explained to guests that is was casual, but still an event--not a graduation-type party. We did set up a website, but no one has really viewed it. I have a mywedding.com site and it tracks the traffic of the site--and its a huge 0! It's nice, just in case, but word of mouth works too. Or--just simply state "Open House." People will RSVP--we have 120 already! Eek! We plan on wearing what we wore for the wedding. Wedding gown, my hubby will be in his suit, bridesmaids in their dresses, etc. I felt that our guest would want to kind of re-live the day and see us in our wedding attire. I think our guests will wear semi-dressy outfits. Women in sundresses, men in slacks/nice shirts. p.s. We created a slide show DVD with iMovie and iDVD and plan to loop it on a TV--I learned that most projector/screen combos need it to be 100% dark to view. So--that would not work. The DVD is a great option! Good luck! Let me know if you have any insight!
  10. I think its OK to leave out your madien or lasts names since its a little more casual. Most people will know who you are without your last names included. Mine was very simple. The RSVP card had our last name, so in case someone was confused--that should have cleared it up! Good luck!
  11. OMG...I read this and almost choked! Not trying to be rude, but it is against all proper etiquiette to even state where you are registered on an invite--let alone tell people that you want cash! I just want to pass along proper etiquiette for other brides...just because you are planning a relaxed and fun destination wedding doesn't mean you should throw all rules to the wind. Just my two cents! Thanks!
  12. Hi! I am lost...we are planning a Wedding Fiesta to celebrate our Mexico nuptiuals but I am having trouble...we want a semi-casual backyard fiesta (tent, tables, cocktail tables, bonfire, slideshow, etc.) where guests show up around 5pm, dinner starts at 6ish (taco bar with all the fixings, dessert bar, margaritas, beer, wine, soda, etc). Sounds all buttoned up, right? But my problem is I don't want all guest rushing the buffet and 6PM when its ready--I want it to be a casual, a more open house feel, but I don't want to say "open house" b/c people tend to think it's optional then...I am requsting RSVP's, to have a solid head count for food, but how do I make sure guest understand it's not a formal/seated meal. We are not going to have seating for all 200 guest...so I want it more of a mix and mingle. I plan to have a lot of high-top/cocktail tables so guests can use those too, but how to I make sure it is properly communicated? Through our website or tell our closests family/friends the vision and they can eat later and spread the word? Or? Help! I have the invite wording figured out: Stephanie & Keith tied the knot on February 1, 2011 in Los Cabos Celebrate in Minnesota the vows shared in Mexico Saturday, June 11, 2011 Eat, Drink, and Be Married~5:00pm Join us at the ABC123 home All night, outdoor delight. Rain or shine it's wedding fiesta time! Your suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks so much! Stephanie
  13. I totally agree! I booked Neysa for my hair/make-up and my entire bridal party's hair! I can't wait!
  14. Hi! There is not a late night disco--but they do have entertainment on certain nights. When I went on our site visit, they had a live band on Saturday night, Sunday night was Casino/Cards and DJ on Monday night--which was so much fun. Everyone was dancing! It changes by the week/season. I love the Melia and would highly recommend!
  15. Hi there! Do you have any examples of the coasters? That is such a cool idea! We are giving away insulated mugs with our wedding logo on it as a Welcome Gift, along with a welcome letter and the schedule for the wedding events. Plus all the women at the wedding will get a pashmina (with a tag: To have and to hold..and to keep you from the cold!). I figure guys don't really care too much about a favor--so we'll focus on keeping the ladies warm at our February wedding! The men will be happy with a mug to keep their beer cold! :-) Example of the Welcome Bag (which doubles as great shoe/garment bag for traveling) and the mug from DiscountMugs.com (not our logo): Then the pashminas at http://www.wholesalepashminascarves.com/pa-021.html in a varitey of colors.
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