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  1. Hi Ladies, Just got back from our wedding on April 12, all I can say is WOW, Lori did such an amazing job. I could not have been happier, she was so much fun to work with and the pictures are beyond amazing, I honestly, couldn't imagine having anyone else cover our day. Ladies, you will not be disappointed, it was probably the easiest decision we had to make in our wedding planning and probably the best decision we could of made. I've attached a short video that Lori did for my hubby and I, I think I've watched it 50 times, I just love the work she did. We were married at the Barcelo Maya Palace, I wouldn't of changed a thing!!! Hope this works!!! http://video214.com/play/mgrsNCmQ88xSouLh6FYjBQ/s/dark
  2. Hi Ladies, Just wondering if anyone has used Sweet Fire Photography??? Lori from Moments that Matter branched off and has started her own company. She is still associated with MTM but she has her own site now too. She is absolutely AMAZING, quick to respond to emails, answer my questions, and is incredibly nice. I've hired her for my wedding (I can't wait!!!) and I'll be sure to write a review when I get back. Check out her website. www.SweetFirePhotography.com Lori@sweetfirephotography.com
  3. miss_cee09

    DJ Mannia is AMAZING!!!!

    Hi Ladies, I have DJ Mannia's price list and email info, I tried to attach it to the website but it won't let me. They have been wonderful to work with and very accommodating, plus they answer their emails within a day. Send me a message with your emails, and I'll send you the info. Have a Great day girls!!
  4. Hi Ladies, I'm wondering if anyone has ever had or is going to be having their wedding reception around the Palace Pool? It seems as though everyone is having their receptions either in a Grill or on the beach, is the pool area even an option? Also, does anyone have a list or pricing for the hors d'oeuvres? Thanks Ladies
  5. Help Ladies, I just got an email from Claudia, we are trying to book for April 2011, she informed us that we need a copy of a reservation from a tour operator 2 months after our date is on hold. What if we don't book our flights till October? That just doesn't make sense. I don't want to book my flights now when we could get a better deal closer to the date. Also, in the information she sent me it states "The City Hall will keep the original birth certificates, they won't be returned." I'm not leaving my original birthday certificate in Mexico. Can anyone tell me what happens when we are down there, do we just give all our information to Claudia and she deals with it, or do we just make copies and take them down there? Right now, it looks better for us to just get married here and take our marriage license down there. I'm so confused.....
  6. Morning Ladies, Has anyone had a wedding/reception at the French Riviera in Club 96? It's the private beach club in Villas Del Mar. I'm just wondering if you have to be staying in one of the villas in order to use the terrace for a reception. I noticed there are no prices on the menu and that worries me a little. I'm just basically wondering about rental fees for an evening, food, pricing and how many people the pool terrace holds etc. If anyone has any information, I'd really appreciate it. It looks absolutely stunning!!!!
  7. miss_cee09

    Karla Casillas - WC

    Morning Everyone, Has anyone heard of Karla Casillas from A Baja Romance Wedding? Has anyone used her as a wedding coordinator? If so, can you please provide me with any information ex. was she attentive, did she pay attention to detail, was she knowledgeable, how were her prices compared to other WC in Cabo? etc.
  8. miss_cee09

    Has anyone rented from SunCabo?

    The Villa you are talking about is in San Jose Del Cabo, on Cabovillas.com it's called Villa Dios del Mar, however, in Suncabo it's called Casa del Costa Tranquilo. I've been looking at that villa as well for our wedding. If you'd like send me your email address, I have pictures of a wedding that took place there, that way you can see the set up, it's actually very beautiful. Take Care
  9. miss_cee09

    Cabo Private Villas

    Hi Ladies, I'm hoping you girls can help me out. My fiance and I have decided to have our wedding at a private villa, hopefully in Pedregal. I've heard that there is a 10pm noise curfew in Pedregal, does anyone know if this is true and is there a way around it or to have the curfew extended if you're holding a wedding at one of the villas? Thanks Girls
  10. Hi Ladies, Just wondering if any of you have used Tara Null from Fiestas Los Cabos as their wedding coordinator? What was she like, I've heard really good things about her. How was the service and the pricing, is it expensive? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. miss_cee09

    Wedding Coordinators

    Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has used a coordinator from Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations? How much do they charge? I've only heard good things about them and my fiance and I are thinking of getting married at Las Ventanas, should I use the wedding coordinator from the resort? Which way would be cheaper and whom would have more pull as far as entertainment, beverages, having guests stay at other resorts so transportation. Wow, there is a lot to plan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Girls and have a great day
  12. miss_cee09

    I'm new ladies

    Hello everyone, My name is Renee, I'm in the infant stages of planning our wedding in Cabo. We have a couple dates in mind Sept 9, 2009 or sometime in Oct 2009. Not exactly sure what resorts we are having the wedding at since I've never been to Cabo before, so any help would be appreciated. It seems all the resorts I was looking at are too expense. One & Only Palmilla Las Ventanas Cabo Azul Marquis If anyone has ever been married or is looking at having their wedding at one of those resorts, please let me know if you find a deal of some sort. Have a great Day Ladies, can't wait to chat some more. Renee
  13. Best Day EVER!!

    Pros: professional, fun, the most amazing photos!!!
    Lori's professionalism and her dedication to her art were impressive to say the least. During formal pictures she gave excellent direction with the precision of a perfectionist, yet kept it fun and relaxing for us. However, once it came time for the ceremony and reception both Lori and Tanya were nearly invisible, so the candid shots are absolutely amazing.   We look forward to seeing the end result but cannot recommend the services of Sweet Fire Photography enough.... "you will not regret your decision to hire the best!"   Thanks again Lori and Tanya!!!  Alex and I agree, our wedding would not have been complete if you hadn't been a part of it!!!   Alex and Renee