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  1. we spent our honeymoon week at that resort. Its a gorgeous resort and the food is amazing. We did see a wedding going on the week we were there, they were taking pictures around the pool with the bridges. I'm sure they came out beautifully. The only drawbacks for that resort is that its very far from the night life, you would have to take a cab in and that its mostly couples there. If there are a lot of 20 yr olds in your group they won't find it much fun there. Any singles we met the week we were there were unhappy at the lack of "something to do". But otherwise...highly recommend it
  2. oh I should add a disclaimer though.lol I recomend this as a wedding resort if its a small intimate, older group. The princesa is a VERY quiet resort. If you have young adults in your group (20ish) they probably will not enjoy themselves at all. If you have a lot of 20 somethings in your group I recommend the Sirenis.
  3. If you've never been to Cuba before you'll love any resort you stay in. You'll be so amazed with the Cuban people and listyle that you won't notice most things more experienced Cubagoers notice. Two things I would recommend for that resort... 1) BRING BUG SPRAY! There are a lot of mosquitos there, especially April/May. We got eaten alive when we went in May. The Barcelo is a beautiful resort with tons of folliage and therefore tons of mosquitos. 2) The service at the bars, especially at the lobby bar, is notoriously slow. I definitely recommend bubba kegs. At least you can stock up
  4. We stayed at the Princesa for our honeymoon week (2nd week). It is a FABULOUS resort and I highly recommend it for a wedding or switching over for the second week. They serve chamapgne everywhere!! at the beach bar, when you walk into the buffet, the lobby, everywhere!! Here is the link to my facebook album. Although there are no wedding pics you can get an idea of what the resort looks like.... Login | Facebook
  5. What did everyone do (or are planning to do) about thank you cards? Did you go conservative and just put a little picture in a thank you card or did you go creative? We'd like to do something special for those that came to Cuba with us. For the AHR we might just keep it simple. Any ideas?
  6. DH and I are now down the home stretch. Everything has gone off better than we had hoped for and we owe it all to the ladies on BDW. Guests are still talking about our message in a bottle STD's, our passport invites, our cool OOT bags; none of which we could have, or would have, done on our own. So THANK YOU ALL!!! Our last little venture are the thank you cards. What have you done for thank you's? Did you stay traditional? Let's see them
  7. which resort are you staying at? At the Sirenis, the disco was pretty packed every night and they were playing all the modern club songs.
  8. here's a link to my bouquet.... Login | Facebook
  9. I brought my own real touch bouquet down too, I put it in my suitcase with everything else and the flowers just "popped" back into place when I took it out. Judi from Special Day Designs said they would...and they did. She was awesome and located in Alliston if anyone wants to check her out as well.
  10. Yes Jackobelle that's right We didn't need adapters at the Sirenis last week but we needed converters. There was a 110v outlet in the bathroom (which didn't work well), all other outlets in our room were 220v. My hairdresser's curling iron got fried even with the converter, my flat iron was fine (this was in Havana though) We bought a package at best buy that had adapters for all over the world and a converter for $20. They're not expensive at all.
  11. Fudgie congratulations! Your pics are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! (I hope I spelt that right) I'm SO esited now!!
  12. Hey cool!! I haven't been able to see many pics with a wedding setup. Well, actually, none. lol I can only find colour insipration pics but not wedding related.
  13. I found those ones too. I can't seem to find any beach setups. Thanks!!
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