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Best of BDW Trash the Dress Photos 2012

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Hello Best Destination Wedding members,


We are excited to announce our newest photographer contest.  As a way for our members to get to know the Best Destination Wedding feature photographers, we are having a photo contest of some of their best photos that YOU get to judge. So take a look at these beautiful pictures and VOTE in the poll below for your favorite.


This thread is the photo contest for the Best Trash the Dress Photos (TTD)!
We will be also showcasing two different categories so be sure to go vote here as well!
Your vote matters as you will help decide which photographers will win the Best of BDW Award.
#1 Caribe
Caribe TTD.jpg       #2 Gonzalo Nunez Gonzalo Nun¦âez TTD.jpg       #3 Syds Designs Photography Syds Designs Photography TTD.jpg      
#4 del Sol Photography del Sol - TTD - Susan Randy.jpg       #5 Smile Market Photography
Smile Market TTD.jpg       #6 Moments That Matter Moments That Matter Photography TTD.jpg     #7 Sweetfire Photography Sweet Fire Photography TTD.jpg       #8 Blue Lens Caribe Blue Lens Caribe TTD.jpg       #9 Gilda Badillo Badillo Studio TTD.jpg     Good Luck to all our great Photographers. And as always feel free to talk about what you liked about each picture in the discussion below!

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I'm torn! the one by del Sol is smoking hot. the one by Gonzalo Nunez is absolutely breathtaking. Moments That Matter is awesome the way they captured the ocean spray to surround the shot, and the Sweetfire one is totally my style.


But i think i have to go with Gilda Badillo because it's a classic TTD pose, but the moment was caught right between sexy posing i'm sure, and i just love that the couple is laughing together! it really brings back memories of my own TTD experience

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