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    Serious Venue Issue!

    Paradisus is actually notorious for doing this and we have to fight with them all the time to get the rates lowered. Are you using a TA to assist you?
  2. source: www.goarticles.com Millions of vacationers each year stop in at the beautiful Caribbean islands. A few days of fun in the sun may seem like the ultimate indulgence, but more and more frequently, visitors are arriving with an agenda all their own. Weddings and honeymoons have always been a popular activity for couples visiting the Caribbean, but these days themed weddings put a new spin on an old favorite. Many islands in the region have plenty to offer lovebirds who hope to create their dream nuptials or post-party escape. Incredible scenery and balmy breezes make the perfect backdrop for a tropical ceremony, allowing travelers to make their special day into something truly memorable. Of course, there are also a few ways to make a one-of-a-kind wedding by incorporating some distinctly Caribbean aspects. One fun option that many travelers may not have considered is to add a bit of the local culture to their own ceremony. Though Caribbean wedding traditions are largely Christian, the islands have a history of blending cultural influences, much the same way they have created the fabulous foods and sizzling beats for which the region is known. African and European traditions fused with traces of native rituals in the tropics. These rituals can be combined into your wedding to give it a hint of culture, whether it's set on the seaside or in a beautifully decorated ballroom. - Dress like a local: The new wedding attire the bride and groom show tends to be handmade. Outfits here are designed to help them look their best, and store-bought dresses are uncommon. - Consider a long walk down the aisle: Many Caribbean islands include the tradition of the happy couple walking through the town from their respective homes to the church, whose bells are ringing out news of the occasion. The purpose of this is to show off their new wedding attire. - Pare down the party: In many island traditions, there is no inclusion of a best man or groom's men. Instead the groom waits while the bride's father, and sometimes mother as well, escort her to the altar. A maid or matron of honor position does exist, though she is called "the chief." - Try tropical toasts: Rum is the liquor of choice throughout the region, and this sugar-based alcohol is often included in punches for the toast. A cake heavily laced with rum and rum-soaked fruits is also common at weddings in the Caribbean. - Feast on local cuisine: Every island in the Caribbean has its own specialties, whether it's the jerk marinades of Jamaica or the Latin flare of Puerto Rico, you'll find something unique in each location. Of course, seafood is easy to find and hard to resist on nearly every island. Other traditions may be unique to individual islands. On Bermuda, for example, the wedding cake is topped not by miniature figures but by a tree! Newlyweds plant this tree when they return home, its healthy growth considered an indication of a successful marriage. Another interesting tradition involves gifts of money granted to the bride and groom at the reception. Different islands include this differently: In Cuba, a particular dance has the bride changing partners around the room, during which time they each present her with money to help with honeymoon expenses; in Puerto Rico, a doll dressed like the bride is given money by the wedding guests. Though some of these items might not work for your wedding, taking on a few Caribbean traditions may be the perfect way to add a little flair to your ceremony. In fact, these traditions can help you plan an unusual wedding, no matter whether you hold it in the heart of the Caribbean or in your own backyard. About the Author Jennifer Smith writes for Bermuda-Guide.info, StMartin-Guide.info, and other Segisys travel Web sites. © 2005, Interactive Internet Websites, Inc. Article may only be reprinted if it is not modified in any way, and if all links remain live.
  3. These are the new vendor rules as of 11/29/2011. (slight revision adding 8 & 9 3/23/2014) We will now have paid memberships for ALL Vendors to participate in the forum. We have NEW vendor options: Please email ads@bestdestinationwedding.com for rates and available options. ONLY INSIDER ACCOUNTS are allowed to participate on this forum but must abide by the following rules: 1. Please be honest about who you are. DO NOT pretend to be a bride or groom to promote your business. 2. You are allowed 1 thread (in the "Vendor Marketplace" Forum) to introduce yourself and post your information advertising your business. Do not post your info in multiple threads. 3. Vendors Marketplace: Vendors are allowed to post 1 thread in the Vendor Marketplace with their business info, website, pictures, etc. All other ads/promotions/specials must be approved by BDW so please send the information to us for approval. 4. Please do not actively or aggressively solicit our members (PM-ing them or emailing them directly). If they would like information from you, they will contact you. We do not allow solicitations via pm. If it has been found that you have done so you may risk being banned from the forum. 5. Spamming: Although it is ok to put your company information in your signature (please reference siggy rule regarding putting website links) and profile, SPAMMING is PROHIBITED. You will get one warning about spamming. One example of spamming is welcoming newbies and saying something like "go to my website or contact me for more info". Try to at least post something helpful or welcoming in the post. 6. Promotions or Giveaways: If you are a Vendor and have a "promotion" or "freebie" offer that you would like to post, please email us. We do not want conflicting promos that may take away from another vendors give-away, etc. 7. Starting new threads that profile your work (photography, invitations, etc.), please be sure that the following requirements are met: the subject is a Destination Wedding (ex. photogs - do not post great pics from a wedding in Georgia) OR the subject is a BDW member. 8. Stay ON TOPIC: If the thread is about NOW Jade, do not post a random picture of another resort. If the discussion is about a bride's frustration because her bridesmaid have backed out of the wedding, it is NOT appropriate to post pictures of a wedding picture you took with bunch of bridesmaids. Try to be sensitive to the topic that is being discussed and share or support NOT just promote your business. 9. Where to post your images: It is best to post them in your image gallery with the image properly named, categorize and/or tagged. Another great place to post them is in your Vendor Blog. If a member is asking for images of the gazebo at Dreams Los Cabos, it is appropriate to post one f your images of the gazebo at Dreams Los Cabos. It is not appropriate to just post random images derailing the thread discussion. This includes business that are not wedding related (ie. your side photography business, your modeling portfolio, anything you are trying to advertise, etc.) Travel Agents: If you are a travel agent and would like to advertise and/or participate on the site, please email ads@bestdestinationwedding.com. You must have destination wedding experience and there is a waiting list for travel agents to participate on the forum. If you have paid for your yearly membership dues and/or any advertising and break one of the forum rules or vendor rules and are banned from the forum, you will not receive a refund of any membership dues or advertising fees. * The membership fees do not apply to the Administrator(s) or Moderators. Administrator(s) and Moderators are allowed same privileges as Insider Vendors. __________________ Thanks for joining us and we look forward to hearing from all of you.
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    Vendor/business Membership Fees & Rules

    bumping for all the new members of the forum
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    Hello, I'm new!

    Welcome to bdw!
  6. source: www.goarticles.com 1. Set a budget, go to a travel agent and find the best and cheapest travel packages available. After all this is your honeymoon you want it to be special but you also don't want to come back from your honeymoon, and then realize that you are broke and have to live off bread and peanut butter for three months. 2. Arrange all you honeymoon plans before hand, you don't want to run round and make travel arrangements on the day of your wedding. Make your reservations at least 4 to 6 months ahead of time, to get the most suitable rooms and the best flight times. 3. Don't go to a particular destination, at the wrong season. Your time their will be boring, uninteresting and u will wish that your honeymoon was over. Plan ahead and find out which season is suitable for a great honeymoon. 4. Don't check in your wedding dress at the airport, take it with you on the plane. You don't want to arrive at your destination and find that your dress has disappeared. This will only upset u and u will start thinking about funny little things, like this is a sign that u shouldn't get married. Please take your dress with you on the plane we don't want you to leave your husband to be, high and dry at the altar.(the same goes for the groom) 5. Take all your documents with you in your handbag. Don't leave it in the hands of airport officials. When your luggage disappears, all you will get from them will be a look of confusion. About the Author Goffe Holt is a travelholic.
  7. Hotel Xcaret! It is amazing and we have negotiated exclusives!! email us at info@wrighttravelagency.com
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    Choosing A Resort!

    if you want to reach out to TA Babs above she can probably help you!
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    Another Newbie

    welcome to BDW! We have a bunch of DR brides and specialists on here.
  10. It is actually a favorite of the HR hotels. Intimate but with high energy. @TA Babs has planned many weddings there so hopefully will chime in.
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    Newbie Intro

    welcome to BDW!!
  12. We have had a few complaints of people having trouble starting a new thread. if you have are having this problem can you post in this thread with the following information: Which browser and operating system are you using right now? If you go to the "About" window, you'll see the browser name and a version number -- jot this down. If you're using any browser add-ons (e.g., ad blocker, smart toolbar), does this bug occur if you turn them off? Have you tried clearing your browser cookies? If you go into your Preferences, you should see an option for clearing cookies. Try logging in and logging out of BestDestinationWedding.com. Does this problem persist? Which page are you on when this error occurs? Instead of naming the thread or forum, copy the link for the specific page from your browser and paste into a reply to this message. Are you using a brand-new browser like Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 4? If you can, use IE8 or Firefox 3, as these work better with our site than IE8 and FF4, which were released a few weeks ago. Finally, do these problem occur when you surf this site using the Google Chrome browser? We receive the fewest complaints and questions from members who use Chrome, so let us know if that works for you. thanks, tammy
  13. if you would like a ticker for your siggy to countdown your wedding, there are a few places to get one: http://daisypath.com http://www.tickerfactory.com/ http://www.snugglepie.com use the code that says Quote: PseudoHTML, UBBCode™ or BBCode
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    Indian Wedding Cancun Moon Palace

    I can't answer as a bride but many of our indian brides brought down their own garlands. regarding partying late, that was moved to the night club for an after party.
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    Help Choosing A Resort In Mexico!

    those are all great choices and have pros and cons. Azul Beach is an amazing resort and I just had my 10 year vow renewal there. The food and beach are both spectacular. Dreams also does great weddings and I had my original wedding at a Dreams. They offer great wedding perks. We are a top wedding agency with all the resorts mentioned. If you want, we can go over the best resorts for what you are envisioning. info@wrighttravelagency.com
  16. I am so sorry to hear bout your bad experience. Did you use a travel agent that specializes in weddings (also indian weddings). We do many weddings at Moon Palace and indian weddings so we understand the extra care needed to coordinate a wedding of this size with the specific requirements that are needed since Indian weddings are more complex than traditional weddings.
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    Help! Disaster In The Making?!

    We have had this issue come up and exposing your alcoholic mother to an all-inclusive resort is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately few resorts, if any, will not understand that she should not have alcohol and still serve her. Have you spoken to your mom about her behaviour to your fiance?
  18. Hello Everyone, I just thought I would start a short tutorial on how to insert images in your posts. It is a little different than before but once you do it, you will see it is quite easy. Here is the way to do it if you already have your pictures uploaded to your gallery: 1. Go to the Image Gallery and Upload the Images you want to use. The nice thing about doing this is once the images are in the gallery, you can insert the picture in multiple places. 2. Click on the image or gallery. Click the image you want to insert, then click the finish button.
  19. Who's getting married at dreams los cabos? I am a past Dreams Los Cabos bride and have helped hundreds of other Dreams Los Cabos brides. Hopefully I can help answer some of your questions.
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    Planning..leaning Towards Mexico 2018

    welcome to BDW!!!
  21. Just had a wedding there in April and it was perfect!!! Let me know if you have any questions...
  22. awesome!! Patty will be able to connect you with the right person. she is probably the top wedding agent for that resort.