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  1. Hello everyone !! I just recently got engaged and have thrown myself into wedding planning as I know how quickly availability goes in good resorts. I am torn between a few hotels in Mexico and want to hear some input and people's experiences at the following resorts to help make this decision a little easier . My top pick is Azul Beaches. I love the way azul does their weddings they look absolutely beautiful. But I also want to know the ups and downs of this resort. I know it is small and boutique style which I like but I need more info.. if it too small? If I end up having more people will it be an issue to get more rooms? Do they have top shelf liquor? Etc Second choice is Azul Fives 3rd- Dreams 4th - playa mujeres If there are other good one and for a better price please let me know .. I just want my guest to have a great experience and even though I love Azul I want to make sure the people like the resort aswell! Will so so so appreciate your advice! Thank you
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