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  1. Chris & Christine are an incredible duo from Canada whom were an absolute Dream to work with! Their wedding was at the Grand Coral Beach Club/Golf Club on April 11, 2013.
  2. Kristee

    Chris & Christine

    Chris & Christine are an incredible duo from Canada whom were an absolute Dream to work with! Their wedding was at the Grand Coral Beach Club/Golf Club on April 11, 2013.
  3. Thanks so much for your words Jess! You know how much it means to us! You and Orlando were an absolute dream to work with! Looking very forward to seeing you both again for your 1 year anniversary:) Wishing you both all of the love in the world as you begin your happily ever after:) Kristee
  4. To my current couples: I am confident that you know I would never resign from planning something so incredibly important. Fresa and its partners work diligently day in and day out to make all of our couples’ dreams come alive. For those of you who know Fresa and know me personally: you know that it is my sincere desire to make my couples happier than they ever could have imagined. At Fresa no request is too great, no task is too difficult—we will do everything in our power to plan the perfect destination wedding. But please, don’t take my word for it. Visit my website at fresaweddings.com and check out all the wonderful testimonials. Like one of my most recent couples describes: “Fresa Weddings was ‘on it’ from beginning to end. Kristee and here team took care of all the little details and kept us running on schedule. Me and my groom were stress free!” I absolutely love what I do and feel so lucky and so honored to be part of the happiest day of my couples' lives. I am committed to working every day with the same passion I had the first day we opened our doors here at Fresa.
  5. I was quite disheartened after reading the following post. The happiness of my couples on their special day (and in the months leading up to it) is always of paramount concern for the entire Fresa team and myself. That being said, I do not believe it serves either myself or the newly weds to engage in a lengthy “she said, she said” regarding the facts of this particular (staggeringly rare) situation. I will say only this: I did not resign from the planning of Megan and Rolando’s wedding, but rather was sidelined by the couple. It was my sincere hope that their wedding would be as flawless as all the other weddings Fresa has had the distinct honor of planning. I did everything in my power to make that a reality. Publicly, that is all I am willing to say regarding this matter. I have evidence of how events actually unfolded in the form of several emails between the couple and myself; and, I am more than happy to discuss them privately with my current and future brides regarding any of the concerns raised by Megan.
  6. Hola Hola Mariana, Steph and Moments that matter! Steph: Thanks so much for getting this info to Mariana for us:) It is a bit of a busy month for us currently and my time to BDW has be shortened:( Mariana: Please tell me a bit more about your wedding! When will you be joining us to say I.Do here in this wonderful country? I have MANY couples that choose the option of just going off site to do the Bonfire celebration with us! It is SO much fun! Please contact me at kristee@fresaweddings.com and I would be HAPPY to help if I can! Looking forward to hearing from you, and Love that our article has helped:) Happy Planning!
  7. Hola Hola Lizandcarlos! My name is Kristee from Fresa Weddings! I am a wedding planner in Mexico too:) I am here to help if you need anything! My email address is kristee@fresaweddings.com and my website is www.fresaweddings.com Would love to help restore some faith in the process for you if I can! Kristee:)
  8. Hey Jenny!!!!! This is Kristee from Fresa! You said you requested info and have not heard from us yet? This worries me as i always respond right away! Please let me know here if you are still waiting as I fear I may not have received your message then! Kristee:)
  9. Hola Hola Fresa's!!!!! This is Kristee from Fresa Weddings and I just wanted to let you all know that I am just as confused by the constant changes over there at Azul! I have in fact been allowed to do some beautiful weddings there, and this "No more Outside Vendors" is all new to me too! I am currently working with quite a few couples for their weddings and I believe they are all quite happy! As a matter of fact I jsut had one of my brides send a message this week to confirm and this is a copy of her question and the response she received. This is the response I received from them last month: I just wanted to confirm that Fresa can drop off some flowers and the cake pops I have ordered. Can you please let me know that this is ok? Yes, Fresa can drop off boutonnieres/corsages and the cake pops. You will need to sign a waiver for the cake pops. As you can see it seems it may be a different answer depending on the WC your talking to? Either way Fresa is here to help in any way that we can! I know that it is not in Azul's "Best Intrest" so to speak to have Fresa provide things for your weddings as they have a deal with Lomas. However It makes me so upset to see that they seem to change their policies to suit themselves, this is not right! I am here to help ensure you all have the very best and most memorable day here in Mexico...PERIOD! I hope this info can help you all in some way! Please also keep me informed:) Kristee http://www.fresaweddings.com
  10. This was an Incredible Vow Renewal that we were so happy to be part of:) Tina and Mike and the entire family became our family! I hope all of you future Fresa's the happiness these two share in the future:)
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