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    Vote for your favorite Candid Wedding Photo!

    I really liked Del Sols and it made me laugh but my favorite is Syds Design.
  2. BaileyMichelle

    Best of BDW Trash the Dress Photos 2012

    Wow, they are all great pics! Gonzalo Nunex and Del Sol both had amazing pictures but my favourite is Sweetfire!
  3. BaileyMichelle

    cup cakes instead of cake?

    I think that's an awesome idea but cupcakes make such a nice decoration I'd want to display them! I like the idea of a cupcake tower where they're on display and you can still do the cake cutting ceremony but just leave the boxes off to the side so if guest choose not to eat it straight away they can take them back to their room.
  4. BaileyMichelle

    Wheel Chair Accessible Resorts

    Thanks for the suggestion Starchild! I'll be sure to share any information I find as I'm sure there are others out there with important family/friends who may have some accessibility issues.
  5. BaileyMichelle

    Wheel Chair Accessible Resorts

    Hello, I really want a destination wedding and its really important to me that my dad can come but he broke his next 10 years ago and is now in a wheelchair. Can anyone recommend a nice AI resort somewhere in the caribbean that is wheel chair accessible/can cater to handicap people? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. BaileyMichelle

    some early planning pics

    I love your oot bags!
  7. BaileyMichelle

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Great Idea!
  8. BaileyMichelle

    Aaronsgirl Planning Thread! PICS

    I love your passport invitations! Where did you get the map of Mexico you used...I'm looking for one just like it.
  9. Thanks for sharing, I was thinking about the spanish phrase books as well but think I'll skip them.
  10. Great Job! I think I may do that same...real flowers are just so expensive and you can't take them home.
  11. I absolutely love your meet the guest part of the book. What a great idea!
  12. Luv the guestbook idea and your flowers turned out great!