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  1. Thanks ladies!! My Mom told me that you want to have an uneven number of flowers in your bouquet (he loves me...he loves me not...he loves me!!) I ordered too many flowers because I didn't know what size they would turn out to be, plus once you put them together they get a little squished. I think how many would actually depend on the actual flower. What I did was I picked the ones that I really wanted then bought clearance flowers for fillers.
  2. It was quick and only ~$20 from what I can remember. Definately cheaper than buying flowers!
  3. You get a temporary certificate that you sign on the day to take home, and it took 8 weeks exactly to get our official certificate. It was shipped by DHL.
  4. Meggers - your pictures are soooo pretty! I love the one where you can see your hubby in the reflection of your sunglasses and the close up one of your lips! Sexy pics!!
  5. I got the bridesmaid dresses from Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thejerseymaid?ref=seller_info They are an awesome fabric and the girls loved them!
  6. Hi ladies! For some reason, I haven't been able to post any comments lately - I've been wanting to tell you all that everyone's pictures are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I think April brides took DWs to another level:) And exciting news for me - we finally got ours back from our photographers, that felt like the longest wait ever!! I've posted the slideshow that they made us in another thread (hopefully the link works): http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/73708/our-wedding-and-ttd-slideshow-ror-april-2011#post_1611202
  7. Hi ladies! I know how much I've enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures from their weddings so I couldn't wait to share ours! And we've finally gotten our pictures back from our photographers! We were so lucky that they came with us to Jamaica! They are so incredibly talented!! Our wedding was April 5, 2011 at the ROR, and the TTD pictures were taken at several locations around Ocho Rios the next day. We had such a fun time!! Having a professional photographer was definately one of the largest chunks of our budget, but it was worth every penny!!! One of the best decisions we made:) Here's the link to the slideshow: http://www.asiseeitphotography.ca/onlineshows/charlene_brian.html
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by bryanandchar Â
  9. Quote:Originally Posted by tris Some of my PRO pics are up ! The slideshow has more pics in it as well . Our photog continues to blow my mind. http://sugarandsoulphotographyblog.com/blog/2011/05/09/trista-kai-married-in-jamaica-destination-wedding-photography/
  10. OK, I don't know why my text didn't show up! Basically, I agree that you shouldn't change resorts. For the week of our wedding we were so busy with wedding stuff that we didn't have much time to visit with our guests, so we cherished all the time we could have with them afterwards. Plus, if you want alone-time, I'm sure your group will understand:)
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by fmichelle Kitty, we changed resorts for our "honeymoon" due to some of DH's family staying longer than we would have liked and we regretted it terribly. Part of the problem was that Excellence was soooo amazing to us (but of course you already know how awesome Excellence is) and the Majestic Elegance was absolutely terrible. They never got the memo that is was our honeymoon and they made us feel like we were a burden to them from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. They even tried to downgrade us since they had overbooked! I'm not sure whether we got such amazing service at Excellence because it's always that amazing or because we had our wedding there and had booked a bunch of rooms. Either way, we shouldn't have left. To be honest though, the packing and unpacking wasn't such a big deal (although we had an extra round of it because we switched rooms at the second resort after the first night--another whole story, you can read the review on the Majestic Elegance review here), the main issue was how much worse the resort was. It probably won't totally feel like a honeymoon if you have that many people staying with you because you'll still see them around and probably have meals with them, but if they're close friends and perhaps you don't get to see them that often, you may really cherish that time with them because up until the wedding there was so much to take care of (meeting people for arrivals almost every day), wedding planning meeting and rehearsal with the coordinator, TTD the day after, etc.) Just weigh your options and make sure you stay at an as nice, if not nicer, resort if you change. And enjoy every moment, it goes by WAY too fast!! Â
  12. Lisa - that video was AMAZING!! What an amazing keepsake!
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