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  1. Hi I just got back from my wedding in Tulum, I dont know if you are looking to do an out side of a resort wedding but mine was at Akiin Beach club in Tulum. my wedding coordinator Karla did everything and more than what i ask for her Email is bodas@akiintulum.com I will also send you the web site if the site and facebook.www.akiintulum.com www.facebook.com/akiinbeachtulum I dont know if she does stuff out side Akiin but is worth a try. Good luck with your search...
  2. Here is my sand ceremony vase and my chmpagne glasses. the vendor is great i explain what i wanted and she send me some pics... I love them hope they survive the trip to mexico.... 34 more days!!!!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/PureBeautyArt
  3. Hi girls, I decided to book our group rate with the company that my sister works for, so I thought I was getting a great deal. We got our group rate and the travel agent told me I had to pay a 400 deposit to block 15 rooms, and that was it. Everything had to be paid by May 16. I told all of our guest the price and the date it had to be pay by, the date was approaching and no one other then us had bought their ticket, asking people they told me they had found the same hotel and same flight for a couple of hundred cheaper. So I talk to my TA and he said that there was nothing he could do about it, and the date of final payment was approaching so i had 2 options: cancel the group booking, but by doing this I had to pay a $3200 penalty, or I could leave it and hope that people decide to pay the price that we had, but if I took that option I would have to pay the full price for 10 ppl, flight and hotel. He never told me anything about that when we decided to go with a group booking. Also never sign a contract, it was all through phone and email. At the end I decided to cancel the booking and pay the penalty, and let all my guest get their tickets on their own...that way they cant complain about the price. for some reason when he change our tickets from group rate to normal Transtat refunded the full amount of my ticket.( I have a receipt from Transat saying that I paid in full, and I have looked at my tickets on line and they say confirm) he did charge me 3200 to my visa so i have a refund for $3900 and a payment of $3200. so at the end i only pay 3600 including the 400 deposit for our 2 weeks in Maya riviera. I haven't talk to him about it I'm scared that if I say anything he may charge me the rest... hopefully everything works out fine and i don't have any surprises when I go and get my seats. Good luck everyone 54 days to go....YAYYYYY
  4. Its funny to see how people really are when something like a wedding comes. we are going through something similar, but havent even got married, the date is July 24 and out of our friend only 2 have booked their trip, noone had even mention or RSVP, is like it its not happening in less then 3 months. I told one of my BM that I havent seen in a long time to come and get her dress and she said that she had to discuss the trip with her husband (he is one of the GM) and these was a week ago. I think they should have discuss it a long time ago when they said yes to be part of the wedding party. but what ever if the come great if not great too.. The important thing is that you are now married and had a great time. Good luck and congratulations.......
  5. That's the link...good luck hope it helps, i looked for everywhere for them and it was the cheapest i could find. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Elan-MD5000-Rayon-Jersey-Wrap-Convertible-Dress-One-Sz-/290566904109?pt=US_CSA_WC_Dresses&var=&hash=item43a723192d
  6. I'm paying for the girls dresses i got turquoise convertible dresses form eBay. 5 dresses for 260 including shipping from the US to Canada. not too bad and i love that they all look different but its the same dress, and they can also use them after the wedding.... after i got them my mom and one of the bridesmaids order more in different colors..
  7. Hi, we are getting married in tulum, we disided on having it not in a resort.. The place we are having it is called Akiin tulum beach club, I think that it will be about 1300 including our hotel an flight from Vancouver, Canada. For 2 weeks.The only thing we are not paying form is a photographer. Hope this gives hand idea.. Best of luck.
  8. I bought today my chanpagne glasses and the vase for the sand ceremony that they will all match.. she took al the info and will send me a picture before shipping to see if there are any changes i want to make. http://www.etsy.com/shop/PureBeautyArt I also order this starfish hair clips for my flower girls and bridemades... http://www.etsy.com/shop/IndianSummerGirls
  9. http://www.etsy.com/transaction/72771858 seller : HangersFromTheHeart ups!!! forgot the link..
  10. Hey i found this one on etsy, i got mine a couple of days ago and i love it.. it was the best priced i could find...good luck
  11. July 24, 2012 Akiin Beach club Tulum, Mexico Best of luck to everyone.
  12. I don't think it is, if you only ask them to come for a couple of days and you are staying with them that time, it should be ok to leave, if they want to stay longer that is because the want to have a vacation, and that doesn't mean that they want to spend it with you the entire trip.. I say go for it and enjoy your time... good luck.
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