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  1. they were from vista print i did the design myself and uploaded....... they just folded them up and held them i will have to see if i still have it.....i change computers so i will take a look and send it to you thanks i loved it too!! got some many compliments on it and it looks great in pictures!
  2. i actually bought them from another bride thru this site.....it turned out she lived around the corner from me!! sorry i know thats not much help..... they were organza
  3. sorry it took so long for me to respond.... i actually made them thru vista print..... i took a map of jamaica and photo shopped it and then just added it to the tshirt when they went on sale
  4. my dress was ivory and the men's shirts were white and it didnt look bad at all in the pictures
  5. she is AMAZING!!!! I LOVED WORKING WITH HER!!! i would recommend her to anyone looking for amazing pictures and an amazing time takign them!!!
  6. you are very welcome!! IMO everythign was perfect just the way it was! if you have any other q's feel free to ask!
  7. oops i didnt put jill's website: real image photography http://www.realimagephotos.net
  8. I brought Jill whilem with me to jamaica. she is from Windsor ON and did an amazing job!!!! check out my review as i added a lot of pics from her: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79515/krysta-lee-anns-happily-ever-after-planning-thread she has amazing prices and is sooooooooo worth it! i promise you will be amazed by her! it all depends on the individual photog. i just paid mine cash and they booked their travel but a lot wanted both!! which is redid check out the store called Stars
  9. to be honest you do not need to add anything to the gazebo.... they put up some flowers and tulle......make sure to request the white garden chairs so you dont end up with ugly brown ones..... in the pic below i had brought the blue chair ties but other than that nothing else....i got married in jamaica because i love the simple tropical look and didnt want to take away from the natural beauty....i also added a pic of y free bouquet. they will add whatever colours you want to it
  10. My mom says to check out TJ Max if you go to the states (thats where she got hers)....maybe check winners in canada since they are kinda the same...
  11. if you have specific questions feel free to ask! just PM me or ask on this forum
  12. Well when we booked with Marlin we were told abotu the price drop.....i know i am partially to blame as i didnt read the fine print or remember it exactly.... but i contacted my TA multiple times with price drops that were occurring and she told me to wait til closer to the date so i did... they wouldnt honour any other sites price drops but their own.....and when there finally was a price drop it was 55 days to my departure so they didnt honour it! I was PISSED!!! i had tried multiple times to have this price drop applied (even $50 was better than nothing) but due to my TAs urging not to use it yet and to wait (which i think they are told to do) i never got it. so i freaked on her and on sunwing... they tried to give us priority seating (which we already had!!!!!) and i said no way.... i told them nothign would be acceptable except the price drop..... well they refused to give me the full $150 drop but did bend eventually and gave everyone $50 off (as this was one of the price drops that occured before the cut off date.... if i can suggest anything is dont take NO for answer....fight, yell, scream, email angrily....... they will bend to you eventually! lol it was sunwing policy that we dealt with not marlin for the price drop...each travel company will have the guartanee not the TA
  13. BEWARE MARLIN TRAVEL!!!! i went with marlin travel and they push the one time price drop.... needless to say we had to fight alot with them to actually get it!!!!!! we were basically told no one ever gets it cause of all the fine print!! so dont bank on that!
  14. Hey! no one had any issues with drinks staying cold.... they did a great job! we are still using our mugs to this day for coffee as well and the insulation works great!
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