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  1. Roxanne- I will be having the private reception on the beach. I fell in love with the setup from Tai Flora and decided it was something I wanted to splurge on! We have more people coming than anticipated (roughly 60 now) so that will drive up the costs, but I have my mind set on moving forward with this setup regardless. It definitely does add up quickly...
  2. Soon2BNJersey- Did you book your catamaran cruise through the vendor on-site? Drawing a blank on their name. Would love to save money where I can! Thanks!
  3. Congratulations!! That's exciting! So about your questions...the food I would say was sub par. But that being said, I could always find something I liked. Let's just say I didn't end up losing weight on the trip! The french fries and nachos were definitely clutch lol! The entertainment was probably one of my favorite things about the ROR. We unfortunately missed the beach bonfire -Saturday and Michael Jackson show-Friday (arrived on a Sunday and left on Friday). The staff is wonderful and we met a lot of friends with the other guests and couples getting married there/celebrating
  4. Thanks Ericka! I read a lot of your posts- they were very helpful!
  5. Hello ladies! I just confirmed my wedding for Riu Ocho Rios on July 23, 2012!! It will be a 3PM wedding at the beach gazebo followed by a beach dinner reception. Can't wait!! We actually went there this past summer and absolutely fell in love with the place and hospitality of Jamaica. We knew by the end of the trip that this is where we wanted to get married. It didn't hurt that we met a couple with 150 guests that managed to keep it under 4K. AMAZING! I have had the opportunity to read many great reviews on here which helped seal the deal for sure! If any of you ladies have que
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