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  1. Just had our wedding at the Beloved, we had the wedding on the beach and the reception at an area called Natural. this was the set up that we used
  2. The hotel has several options for the reception. It maybe best if you deceide where you want to have the reception before. Some of the areas will depend on how many guest that you are having. We had our Welcome dinner on the Aroma Terrace. We had two long tables and about 38 people. The Aroma Terrace is one opition, also you can use the Isla Grill but that also depends of the size of the wedding
  3. We just got back from The Beloved Hotel. The reception we had was held at an area called Natural. We had 38 guest and it worked out very well. There is a bar that is part of the area so the hotel was able to just set-up the bar right there. There were waiters walking around taking drink orders or the guest could just go and get a drink themselves. It also had bathrooms right there so it was very convenient. It seemed about the right size for a wedding of 30 - 40.
  4. Hi Ladies, I wanted to know where everyone is planning on having the reception? We had planned on using an area that is called "Natura" which is off to the side, has a checkboard floor on part on it. I think that it may have been used as a bar long ago, but now pretty much an unused area. My problem is it has a ping pong table and a pool table in this area. The ping pong table is no problem but they are now telling us that they can't move the pool table. So any ideas on how to hide a pool table or any other areas of the hotel that you are using for your reception. Thanks
  5. What type of order did you use from VistaPrint for your luggage tags where you could up load a different photo for each tag? Where did you get your star fish from?
  6. That is great I would love to know how to do these. They would make great gifts.
  7. These are all some great ideas. Thanks so much for yur help!
  8. How did everyone ask their friends to be their bridesmaids? I am looking for cute ideas like a little gift asking them to be my bridesmaid. All of my bridesmaids live in a different town than I do so I will be needing to mail it to them. I have seen some cute things on etys and some bridesmaid cookies that are cute. Any ideas or how did you do it!
  9. What about doing a baseball style hat for the guys? Keep the sun off their heads! Has anyone had these done or found a good place to order them?
  10. I have seen several photos with a cute hanger for the wedding dress that say Mrs. _____ on the hanger. Does anyone have a good source for this type of hanger? Wanting something that is good quality and not just a plastic one. Thanks!
  11. Great ideas! Any one had any problems getting thru customs with all of the OOT items?
  12. Beautiful work

    Pros: beautiful work, easy to communicate with, very fast with getting you the products
    Cons: none
    Rebecca was absolute amazing. She is a very talented artist and it really shows in her work. She designed the save the date magnet for my wedding and they are beautiful. We also had her design 3 monograms for us to use on our diy projects for the wedding and she did a wonderful job on those too! Rebecca was so easy to work with and did not mind doing the changes on anything to make sure that it was perfect and just what we wanted. She was very quick to answer emails and requests. She went abo
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