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  1. I used a guy named Allison Knowles. He was absolutely fabulous! Here is his email address: salondeloranzo@gmail.com I HIGHLY recommend him.
  2. We had the people at the front desk hand them out as guests checked in. Getting the bags down there weren't so bad because dedicated one suitcase to be specifically for the welcome bags. On the way back home we just had one empty bag!
  3. HI there, I had my wedding at the Breezes resort in April. Everyone had a great time! I've been meaning to write a review for the longest time. let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Another idea would be to do a video save the date. Or maybe a comic strip. The comic can have a box each describing what happened to postpone the wedding.
  5. I got my beach mats from a seller on Amazon. Here's the link:http://www.amazon.com/Carry-Straw-Beach-Price-Mats/dp/B003N6JD8S/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1368456620&sr=8-16&keywords=beach+mats He sell them in different bulk prices. You can search his store to find the different options. The mats were great quality and they got shipped to me in less than a week. the only downside is that their shipping cost is pretty high.
  6. Hi Jess, I feel you on the OOT bag dilemma. For a while I was torn on getting them because our group was filled with veteran travelers so a lot of them would know what to bring already. I made a very very simple OOT bag maybe two weeks before we left. I did one bag per couple and all the singles received their own bag. I included a beach mat, an electronic fan, bottle of sunblock, welcome note, and our magnet favor. I was worried about not having enough in them, but found that simple was the way too go since most people didn't expect to get anything at all. EAch guest received one at check-in. I got rave reviews for them despite the small selection of items included. We thought about giving them out before leaving but it wasn't really feasible considering I did them only two weeks before leaving. Plus, not everyone was local and we wanted everyone to enjoy the surprise of getting a treat when checking in. We fortunate though, because we didn't have too many to carry since we only had 25 guests. We were able to put all of them in suitcase.
  7. Wedding is over and we go the DJ! He was absolutely fabulous. It was a great decision to hire him!
  8. To be honest, you may not need to hire a DJ if you are hosting an afterparty. I think you will be good.
  9. My Something blue is my garter belt. And something old is a handkerchief from my grandfather who passed away. Not sure of the borrowed.
  10. This may be a dumb question, but what is the point of them? I've already decided on getting my BM's Miche Bags. When I told my FI this he asked why. His logic is that since we are covering two hundred dollars from both of their hotel rooms, and allowing them to wear dresses they already own there's no need to get them anything other than the items in the welcome bag everyone else is getting. He also went on to say that they didn't do an engagement party, shower, or bachelorette party, didn't help with anything planning related and didn't really bond over anything special wedding related. So I tried to give him a good answer and said, it's just to thank them for being there and being in our lives. He said, then thank them with the same favors you are already giving the guests. There is no need to do anything extra. So it makes me wonder, doe he have point? What is the purpose of giving the bridal party an extra gift.
  11. What restaurant are you going to? And where are you holding your ceremony?
  12. I've never been to it but i hear curacao is really nice. Trinidad is also amazing!
  13. Thanks for suggesting the app. I'll look into it.
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