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    Majestic Elegance
  1. tlanesey

    Punta Cana 2014 Postcards

    I never received the pic. my Email is tlanesey@@gmail.com thank you!
  2. I have arranged to have a dinner cruise with La Barcaza in punta cana. From what I understand they come and pick your group up from the resort and also bring you back. Our cruise is on March 18 so I can let you know how it is when we get back:)
  3. tlanesey

    breezes or Riu

    We're getting married at the Majestic Elegance, All inclusive.
  4. You have given such great ideas! Thanks for sharing everything with pictures!
  5. tlanesey

    Beach towels- Great for OOT Bags

    Hey Ladies, If you are looking for towels I bought the Rugby Stripe Beach towels from Target.com. They come as a 2pack for 13.98 (and 5% off if you have a target card). I like the quality for the price and I can't wait to put them in the welcome bags with the rest of the goodies. I bought a white sparkly tulle to wrap a bow around the towels to make them pop a little bit!
  6. can you PM me a picture? I don't have enough posts so I can't see attachments
  7. Hey brides! I've ordered the key holders from the original post of this thread! They are awesome!! I made an insert of for them so people actually know what to do with them. Haha..They say, "For Poolside or Barstool, for Sober or Tipsy, I take you to carry my room key and tip money" - Thank you to all the previous brides for the phrase. I reworded it a bit but all the brides on here have the greatest ideas! Also, I bought my bags from discountmugs.com. If you search the style they are Tot86. They have 2 outer mesh pockets, a zipper pocket inside and one more zipper pocket outside! They were about $9 a piece but they are a great size to hold an extra set of clothes and a beach towel and all other swimming necessities! The quality is much nicer than I expected too! We got them personalized but they would be great on their own as well. We got the natural color and the color on the website is pretty spot on. I got beach towels from Target.com They are the Rugby striped beach towels. $14 for 2 packs. They aren't super thick but they are what I would consider a regular beach towel. I also bought 20 ounce bubba mugs from bubbakeg.com for about $7 a piece. I bought small keychain picture frames and going to make labels to put in the frames and hang them from the handle so people can take them off when they get home and so they can tell them apart at the resort. Thats about it as far as the big items for the welcome bags.
  8. tlanesey

    breezes or Riu

    We're getting married in Punta Cana now
  9. tlanesey

    Punta Cana 2014 Postcards

    my email is tlanesey@@gmail.com, thanks!
  10. can you PM me a picture? I don't have enough posts to view attachments. Thanks!
  11. tlanesey

    Punta Cana 2014 Postcards

    do you still have any of these left? I'm looking for 20 of them if you have them..thanks! Also I can't see the pictures
  12. tlanesey

    White & Green Real Touch Bouquets

    Can you PM a picture of them? Thanks!
  13. Can you PM a picture of the Bebe dress? Thank you!
  14. tlanesey

    Beach towels- Great for OOT Bags

    Are these still available?