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  1. Wow, I'm glad this thread/tutorial is still going strong. It's been over a year since my wedding but I will be making these in the future as gifts. They were so much fun to make, if I thought I could make money doing it I would, but I'm not a very good business woman haha.
  2. Don't go to Michaels without a coupon...you can always find at least 40% a regular price item, either in their flyer or online on a smart phone. I never pay full price at Michaels
  3. Your fingers!! The 12 guage wire is pretty easy to bend, but you can use objects like a lip gloss to wrap the wire around and make circular shapes. I would suggest just buying some wire at the craft store ($3) and practicing a bit before investing in all of the other supplies. You can do it!
  4. Oh, I didn't realize they had the option to have your reception at the Italian restaurant...we were only offered the Brazilian or steak house. I would definitely recommend the steakhouse, it is the only restaurant close to the beach, but it is very open and they can close off part of the restaurant just for your party. I was pleased with our cake, the wedding coordinator will show you pictures of some options and flavors. We got a simple 2 tier, they put some flowers, and we brought our own cake topper. We did use the regular minister and translation and it all worked out pretty good. I would
  5. I'm glad to see this thread is still going strong, and I'm pleased that the tutorial has been so helpful for so many ladies.
  6. Hi Danielle, the beaches in PC are white sand so it does not get hot like the sand we have around here, it actually stays quite cool under your feet. Are you planning on having them wear barefoot sandals for the ceremony and then wear shoes for the reception dinner?
  7. Yes, they are painted calalilies. They turned out much better than i expected, and I'm getting tons of compliments on them. Your fuchsia and orange will really pop against the turquoise water and white sand beach backdrop...great pick
  8. I went with the postcard idea; just bought them in the giftshop once I got there ($1 ea). Our wedding coordinator laid them out on a table with rose petals. Most people just filled them out and left them on the table for me to gather at the end of the evening.
  9. I gave them out in advance to all those that werent travelling in our group; and gave the rest out to our guests the night before our departure. That way everyone can carry thier own on the plane, and make use of the stuff (snacks) during travel. I'm not sure how much they weighed, but I'm sure it would have been a lot if we chose to ship them to our destination.
  10. Hello, I've been back for about a week from my destination wedding in Punta Cana, I thought I'd share what was used from my OOT bags (actually did OOT travel mugs instead). Our mugs were 22 oz from Discount mugs.com so they fit quite a bit inside. Used: the travel mug SPF chap stick gum (on the plane for taking off and landing) Nutrigrain Bars (early flight, not everyone had time to grab breakfast) Chocolate bars (all inclusive, all you can eat, but sometimes you just want some real chocolate) pepto bismol chewable tabs welcome pamphlet - mostly for common spanish ph
  11. Hey everyone, I've loved seeing all of your creations, the ladies in your life will love them and won't believe you put the effort into making them yourself. My big day was just a littleover a week ago, here are some of the professional pictures I got back of my hangers. I presented my hangers to my bridal party while we were getting ready in my suite, they loved them!
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