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  1. Are those artificial orchids? If so, where did you find them? I've been on the hunt for some
  2. Hi everyone!! I have a quick question for the brides who already got married at DPA... Did any of you receive the edited DVD of the ceremony listed in the Ulitmate Package? How did it turn out? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info! We are being told that all of our final payments are due 6/30/12. We leave on 8/29 for Mexico. We are being told that we won't receive the credit for 3-10days from the travel date. Has anyone already gone through this process and recieved the credit? If so, how did that work with your travel agent?
  4. Has anyone gone through the process of receiving this promotion? We have 15 rooms booked at Dreams Puerto Aventuras in September. Therefore, we should be receiving 3 free rooms. We want to apply the value of the rooms towards our Honeymoon suite. However, we can not get anything in writing or information in regards to the amount we will be credited or the timeframe and manner with which we will receive the credit. Any information would be great!!!
  5. Does anyone know what size labels I should use for the first aid kits?
  6. Hi Ladies - I have a few questions for the Mrs. who have been married at Dreams Puerto Aventuras.... 1. Anyone get married here in late August/early September? If so, how was the weather? 2. In regards to the reception... what are my options for locations (does anyone have pics to share?). I haven't been able to get a clear answer about the reception locations. 3. I'm undecided between the Dreams of Love and Ultimate packages. Anyone have any comments as to which package they chose? Thanks!!!
  7. I'm making a brooch bouquet as well and I was wondering if anyone had a problem bringing it on the plane? I'd rather bring it in my carry on since there are sentimental brooches in it, but will they let me bring it through security?
  8. Where did you find the huge brooch on top? I'm looking for large sized brooches for my bouquet....
  9. Great idea for the vista groupon... I'm going to try to scout one out now
  10. I am doing OOT bags... but its going to be full of the things I always forget to bring with me on vacation! Hahaha! I'm going to do the travel mugs, first aid kit, travel candle, welcome letter, itinerary, etc... I haven't decided on the bags yet.... I would like to go with something they can reuse while they are there... a little beach bag or something. I'm not going to my put our names on it. If I personalize them, it will be the guest's name.
  11. So our wedding is on 09/01. We just finalized the group block of rooms and our guests are starting to book... However, I haven't sent out an "official" invitation. Did that happen to any of you? And, if so , how did you handle it? I was thinking about sending out more of an informational invitation/booklet... Thoughts??
  12. thanks.... very true! and the bigger they are the more people will drink... they really won't notice what the mug looks like at all!
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I don't feel guilty anymore