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  1. I can't help you with lighting on the beach terrace, as I had my reception at the tequila terrace, but I am sure one of the other ladies can help! For the meal selection, if you go back a few pages you will see the pic I posted of our reception table. Basically I used my seating chart as the indicator for the servers. You will see small frames at the end place settings. The frames were all the same, but each name was written on either a dark or light purple. Dark purple meant one option, light purple meant the other. When I met with Ramon, I told him how many of each meal were needed, and how it would be designated. As far as I know, it all went smoothly and everyone received what the RSVP'ed to me.
  2. Yes, bamboo chairs are $10 to rent, and the charge to move them is technically $2 per chair. However, like Danda we were never charged for moving them.
  3. Hey ladies! I have been thinking about those of you with weddings to come, as we just had our one year anniversary recently! I know it is hard not to stress, but they really know what they are doing and everything will be beautiful For whoever asked about the tea lights, we were warned the terrace is windy and candles would not stay lit (and they were right!). So we brought our own votives and battery powered candles with us. I was worried it wouldn't look as nice, but in the end I loved it. Here is a pic: If anyone else has any questions, I am happy to help!
  4. Here is a shot of my table set-up:
  5. Thank you! I am so happy with our pictures. I have seen some of Adrian's work though, and I love his stuff. I love the way he captures the light in his photos. Are you doing a Trash the Dress session as well? Our wedding date was March 24, so a bit earlier than yours, but not much. We were lucky and had beautiful weather the whole week we were there. Hopefully it will be the same for you! As for your hair, wearing it down will make things easier. I actually had them do it down for our TTD photos, and I liked how it turned out as well. The only thing you may want to bring is some heavy duty hairspray. I brought some and used it because I felt like the stuff they used wasn't strong enough, at least for the wind we had. Here are some pics from the TTD for you to check out (I did my own make-up on this day though):
  6. Have you booked the photographer for your wedding yet? Who are you going to use? We hired del Sol, we loved them! I was happy with my hair and make-up, overall I thought it looked great. I will be honest my hair did have a few curls that escaped the bobby pins so it wasn't perfectly neat. I don't mind, and also my hair is super fine and super thin, so it is hard to manage in cases like this where I have it done up, and it was also extremely windy on our wedding day. If you hair is more normal, it wouldn't be a problem though, haha! I also did a trial so that I knew what it would look like for the wedding. I have included some pictures in different lighting and from different angles so you can see what she did.
  7. I love this thread, so I am excited to add my own. Sorry I couldn't pick just one, so I have three. First look: Walking down the aisle: My family:
  8. Beautiful pictures WPGBride! And I think it is perfectly acceptable for the boobs to show a bit more for a TTD, makes it even sexier
  9. Thank you Tlseege! I know the dress is more plain than some dresses on here, but I loved how light and airy it was. It was perfect for me.
  10. I am not sure about bringing a make-up artist in as I used the one at the resort, but for the photographers they only charged for a day pass each. Much better than a lot of the other resorts in the area! And I had a photographer included in the wedding package and was able to use him for our welcome cocktail party instead of at the wedding, which was great.
  11. I have previously posted pics of my dress, but thought I would share one from our actual wedding day. As for the veil, it was too windy on the day of the wedding, but I did use it for our TTD session.
  12. I used Blue Petal Destination Weddings (although my travel agent is now working for another company, but still specializing in weddings). If you want I can PM you her contact info. She checked basically all Canadian companies to get the best rate for us, and there was a big range in the prices. Have you also compared with sites like redtag.ca to see what they are quoting?
  13. Jennifer, I assume because you are from Canada you are looking at the 7 night packages including flights? For us, the price was $1659 from Montreal, and $1760 from Saskatoon, including all taxes. This was also for the Tropical view room. What were you quoted?