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  1. Well, the original bouquet I got from: http://www.ebay.ca/sch/blooms_wedding_studio/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg= They have great price and beautiful bouquet. One it arrived, I thought it looked a bit small, so I bought more flowers (dark pink orchids) from Afloral.com and added to it.
  2. my dress made by Dressilyme, quality is pretty good for the price I paid, and it looks great in photos
  3. This was my real touch bouquet that I made, turn out nicer than I expected
  4. I been so busy lately, I will try to get the review up by later next week. I did bring down my own decor, and Elizabeth (my WC) didn't charge me a cent to put it all together. If you have her, you will have nothing to worry about. All I heard from her are 'Okay' and 'Yes', I don't think I've ever heard her say the two dreaded word 'but' or 'no'. For my food option, I did 2 appetizer (soup and salad), and entree (choice of fish and beef), I asked them to serve the wedding cake as dessert. If you opt for the 2 entree option, you will have to come up with a plan to to distinguish which guest is having what, so that the waiter know what to serve and to whom. I came up with these plastic shooter glass filled with sand, the pink ones = beef, and I had blue ones = fish. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  5. Just got back from GCR and had the most amazing wedding, review to come. If anyone has any question, fire away. Also one last thing, when other bride say " don't stress, everything will turn out great", they weren't lying, so sit back and TRY to relax
  6. I like the first one, it looks very simple but elegant
  7. I got: Welcome brochures Large label sticker for Survival Kit for OOT bag Small sticker for use as seal Thank you card Personalized pen for signing guest book Personalized tote for bridal party That's all I have for now.
  8. I thought I got everyone cover, now the officiant. Do we need to tip them for a 15 minute ceremony? It's included in our package, so I have no idea how much to tip?
  9. I was told the same thing, if you want a gap, you gotta pay the $400.
  10. I wanted something simple and fun, so I came up with Who is ready to have some fun, who is ready to bathe in the sun Next May (insert your own month) is perfect for a vacation, hope you can join us for our celebration. We...bride and groom name, invite you to share our happiness in paradise on sixteenth of May at (time). Reception to Follow.
  11. Thanks ladies, I got the bust line ruffles shorten, and as well as the bottom of the dress more evenly layered, can't wait for it to arrive
  12. oops, forgot to upload back of dress. The original train was 40cm, I shorten it to 30cm.
  13. My Dressilyme dress that hasn't been shipped, the pictures are sent for my inspections, I would love to hear what other brides thought on what needs to be fixed before they ship it.
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