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  1. Hello, Congratulationss on your wedding. I am actually planning on having my reception at the Crown Paradise Club. I am very curious how the private reception area looks like. Do you happen to have any photos of your reception? And how were the menu options for the reception? Was the food good? Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Hi Norma83, Yes, you're more than welcome to come around and take a look. and make sure you say hello. hehe ;- p
  3. Hi KernsWR, Unfortunately we are spending alot more if we stay at a different resort. We didn't get a package because their packages have things that we really don't care to have. Instead we chose the "A LA CARTE" it's $60pp but we extended it for one more hour which was $25more pp. so now it's $85pp. I know ridiculous right? But i'm not planning on spending on flowers, centre pieces or other certain details because to be honest it actually already looks really nice the way they set it up. When we were there in November this resort had like 3 weddings going at the same time every single day. So they are really good at what they do. Don't stress to much about the resort. I'm sure you will have a great time. Mayra.
  4. Hello Ladies, We have booked our wedding at the Gran Caribe Real. We are so excited. It will be on May 2, 2012. The Ceremony is at the "Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel" at 5pm. And Reception at the "Albatros" Roof Top Terrace(Green floor) at 6pm-10pm My WC is Katia Nunez and she has been very good so far. She has been replying back to all me email so far. We have decided to stay at a different resort with all our guests. My Fiance and I did a site visit for one week to "The Gran Caribe Real" last November 2011, and we didn't really like it at all. We felt that their amenities weren't as good, their main pool was tiny, And there weren't many restaurants to choose from. We are travelling with approximately 45-50 guests and this is very important to us as we are staying for a whole 7 days. Instead we chose "The Great Parnassus" which we also did a site visit in "November 2011" as wel. The hotel is very nice with a little bit of everything for everyone's needs. It has a childrens pool with pirateship and slides, an adult pool on one of the top floors, and the main pool which is alot bigger. It has several restaurants and bars to choose from and a creperie. All the rooms are also very spacious. As you can see it has alot more to offer compared to the "GCR" But let me tell you that the Chapel is absolutely stunning at the GCR. I fell in love with it!!! Their Terraces are also very beautiful. I chose the "Albatros Terrace"(green floor one) because the scenery is absolutely breathtaking when you're up there. Previous reviews have said that it can get pretty windy in the evening but that really doesn't matter to me. We will be partying, dancing and drinking the night away that i'm sure it won't be an issue. I Hope this little review has helped out any of our future GCR Brides 2012. I will be posting more as the date gets closer. I just pray that everthing goes smooth on our wedding day. = ) Happy Planning!!!!
  5. Thank you everyone. Does anyone by chance have any information on this resort? Â Â
  6. Mac2012

    Hello - 2012 Bride

    Hi Norma, Â Were also getting married in May 2012. and started planning it early aswell. the earlier the better!!! LOL Don't know the exact date yet but probably mid May. we are planning a trip to Gran Caribe in mid November to check out the hotel and find out the details. I will definately let you know how it goes. Â Â
  7. Hi my name is Mayra and were planning on getting married at the "Gran Caribe Real" in May 2012. Not exactly sure the date yet, but I am super excited but nervous at the same time. So much planning to do!!! Â Any negative or positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Â Thank you.