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  1. @@liz24 I got the chair sashes and runners from lilysupplies on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/25-Wedding-Party-Banquet-Chair-Organza-Sash-Bow-COLORS-/120756237189?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item61cc4e7292&afsrc=1
  2. Kirab22- We used Photos in Cancun for our videography as well as our photography. They did a fabulous job! We were so happy with the results and would highly recommend them.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kirab22 Have any of you had a florist drop off flowers at the front? If so do you recommend any one in particular? And did you get charged at all for doing this? I HIGHLY recommend Flores Riviera Maya. Theyre prices were very reasonable (much more so than the resort), they were very easy to communicate with and they dropped all the flowers off at the front the day of the wedding. Their website is : http://www.floresrivieramaya.com/eng/ The resort helped us bring the flowers back to the room then helped us take the flowers from our room to the tables when it was time. They are not expected to do this, but the guys at the resort are friendly and willing to help out if you are nice to them I have tons of information in my planning thread (including pictures of my beautiful flowers) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86978/marin-andrew-s-wedding-at-the-royal-playa-del-carmen-a-planning-thread#post_1933388
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by acw271011 hi. was wondering what the charge is for outside vendors, i.e. photographer? thanks. The charge for outside vendors is $350 per company. I chose to do photography and videography- but going with a company that did both (Photos In Cancun), it saved me $350- even though it was 4 people total.
  5. Here are answers to a few questions I have received: Did The Royal charge you to set up the fabric that you brought with you? The Royal did not charge for the set up of anything that I brought with me (linens, maracas, menus, etc.) Did you have any issues using Flores Riviera Maya? (meaning did The Royal give you a hard time?) No issues using Flores Riviera. You are safe as long as someone is at the front of the resort at the designated time to pick up the flowers. The guys in the front were actually super helpful with loading them from the truck to a cart and bringing them back to our room. Where did you get your sunglasses and why did you not put them in your OOT bags? I knew I wanted to do sunglasses from the day we got engaged. I searched for sunglasses that whole summer- got most of them at the dollar store, wet seal & vanity (tons on clearance at the end of the summer) and five below. Looking back, ordering them would have been cheaper. I wanted to have a bunch of different styles, which is why I brought them all separately. Once it got close to the wedding, I had to go out and buy 12 of them at full price (Five Below has them for $4 a piece- not terrible, but adds up quickly when you need 50) I put a lot of thought into when to give the sunglasses. At first, they were going to go in our OOT bags but then I decided I wanted everyone to have them at the wedding. The photographer told me not to put them out prior to the ceremony because they didn't want to miss out on reactions & tears. Having them just for the reception was perfect- plus, everyone get to choose their favorite ones. The basket that I put them in is actually the basket from our room, so don't worry about bringing anything nice to display them in. Where did you get your maracas? I bought them at a giant shop just down the road from The Royal on 5th Avenue. I believe it was called Hacienda Tequila. There was a barrel full of maracas out front for $1.25 each. There will be no shortage of maracas on 5th Avenue and you might be able to haggle down the price. Unless you are having a small wedding, it isn't worth the extra space & weight to purchase the maracas ahead of time and bring them with you.
  6. I actually made it on powerpoint- always a great alternative if you don't have any photo editing software. I cut the outside from an old stamp photo I found on the internet- then downloaded the font "top secret" and added in our names and date. It was actually pretty simple once I decided what I wanted to do!
  7. Here is my ring on our wedding day: Photo by Photos In Cancun
  8. Posted my planning thread!!! Please PM me if you have any questions- I'd be happy to answer them http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86978/marin-andrew-s-wedding-at-the-royal-playa-del-carmen-a-planning-thread
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