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  1. Thank you! Yeah that probably won't look right with a white dress : )
  2. Yes, the flower is ivory and the actual flip flop is white.
  3. No problem. I originally got them from an Etsy seller. She also has a Facebook page. She was great and I highly recommend her. Here is the link to her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Priceless-Princess-Bows-Accessories/203881205459
  4. These are size 7 1/2 silver heels from David's Bridal. I wore them as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in February for only a few hours so they are in like new condition. I really like them, but my feet are really narrow and my toes kept sliding and hitting the floor making them really uncomfortable for me. None of the other bridesmaids had this problem so if you don't have narrow feet, I am sure they will fit just fine. I will ship for free anywhere in the US.
  5. I wore these flip flops for less than an hour for my beach ceremony in Jamaica in March. They show very little signs of wear. They are white flip flops that have been decorated with ivory satin ribbon, rhinestones, an ivory flower and a rhinestone starfish. I really love them, but can't think of anywhere else I could ever possibly wear them. I will ship for free to anywhere in the US.
  6. Thanks! I got it off the rack at a bridal store in Aberdeen, Maryland (US). I can't even remember the name of the designer at the moment.
  7. So I just got home from Walmart of all places, and they had sandals very similar to these but the straps were white and the bottoms were a different shade brown but the straps and . They are really cute and I am pretty sure they were under $15. I just ordered some flip flops from Etsy for my dress but I bought these too! Got a lot of other stuff for Jamaica too-looks like they just put out their summer stuff. (I live in Maryland)
  8. Yep, very helpful. Your review was just what I needed to calm my nerves. I will be sure to post about our experience for other brides too. Jamaican Watersports prices were so much better than anyone else's, so hopefully more people will book them that couldn't afford the other companies prices after reading recent good reviews. Thanks!
  9. Great Review Kate! Thank you it was very helpful. We are getting married March 23 at the Beach resort. We are also planning on doing some pics at the aqueducts - I just had to because of all the beautiful photos I have seen taken there : )
  10. Thanks so much for posting this. I have a tour booked with them for the day after my wedding for our 31 guests (I am hoping they all want to go anyway). So far Denise has been great to work with. Your comments definitely make me feel happy about my choice. Thanks!
  11. Tammy, Will there any way to view the webinar at a later time? I would love to attend, but I am a bridesmaid in my frend's wedding that day and am going miss it.
  12. Will there be a way to view this after the webinar? I am in going be in my friend's wedding that day and will miss it but am really interested. I get married next month at Iberostar!
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