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Beach Palace Cancun Brides

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@@shmanderz - What a great review! Your wedding week sounds like it was perfect. I can't wait to see your professional pictures! Ah - all of these great reviews is making me very excited! :)


A couple of questions if you don't mind:


Can I get the contact of your friend in Isla Mujeres? Seems like he'd be great to have for the welcome party


You had to end at 10pm. I've seen varying things about ending at 10 or 11pm. Did you have an option at all with this? We are willing to pay the extra to extend our reception, and we're hoping we can go til 11

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Hi Everyone.


We just received some of the photos back from our photographers (M&J Photography based out of Cozumel). We thought we'd share a few!




Wow, beautiful pictures and wedding! It looks amazing!! Did you get your centerpieces from zuniga? How many strings of lights did you get for the reception? I have 80 people so trying to sketch out a layout of the setup.. Did you have a dance floor? 


Thanks for sharing!




Yes, we ordered most of our decor through Zuniga. We initially had ordered only three strings of lights, but our coordinator (Rebeca) recommended adding a fourth string to better illuminate the dance area as well (we didn't have any additional lighting).


We were torn on the dance floor, but ultimately decided to forego it. Our conversation went something like this:


"What if nobody dances because we don't have a dance floor?"

"Well, what if we spend a thousand dollars for a dance floor, and nobody dances anyway?"


We decided we'd rather save the money. Since we only had 35 guests (1/2 which were older), we figured we weren't very likely to get a hardcore dance party going anyway.


I think we ended up being okay without one. There ended up being a pretty defined space for dancing.

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@@chrisandcassie - Gorgeous pics and gorgeous couple!! Thank you again for coming here and sharing all your pics and answering our questions. It's been super helpful :)


Haha love the dance floor convo. We're forgoing one too - figure we'll try to define it w/ lighting too

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@@shmanderz - What a great review! Your wedding week sounds like it was perfect. I can't wait to see your professional pictures! Ah - all of these great reviews is making me very excited! :)


A couple of questions if you don't mind:


Can I get the contact of your friend in Isla Mujeres? Seems like he'd be great to have for the welcome party


You had to end at 10pm. I've seen varying things about ending at 10 or 11pm. Did you have an option at all with this? We are willing to pay the extra to extend our reception, and we're hoping we can go til 11

PM me and I will give you his email address.  I dont want to post his email in a public forum for spam reasons :)


As for the reception, once 10:00 came around they basically just started packing stuff away.  Mario said they had to shut everything down.  Maybe if you pre arrange for the extra time they extend it.  We only had arranged to extend it 2 hours (Originally the 2 hours reception was from 6:00-8:00 and we extended it until 10:00)

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Hi Girls!

We just got back from our wedding & honeymoon.

I just want to let everyone know I was one of the most stressed out brides I believe beach palace has seen with the amount emails I sent throughout the process lol.

I have to admit everything at the end did turn out exactly the way I wanted, so rests assure literally a week before your wedding your wedding coordinator will have 100% attention on your wedding.

I will post a full review either tomorrow or weekend.



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Hi Everyone!

Okay below is my full review and I created an album with pictures guests took from their phones.


1.       Beach Palace Experience Overall: Great with a rating of an A-

·         Wedding Coordinator (Marco Antonio Chuc Dzul)

I was really frustrated with Marco throughout the process because it would take me at least two weeks and several calls to get anything I wanted sorted out. It was not until a week before the wedding that Marco did a 360 and was the best coordinator I could have asked for. He started answering my emails almost instantly and on our in person appointment he made sure everything I wanted was included. The day of the wedding he went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% happy.


·         Beach Palace the actual hotel look and feel

The actual hotel is beautiful; I would recommend either an ocean front room or concierge level room. The service is great as well.


·         Welcome Dinner in the tequila Restaurant the day before the wedding

The dinner buffet was organized nicely, they set up a whole section of the restaurant for our group. The only problem we ran into were some day passes issues I will go into this in more details in the day pass section lol.


·         Day Passes

The Day Passes are the reason why I gave Beach Palace a rating of A- . The Day Passes are just a nightmare. It is really crazy to have to force all your guests to book in the palace resorts chain, especially if they are having financial issues. An example of one of the day passes issues is that we had two guests that stayed in different resort and they were more than willing to pay for the day passes for the wedding day. The problem occurred when they attempted to attend the welcome dinner the day before the wedding at around 930pm. They offered the manager to pay full for the day passes for the next day and pay half for the welcome dinner since they will only be staying for a maybe an hour and half, this would have been a total of 300 dollars. The manager will not accommodate this at all he was really stuck to his ways about them having to pay day passes the day of wedding plus welcome dinner without any discounts. I had to almost to be in tears because of how insulted I was about the whole situation for the manager to come around and agree to give the day passes for half for the welcome dinner. As a bride it was really stressful and really unnecessary since theses guests were paying full day passes the next day.


·         Vendor Fees

I got out of paying for vendor fees by just asking for day passes for my makeup artist and my two photographers Derek & Lorena. I rented two string lights for the reception from Zungia and used JSAV music equipment & additional lights. I created my own dj mix for the reception & cocktail hour. Overall I would recommend future brides to literally just tell them you need day passes and state the name of the vendor you need the day pass for and that’s it.


·         Ceremony 6:00PM

The ceremony was in the Sky Terrance and it was absolutely perfect! I was so happy with how it turned out. I used the pearl shimmer package and it was gorgeous! The pearl shimmer included a violist and they played the sounds I requested and fit the mood perfectly. We choose 6pm for the ceremony and in May/June I believe it was the perfect time because the sun is going down and it’s not too hot. In addition the colors of the sky look great as well. At end of the ceremony we had fireworks and it was a nice touch as well. It was short & sweet.


·         Cocktail 7:00PM & Reception 8:00PM

(1)Palenque terrace

We had both our cocktail & Reception in the palenque terrace. We only had 20 guests and I was hesitate about the space I thought it might be too big for only 20 guests yet the wedding coordinator made use of the space and it was perfect. I realize many other brides have gotten married in the north terrace but I personally loved & preferred the view, privacy & space of the Palenque terrace. I saw other weddings while I was there in the north Terrance and sometimes the layout was a little strange because of the pool being in the middle. I could definitely see though the north Terrance working for other brides, it’s still beautiful. I will post a picture as soon as I get them.

(2)Reception Tables

I used the pearl shimmer collection tables and mixed & match fabrics. I bought menus, place cards & table numbers that match from etsy. I will post a picture as soon as I get them.

(3)Zungia & JSAV

The string lights & candles I ordered from Zungia were perfect and exactly the look I was looking for. JSAV lights were great as well because it designated the dance floor for the reception area.



2)Photography (Photos In Cancun) Rating of A+

This is probably one of the best decisions I made throughout the process. I hired Derek & Lorena almost a year and half ago when I first started my wedding planning they were sweethearts from day 1. My husband and I meet both of them two days before the wedding just to go over details and so they could get to know us as a couple. Let me just tell you guys I am a very detailed person and I was willing to pay more, I just wanted a great photographs and I happen to choose one that was actually very affordable compared to other photographer’s. The other photographers I was looking at was Del Sol they have really impressive photos as well but I fell in love with a sun rise shoot of Derek & Lorena it was just breathtaking. They provide you all your pictures at the end of the night in a USB, I looked at them and they are so beautiful!! I really am so happy with having them capture our special day. Unfortunately my husband left the USB in the villa we were staying at so the housekeeper is mailing them to us L. As soon as I get them I will post some of the pictures. These are just raw pictures without edits and they are still so beautiful!! Derek & Lorena provide the raw pictures and you tell them which ones you want them to edit, there’s a limit depending on the wedding package you choose. At the end of the night of the wedding, they were seriously our friends, all our guests were telling us how wonderful they are. I highly recommend them, fabulous couple & photographers!


3)Makeup + Hair (Tania Tangle) Rating of A+

Tania + her assistant are wonderful! This was one of the best decisions I made because I was so happy for her work. I am usually extremely picky with makeup and have actually gotten upset over professionals doing my makeup but Tania was a totally different experience. They arrived on time at 2PM and went straight to work. She sat me in from of the ocean with relaxing music and it was really soothing. I sent her a couple of looks beforehand so she already knew exactly what I wanted. We talked throughout the process and she is real sweetheart! Really loved her and her work! So professional and clean! She is worth the money I highly recommend her!! She told me she will send me pictures she took my makeup so when she does I will post it on here for you girls to see J!



I know this was really long, but previous brides helped me so much and I felt I had to provide a detail review as well.

Hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have any more questions.



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Hi Beach Palace Brides,

TA Wendy here.. I wanted to chime in on the day pass note in the previous review.

Yes, Palace as well as all other All Inclusive resorts does charge a Day Use pass fee for anyone who is not staying at the resort but wishes to enter to attend any event. Additionally, Palace resorts has a policy for groups called "One Source Group booking" which means that if you have booked as a group with a group contract, and your guests choose to book elsewhere, even if it is staying in the very same hotel, but booked another way, then there WILL be an additional fee for those folks to attend your events, typically in the range of $60-$75 per person per event.

Part of the reason for this is to help you as the wedding couple to achieve your group numbers in order to recieve your group amenities, such as complimentary events, and therefore really benefiting all of the guests with the private events you will be doing for the group.

If someone books to stay elsewhere, or even books another way at the same resort, then their numbers are not counted into your group, you receive no credit for them, and they do need to pay additional to come in and attend.

I always really discourage any guest who asks about the possibility of staying elsewhere and just coming in for the wedding or events... it not only will make them feel a bit like the kid with their nose pressed to the candy shop window.. sort of like an outsider, but it defeats one of the main purposes of attending a destination wedding.. that of having the leisure time together with bride and groom to hang at the pool, or have a drink in the lobby bar, or just relax and enjoy one another's company. Additionally, often by the time someone takes a cab from where they are staying, (cabs are not cheap in Cancun due to a very strong taxi driver union), and they pay a day use fee to enter, they very possibly could have stayed right on site for just about the same amount, and will get much more enjoyment out of it besides!


Of course there are some guests that will do thier own thing no matter what, but I normally suggest that couples give direction to their guests who are going to attend, telling them just how to go about booking their stay, and given the instructions, most guests will book into your group as instructed. This is the paragraph I give the couples I work with to share with their guests:


In order to provide our guests with the lowest price and best service, we have blocked a group of rooms for you all. We have selected a travel agent who specializes in Destination Weddings who will be coordinating the reservations for everyone. To reserve your room for the wedding please contact our agent, Wendy Hicks of Wright Travel. She can be reached by email at wendy@wrighttravelagency.com.
She will be happy to take your deposit and answer any questions about the wedding travel for you.


All that said, Beach Palace is a most wonderful choice! Great location, warm and wonderful service, great food, and they have some awesome wedding locations including their sky wedding terrace at the top.. such beautiful views from there!

If I can be of assistance to anyone looking to have their wedding at Beach Palace or any of the other Palace resorts, just PM me and I would be glad to help!

TA Wendy

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Hello everyone!!


Got married at BP on the 13th of this month and it was wonderful! We had one of Cecilia Dumas' Associated Photographers and I can't wait to see the professional pics. We did have a few hiccups (hair/nail appt wise) and some issues with the hotel in general but as far as the actual wedding and the coordination of it all...perfection!!!

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