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  1. Yes that was the complimentary cake. I never really found a cake topper I loved, so we didn't dress it up or anything. We had 35 guests at our wedding and the cake was more than enough. Especially with all the desserts that come with the buffet, I don't think the extra tier is worth it in most cases. I had thought about getting an extra tier for more of a bridal cake 'look', but after considering the added expense and the waste of the extra food (even though I had the WC give the rest to the staff) it just wasn't necessary. Just a side note for those stressing about linens, they do have complimentary linens there. They don't have a huge selection of colors( 4 or 5) and we were never told about it until we went for our site visit, but they do have them. I'll attach a picture. I don't remember them being so garish in color as they seem in the pics.
  2. This was the best pic of the wedding cake table I could find. Never uploaded a pic on here before, so hopefully I did it right! Got my flowers from Maya Flora. I originally had the white roses (which were beautiful), but I wanted some color. My mom and sister went the morning of the wedding to Maya Flora and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet for my Maid of Honor and I. My husband still had the single white rose boutonniere but it wasn't a huge deal to me.
  3. Hello everyone!! Got married at BP on the 13th of this month and it was wonderful! We had one of Cecilia Dumas' Associated Photographers and I can't wait to see the professional pics. We did have a few hiccups (hair/nail appt wise) and some issues with the hotel in general but as far as the actual wedding and the coordination of it all...perfection!!!
  4. Beautiful pics Shmanderz! Looks like a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure I'll probably end up in the pool at the end of the night. We were going to go with Styling Trio for our hair but when they sent me the pricing list it was $90 for hair, when they sent me the contract it was $150 for 'bridal hair'. No thanks. Hair is hair, whether it's on my head or my MoH. We'll stick with using our resort credit instead. And just a heads up everyone, make sure you get prices for everything in writing from your WC. Literally say, how much is it per person for a private event (and save their email response). Not just the info they send you, save their response that says 'it is this much per person'. We only qualified for the cocktail hour, and initially prices for the reception were $50/pp, when they sent the final contract it was $55/pp. I brought this up and she said the paperwork they had sent earlier was for 'last years' pricing, and I didn't have any emails from her where she actually said "it's $50 pp". Hoping in the end I have as great of an experience as it seems everyone else is having. So far I am really frustrated with Palace Resorts overall. Guess we'll find out in a couple weeks!
  5. I can't view the pics bc of my post count but is the draping the 'old style' they had? When I talked to my WC I asked about it bc someone just posted pics with the white draping, and that's what I wanted. If that's the case then it is free but just has to be requested
  6. Turned into a bit of a Bridezilla and fired off my first angry email today. Wedding is in 3 weeks, we'll be down there in 2. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've received my last "it'll be sent tomorrow" email from Marisol. We were supposed to have our wedding coordinator assigned week, never happened. I still have questions and concerns and want to make sure we have everything done and ready when the time comes. I don't want to be running around last minute going crazy. So frustrated. Besides that, I booked hair for my MOH and myself through Style Trio also. I was tempted to do the eyelash, airbrush makeup, and hair package but that was over $500. Interesting that it was that much when the same package is $300 for bridesmaids, etc. I thought about booking the hair with the salon, but we're going to be using our resort credit for mani/pedi/massages the day before. Hair only through Style Trio is $90, whereas through BP it's $100+. Plus I wasn't sure if I had to be in the salon, I'd prefer to just have someone come to my room and pretty me up. Does anyone have any idea how strict they are on only allowing 20% of guests be from other resorts? In the past week I've had 4 people who never RSVP'd decide they're going, and they're staying offsite. We have 34 guests and 4 people are already staying offsite. I'm kind of to the point of washing my hands of the whole matter.
  7. For those of you who have already gotten married at BP, when did you get assigned your on-site coordinator? I'm starting to get worried bc our wedding is on the 13th and it's been over a week since Marisols last "I'll email it tomorrow" emails concerning our final balance. I feel like there is so much to do that they told me would be done with the Onsite coordinator but I still have yet to receive one!
  8. @@chrisandcassie. This is almost the exact same set-up we're going to be having. I have just a few more questions though, is that a sweetheart table you had? We don't want to do a seating chart but if we sit at a round table then we want to sit with our MOH, BM, and parents and were trying to figure out how to manage that. A sweetheart table would solve that problem! It looks like you got the lounge pieces also? Was that from Zuniga? It looks different from the picture they sent me, but the description they had with the picture didn't match what was in the pic. Make sense? Who was your onsite WC and when did they initially contact you? Yesterday was our 1 month mark, and Marisol was our off-site coordinator. She is not the best at communicating, so who knows if she'll even hand our stuff over to the on-site coordinator until the last minute. Our final invoice was promised last week and I've since received 2 emails saying it will be sent 'tomorrow'.
  9. Zuniga quoted me $88 per centerpiece! I was kind of shocked, and I didn't even like them so no thank you. Granted we're only going to have 5 tables but we could almost get a Mariachi band for that
  10. My offsite coordinator is Marisol and when we did our site visit we met with Rebecca, although they said we wouldn't get our 'official' coordinator until one month prior. Zuniga décor is doing the décor for the reception and I've tried contacting Marvin from Maya Flora (he's highly recommended on here) but I've never received a response. the 'big' things I have to focus on now are centerpieces, Zuniga was way too expensive and I didn't like theirs, and my bridal bouquet. I know the ceremony comes with a complimentary one but I want something a little more colorful. Even those I'm not too concerned about and will probably just stop by Maya Flora when I'm down there and pick something out. I don't see the point in paying $100+ for a bouquet that I can't even bring back home with me! I did read about someone having sparklers at their wedding there, and they bought them while in Cancun. How much were they? Are we allowed to bring our own, didn't know if its a customs/flying issue. So my to do list looks like this: 1. Get dress altered (they told me not to bring it in until 1 month prior) 2. Veil (wasn't planning on one but that's the one thing my fiancé requested) 3. Centerpieces 4. Bouquet 5. Shoes Not too much to do, but I'm sure a million more things will pop up
  11. Congrats Jlo! I'm getting married at BP on June 13th and I'm also using Cecilia Dumas photography. We're using one of her Associated Photographers (Freddy Wu). When we went down there for the site visit we met with her and she showed us different pics. Both my fiance and I really gravitated towards the ones that Freddy took although hers were beautiful too. Hers were a little more on the softer, romantic side whereas his were a little more dramatic. She's very personable and bubbly and I'm sure your pics will turn out great! We have also qualified for the 2 free room nights however from the beginning we were told that they go for a future stay. we vacation a lot so that's no big deal. We were also thinking of staying two extra nights at Le Blanc on Isa Mujeres. We finally realized that we will have absolutely no 'alone' time the whole week we are down there so might just extend our stay. I haven't heard anything about the other makeup/hair people that BP offers until just recently on here. Until I heard about them I was just planning to have it done at the spa, but now I'll check out my options. When are you arriving down there? We're leaving on Monday the 16th.
  12. So the 25th is the last day for people to book their hotel rooms and it goes towards our count. Turns out we are nowhere near getting the reception comped for it. At this point I'd be happy just with the complimentary cocktail hour! A lot of people who were really into going and very excited about it all backed out. Plus quite a few of our guests found much cheaper rates online. I can't blame them for wanting to save $600, can I? The good news is at least they're staying at the resort so I don't have to worry about the day pass situation. Plus we were budgeting for the reception so it's not going to be a huge monetary blow, although I do like free!! The crappy part is that now we'll have to pay $50 per room that we blocked that didn't get used So the 25th is the last day for people to book their hotel rooms and it goes towards our count. Turns out we are nowhere near getting the reception comped for it. At this point I'd be happy just with the complimentary cocktail hour! A lot of people who were really into going and very excited about it all backed out. Plus quite a few of our guests found much cheaper rates online. I can't blame them for wanting to save $600, can I? The good news is at least they're staying at the resort so I don't have to worry about the day pass situation. Plus we were budgeting for the reception so it's not going to be a huge monetary blow, although I do like free!! The crappy part is that now we'll have to pay $50 per room that we blocked that didn't get used
  13. That's what I'm afraid will happen with mine and then we won't have enough room nights for the complimentary reception. We've already budgeted to pay for the reception but I would just prefer not to! Speaking of the complimentary room nights, how does that work? Did you pay for the rooms already and then eventually you would get the $$ refunded back to you? Or did you not pay for the room at all bc it ended up being free? Also, your room deposit...what happened with that? I emailed Marisol about it last week but have yet to hear from her. And I asked the wedding coordinator about it and she said she didn't know and to contact Marisol. Kind of frustrating that I can't get any answers. But your wedding does sound wonderful and sorry about the last minute cancellation, but I'm glad it doesn't effect the big picture
  14. MBK you made a great choice going with MP. I am a BP bride and just got back from our site visit and was less than impressed with the grounds of the hotel. It is rather small and your guests may get bored depending on how long their stay is. The layout makes it seem very cramped as well. The elevator doors open up directly into the waiting line for the only breakfast restaurant they have so you have to maneuver through crowds. I'm sure my wedding will be beautiful and the staff was very accommodating, but I am sure some of us will be heading over to MP to spend the day. MP was too big for me and BP is too small...I feel like Goldilocks.
  15. So we got back from our site visit last night. A lot of things were cleared up for us and of course I realized on our flight home that I had more questions that I just couldnt think of at the time. My overall takeaway is about a 3 out of 5. I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful and great but if I had been here before I booked, then I wouldn't have chosen this property. I don't do huge, giant resorts (like Moon Palace) but I am used to things being a little more spread out than they are here. Everything seems very cramped and everything is right on top of the other. The rooms are better than most of the resorts I've been to, they are pretty large and good sized. The fridge is fully stocked with heineken, coors light, dos equis, fruit juices, coke AND pepsi, tonic, water. Plus there is a bottle of red wine and a fifth of vodka, rum, scotch, and tequila for you. There is a lovely bed out on the balcony that we spent plenty of time relaxing on. Every room has a jacuzzi tub (we didn't use ours), upgraded hair products (CHI brand straightener and hair dryer). The bathroom counter is very low. It barely hit above my knees. So once again, rooms were great. It's the actual property that wasn't what I was expecting. When we arrived we were greeted with a hot towel, a welcome drink and a flower for me. So far so good, but the resort is in a very desirable spot in the hotel zone and everything is just stacked together. The restaurants are very small, Wok, the asian restaurant has 16 tables, the steakhouse is even smaller than that. The pool area is your typical resort pool. People come down in the morning, get their lounge chairs and then return 6 hours later. Every resort has signs posted not to do it but it always happens so no getting around that. I could honestly write a book about the few days we were there and I'm trying not to make this too long but oh I just can't help it. Okay onto the important stuff: We met with Rebecca who will more than likely be our wedding planner although we won't know for sure until 1 month prior to the wedding. There is another beach wedding going on the same day as us, so she put in to reserve the other side of the beach for us (the beach is tiny also). So far she has the sky terrace blocked for our reception but she made it very clear that depending on events that they reserve the right to move us to wherever they want to put us although it happens very rarely. She told us she once had a wedding reception scheduled for the Sky Terrace but there was another event (i.e. larger and worth more $$) and the wedding reception got moved to the ballroom. We are expecting 30-40 guests. I was concerned at the size of the sky terrace but she said it can hold 100+ guests easily . The cocktail hour will be on the sky terrace (the beach side) with the reception on the lagoon side. I don't care for the Colin Cowie collections and $2000+ dollars just for the 15 minute ceremony seems outrageous, so we met with Zuniga decor a.k.a. Deco Cancun and went over our ideas with her. We definitely want the lounge seating and she said she'd send us a proposal for it and we'd go from there. Rebecca said we could bring our own decorations also. She said if there were just a few things then they'd be happy to set it up for us or we could do it ourselves. I've heard previous brides say they were told they'd be charged, or that we couldnt set up anything ourselves bc of a liability if we're hurt, but she said that wasn't the case at all. For photography we met with Cecilia Dumas and Ocean Photo. Ocean Photo will use $300 of your resort credit if you book with them, making your out of pocket cost cheaper, but the price list they gave us was different from the one we originally received from Palace Resorts. The package we originally wanted was $1499, but in the meeting it was listed as $1999. No bueno. We also met with Alex from JSAV and he was so nice! He said right away that he wasn't there to pressure us into something we didn't want or need and if all we wanted was an ipod setup that was fine with him, and that he's willing to negotiate on the prices also. Really really nice guy
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