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  1. Love your pics! You look amazing! Love the bridesmaid dresses with colorful bouquets. Beautiful wedding! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  2. Tova! I have waited so long for these! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Amazing! It could not be any more perfect! You look absolutely amazing! Congrats again and wishing you all the best!
  3. Hi Ladies, Yes i paid $150 set up fee, but this was for: -sashes on the chairs for the ceremony -the long table (33 guests) including linens napkins, plates, centerpieces, the chairs -the strings of white laterns -the pinata And I did pay the 11% IVA Keep in mind i did the complimentary package so I rented everything through Zuinga. So i felt the $150 was fair. But remember Beach Palace will also charge you a set up fee for anything additional you bring. I paid another $300 to Beach Palace to have them set up my fans and programs for the ceremony, and to put out my place cards, put cupcake wrappers on my cupcakes put out the cupcake to go bags, place my cupcake sign and signature drink sign, signature drink straws. Put the candy in the Pinata, tie the bride and groom sign onto our chairs, and to put out my guest book
  4. Hi Yossi, -To be honest when i booked the light tree i thought it was going to be white lights, but when I saw them I quite liked the ambiance it provided. I rented the lighting from JSAV so you could ask them about the colors. The only lightening from Zuniga was the string of white balls that were crossed over our table (SO HAPPY I rented these- loved how they made the space look- DO it) -We did not rent a dance floor, but they aimed the tree lights at the "dance area" so it defined the space and worked well. I originally wanted a dancefloor but in hindsite glad I didnt waste the money. -Yes Ipod and Speakers were from JSAV, They have pre priced packages, but I just emailed with what i wanted and they gave me a quote. Here is the email address Alejandro Marrufo <alejandrom@jsav.com> No you do not have to pay a vendor fee for JSAV as they are part of Palace resorts. Remember- get the quotes and then ask for a better price. I unfortunately learned this half way through the process. You can negotiate the prices. The Pinata was from Zuniga- they quoted me $250 and I told them i would only pay $100 which they agreed to, BUT it was suypposed to be a yellow pinata, so I didnt get what I wanted on that one. Honestly it was blast- everyone loved the idea. (you have you bring your own pinata fillings) Let me know if you have any further questions! K
  5. Hi Brides, I have booked my honeymoon for January 2014 and we will be staying at the HRH Cancun for part of the trip. Any advise from past brides or those of you who have stayed here? Any must do activities, spa treatments, restaurants etc? Thanks, K
  6. Hello, I just booked my honeymoon for January at Secrets The Vine, any advise from past brides? Best restaurants? Must do spa services etc? Thanks! K
  7. Wow Wow Wow! Amazing Photos! Prob some of the best I have ever seen! You look gorgous and so happy! Congrats!
  8. I Paid $150 for 4 hours of the ipod dock + $35 for an extra speaker and $160 for someone to run the ipod. I did rent extra lighting and I think it was worth it. $150 for extra lighting which included my under the table lights, and light trees Here is a picture of the light trees You can see the colored light tree in the background of this picture:
  9. Hi Erika, AT the 60 day mark you will choose your menu's and confirm all the times etc to create your pamphlet. Upon arrival we went though my entire contract including the contract with Zuinga (decor) to ensure everything was correct. Yes you can switch things out on the menus but I am not sure about the cheesecake wedding cake. I asked for Red Velvet cupcakes, they didn't seem to be familiar with them so i sent a recipe and they made them for me Good luck with your planning!
  10. I am also trying to use it early-- we will see what they say.. ROH is Run of House i think it means whats available. And yes no resort credit for the 3 free days, so if you went for a week (paid for 4 days) you would only get the credits you qualify for if staying 4 days
  11. Hi Shan, It was included in the packages this is what I was sent from my wedding coordinator. I suggest you ask about it: • 3 complementary nights paying only $10.00 USD per person per night gratuities & Taxes • Room Type is ROH • Resort credit and no applicable. • Based on availability. • For extra nights, value room rate available.
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