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  1. Hi Ladies, For anyone using Ocean Photography, just thought I’d provide an update to my previous review (back in August, it was a lengthy review on BP and my wedding experience). We were married August 10th at BP and we just received our photos in the mail yesterday. We understand it takes time to develop them and we didn’t have an issue with just now receiving the photos. Positive Review: The photos look really great and they are a great quality! We are really pleased with the photos and OP was great the day of the wedding. Negative Review: I had upgraded our photo package to the Deluxe and it came with a bunch of stuff (its listed in the weddings brochure BP provides). One thing the package did come with are two wedding books. I was really disappointed I was not included in the decision making over what photos would be included. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be contacted to ask what photos I liked before they went to print. For example, the cover of one of the wedding books has my nieces tongue hanging out. I really don’t want that to be the cover. I’ve emailed OP to ask what their policy is to get this fixed. Hopefully they can do something. Again, I’m not upset over the photos themselves or the quality just that I was consulted before they went to print. I don’t really check this suite anymore so if you want to ask me any questions please PM me. Stacie
  2. I’m sorry Bella, that is probably beyond frustrating for you. On one hand you want to be happy for the couple, on the other hand you’re trying to plan a wedding. That is a really tough decision. I’m curious what other brides will say, but I think you should press on. There’s no telling when she’s going to deliver the baby so I don’t think you should try and plan your wedding date around that. I think if the best man isn’t able to make the wedding, you could have a sweet way of honoring him (somehow, just thinking off the top of my head) at the ceremony/reception. What is your fiancé saying, leaning towards since it’s his best man? Stacie
  3. Hi there! I'm not certain if the paperwork is different for residents of the UK, but I would think its the same. We brought with us our birth certificates and passports. We also didn't mess with the apostille thing and we didn't need visas. But maybe you're referring to the form they give you at the airport or an actual visa you need for some countries prior to your departure? When you meet with your coordinator, you will need to have your witnesses with you and they need to have their passports with them as well. Your WC will make copies of their passports. During the ceremony you sign your name on your marriage certificate, as does your spouse and then each of your witnesses. Also, witnesses must be 18 or older. I'm a big-time chicken so I hated the blood work . It literally took 10 seconds, but I hate needles so I acted like a baby. My husband was fine though. Thank you for the kind words . Congratulations! Stacie
  4. Good Morning Ladies, I did a civil (legal) ceremony and prior to our wedding I was nervous our marriage certificate wouldn’t be accepted by the state. I had read many mixed reviews online and in these forums about other brides’ certificates not being accepted and as a result they had to also get married at their local courthouse. Just thought I’d let everyone know I successfully changed my last name yesterday with the Social Security Office and my local DMV; no marriage at our local courthouse needed. Both offices were able to verify the certificate was valid and authentic. Hope this helps if anyone is on the fence with having a civil/legal ceremony. Stacie
  5. Sorry for just now seeing your question newlyengaged13; I didn’t find it difficult to walk in my long dress, but it was kind of awkward with my shoes (they do put down a board beneath the aisle runner). For the rehearsal I wore heels just to see what it would be like and it wasn’t easy. Thankfully, I bought a pair of flat dressy sandals just in case and I wore those for the ceremony and my heels for the reception. But even walking in my flat sandals the sand got in my shoes/feet so I could have just gone barefoot but didn’t want that for the pics.
  6. Good Morning Ladies, Wedding etiquette question; Chad and I received a rather large check as a wedding present and we asked for no gifts. We really don’t want to cash the check because it’s just too much. Is that rude? Thanks a million for your input. Stacie
  7. Thank you Meg, glad I could help! Congrats to you and happy planning .
  8. They did play good music and it was a good mix of oldie's (ice ice baby for example) and the current stuff. During dinner it was slower music which is expected. But after dinner, toasts, cake cutting they cranked it up and we danced all night long both in and out of the pool. They played one line dancing song, I think it was the casper shuffle. Pics are coming in all over the place from friends and family and my husband is making an album on Facebook, but my one friend is posting a ton on Flickr and its open access so you can see some of the pics so far here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/100295060@N02/
  9. Are you using non-preferred vendors? You don't have to pay for a pass for JSAV, Zuniga, Ocean Photo. If you use non-preferred I think its $500 for outside vendors! You should only have to pay for Tania. I read a lot of mixed reviews about JSAV and aside from them non playing a few of my must-play songs, they were great. I would recommend them. Same thing goes for Ocean Photo; I can't remember the one company everyone raves about (its a non-preferred), but Ocean was great. Well, I haven't seen professional pics yet, but they were great at the wedding.
  10. I did, I reserved 2. I emailed them and told them I would go ahead and still pay it via email. Haven't heard back yet though.
  11. I actually didn't pay for any day passes. They forgot to add the day pass for Tania and her stylist and my sister paid for the one for her and her husband. I think they're $94/per person though. Not sure on the amount for children.
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