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  1. Great review and beautiful pictures
  2. Thank you, Mario was my coordinator and when I arrived we had an appt with him the next day to go over everything. Once you get to the Beach Palace they are more willing to work with you. I had told Mario that I wanted the white draping along the brown. The Chandelier was rented through Zuniga. The one from Gama was a little more expensive but bigger. I figured for the 20-30 min i'd just go with the smaller and cheaper one. That was $150.00 My flowers were from Maya, I paid the vendor fee of $500.00 ( they tried switching it to $800.00) but i fought that since they originally had quoted me $500.00) I love flowers and I splurged, my centerpieces were $300.00 and they were worth every penny. They were so beautiful and I used the same ones from my ceremony and then they switched them to my reception. I never saw the Maya team, everything was always done, and done beautifully. I'm so thankful since days prior to the wedding I would message Marvin about meeting up, or when i was able to see him and he never responded, but he had everything under control. I rented the tiffany chairs from Zuniga and I was under the impression that like my flowers, the chairs were going to be switched from ceremony to reception. However that wasn't the case and to be honest I didn't realize until I saw the pictures the next day. So, for anyone that does rent Tiffany Chairs make sure that they confirm that they will do this. It's kinda of annoying now that I think about it. I rented paper lanterns, white silk tablecloths and lighting under the tables from Zuniga. I brought my own pink glitter tablecloth for our sweetheart table and let me tell you, it was worth it. The prices they wanted for me to rent was ridiculous. I had my hair done at the spa by Minerva and she did an amazing job. I was going to do my own hair and last minute decided to make an appt and do an up-do. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and it wasn't like the picture it was better but very similar. I used my resort credit on this. I would suggest that if you have a larger group to assign table seats. I originally had a seating chart for 50 people but people were added at the last minute and I didn't know until they showed up to the welcome dinner the night before so I had Mario print out "reserved" signs, but he didn't make enough for our bridal party so when we did our grand entrance, I had to move people around. That was fixed quickly. I rented a photo booth and it was a hit. Highly recommend it. I used PSAV - rented just the equipment and brought a cd with all the songs on there and that worked perfectly. Before I signed the contract, Beach Palace had told me that when we reached the 75 room nights, our nights were complimentary and that I could use that towards extra wedding services. Later on during the process they had told me that they didn't do that any longer. I'm so thankful to have had a travel Agent that fought this since she had the email and they ended up honoring it. They didn't give me the whole credit since they added taxes and our upgrade on it but it paid for almost the entire wedding. I truly feel like I had my fairytale wedding, Everyone is still talking about how great it was. I wish I can go back, and I wish it was longer. The hotel did an amazing job and everything was organized beautifully. All future brides, relax, get the basics done and the rest your coordinator will take care of. Welcome dinner Food: Mexican Cocktail hour: Asian d'hvores ( BOMB, from what all my guests said) Wedding Dinner : ( Italian, not going to lie, wasn't my favorite but my guests loved it, especially the fish) GOOD LUCK
  3. Posted an album, hope it shows up.
  4. oopss, Let's try this again. I don't have any of my professional pictures yet, but these are just a little of what I have I don't know why it won't let me upload more pictures, i will try to make a gallery once I have more
  5. Success, here are a few pictures of my fairytale wedding
  6. Day one.. success, the whole staff went above and beyond. Tipped a few dollars and all I can say is "wow". I have our meeting tomorrow with Mario, I will let u guys know how it goes
  7. Just boarded ladies, I will let you ladies know how it goes. So far so good. I hope the weather is nice
  8. Have an amazing time, Can't wait to hear all the great things. I fly out the 11th...it's time tick toc
  9. Great point, I was so excited about having a full moon that I didn't think about the sunset to be honest. I guess we can sneak away for a few minutes and try to get both in the pictures.
  10. Ladies, 35 days to go and I feel like I still have so much undone. So, here is what I have so far: May 12th- Bachelorette cocktails on the Infinity Terrace from 8pm -10pm and then looking into CunCrawl May 13th- Welcome Dinner ( family arrives this day) Infinity Terrace from 7pm- 10pm - Mexican Buffett- Ipod Deck for Music (keeping it simple) might give our welcome bags here since I was told, they can't already put them in the rooms prior to arrival May 14th- Wedding Day- Ceremony at the Roof Top Sky Terrace at 4:30pm ( flowers from Maya and then transferring them for my centerpieces) Ipod for the Music, chandelier, aisle runner, fans Cocktail Hour - from 6PM -7PM -Sky Terrace ( I know my group takes a lot of pictures so I didn't want to rush anyone to get to the cocktail) Reception: 7pm - 10pm in the Palenque terrace, Italian ( I extended an hour) Music from PSAV Flowers from Maya Tiffany Chairs White Silk Tablecloths Photo booth lighting under the tables paper lanterns I'm doing my own make -up since that's what I do for a living and I'm debating to get my hair done at the hotel. It's so humid it would probably fall in seconds if I try anything. anything I could be missing? help
  11. Alright ladies, I have officially 100 nights. I'm so excited and I hope that Beach Palace will work with me, since they had said that I would be able to use my room credit on "additional wedding services". I asked Elizabeth for my invoice so I can see what would be considered " wedding services" so I'm waiting on that. I can't believe it's so close, any past brides know if I can make reservations for dinner since I will be having 45 people? or what are my options, since I read it's a first serve basis. My wedding is on a Wednesday, so I asked Elizabeth for a welcome dinner, and I will probably request it on the beach, does anyone know if my choices for food are the same as the wedding or if they have another menu? So, I'm not to worried about that dinner, but I would like make a little itinerary card for my guests when they arrive and have our dinner's plan ahead of time but what if the restaurants can't take our large group? HELP
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  13. They told me that they don't give refunds back, and that I could use it on extra wedding services. Now they have told me that they no longer do that and that I would only be able to use that credit on our guests room and that our guests in return would give me cash. Such a bummer, and our guests have had to pay 2 nights in advance and the rest when they check in.