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  1. Thank you, Mario was my coordinator and when I arrived we had an appt with him the next day to go over everything. Once you get to the Beach Palace they are more willing to work with you. I had told Mario that I wanted the white draping along the brown. The Chandelier was rented through Zuniga. The one from Gama was a little more expensive but bigger. I figured for the 20-30 min i'd just go with the smaller and cheaper one. That was $150.00 My flowers were from Maya, I paid the vendor fee of $500.00 ( they tried switching it to $800.00) but i fought that since they originally had quoted m
  2. oopss, Let's try this again. I don't have any of my professional pictures yet, but these are just a little of what I have I don't know why it won't let me upload more pictures, i will try to make a gallery once I have more
  3. Day one.. success, the whole staff went above and beyond. Tipped a few dollars and all I can say is "wow". I have our meeting tomorrow with Mario, I will let u guys know how it goes
  4. Just boarded ladies, I will let you ladies know how it goes. So far so good. I hope the weather is nice
  5. Have an amazing time, Can't wait to hear all the great things. I fly out the 11th...it's time tick toc
  6. Great point, I was so excited about having a full moon that I didn't think about the sunset to be honest. I guess we can sneak away for a few minutes and try to get both in the pictures.
  7. Ladies, 35 days to go and I feel like I still have so much undone. So, here is what I have so far: May 12th- Bachelorette cocktails on the Infinity Terrace from 8pm -10pm and then looking into CunCrawl May 13th- Welcome Dinner ( family arrives this day) Infinity Terrace from 7pm- 10pm - Mexican Buffett- Ipod Deck for Music (keeping it simple) might give our welcome bags here since I was told, they can't already put them in the rooms prior to arrival May 14th- Wedding Day- Ceremony at the Roof Top Sky Terrace at 4:30pm ( flowers from Maya and then transferring them for my centerpi
  8. Alright ladies, I have officially 100 nights. I'm so excited and I hope that Beach Palace will work with me, since they had said that I would be able to use my room credit on "additional wedding services". I asked Elizabeth for my invoice so I can see what would be considered " wedding services" so I'm waiting on that. I can't believe it's so close, any past brides know if I can make reservations for dinner since I will be having 45 people? or what are my options, since I read it's a first serve basis. My wedding is on a Wednesday, so I asked Elizabeth for a welcome dinner, and I will pro
  9. They told me that they don't give refunds back, and that I could use it on extra wedding services. Now they have told me that they no longer do that and that I would only be able to use that credit on our guests room and that our guests in return would give me cash. Such a bummer, and our guests have had to pay 2 nights in advance and the rest when they check in.
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