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  1. Here's a pic of my Pearl Shimmer setup! It was an ivory/creamish color...not so much yellow. But I see how there's a slight yellowish tiny. It was beautiful either way!
  2. Yes, I used Tania Tagle as well. If you go back a few pages I posted a close up shot of my face. I loved her work! I paid $125 for airbrush makeup with MAC eyelashes. I didn't get my hair done by her. $125 was just for me. My mom paid $70 for airbrush makeup no lashes. And one of my bridesmaids paid $90 for airbrush + MAC eyelashes. I think she charges a little more for the bride. Maybe because she spends more time on the bride? Not sure. Hope that helps!
  3. Hey Stace, Wow, it sounds like you guys had so much fun! So funny- because my matron of honor had a lady come up to her at dinner one night as well and complain that she was cussing too much and that this was a "family resort". She had her daughter with her, but in our defense we were at dinner and had a few too many drinks. My friend wasn't deliberately trying to be rude or disrespectful. She wasn't overly loud either. So why this lady and her daughter were sitting there listening to our whole conversation- I have no idea! Mind your own business, lol. Nothing turned physical with our group either- just a few words back and forth. Our group was crazy too! It would've been so much fun if we were all there at the same time. We would've taken over that resort- lol! Fernando was my fav bartender too! I saw him in your picture bartending! He was soo sweet. I'm so glad you had an amazing wedding. I can't wait to see pictures! - Nicole
  4. No, I did not. I didn't even sign a contract or anything. But she may have changed her policy since...
  5. Oh no, you're probably fine. I started emailing her and confirmed she was available on my wedding date about 10 months prior to my wedding. Other than that, there was barely any communication with her until about 1 month before the wedding. At that time, she confirmed pricing, what time we'd meet, and location at the hotel, etc...I didn't pay her until the day of, in U.S. dollars. If you're serious about booking her though I would confirm she is available on your wedding day so she can mark it in her calender. She'll also have you send her backa questionnaire, pictures of yourself, and pictures of makeup that you like so she knows what you want on your wedding day :-) - Nicole
  6. I got my professional photos back and my video from Ocean Photo Studio! I am very pleased overall. Here's some of my favorites... Let me know if you want to see something in particular! I have over 500 photos lol, so I just posted some of my faves!
  7. Yay! So excited for you! Good luck! Post lots of pics on facebook during your trip so I can relive it through you ;-) lol! I'm so happy for you!
  8. Thank you! I assumed it would be a part of the rehearsal dinner. She did come say hello during the dinner, but didn't offer to grab the bridal party and do a walk-through. And I never brought it up, so it's partly my fault. So just a heads up- make sure your planner you want this! I think it would've helped my bridal party and myself a lot. Everything went fine, but we were all a bit nervous and there was a bit of confusion on the wedding day. Yes, all the restaurants are free! We gave really good tips to the waiters though. They're awesome!
  9. Yes, I had to pay a $98 day pass fee for Tania coming to the resort. But it was so worth it! Getting readty at the resort was so much less stressful.
  10. I paid in cash that day, and she didn't make me sign contract. but again, maybe it's something new :-)
  11. No, she didn't make me sign any contract. Maybe it's something new she's doing.
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