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I have finally finished my DIY boarding pass invites and since you have all given me so much inspiration, I feel it is my turn to give back and share.  Hopefully this will help someone if the future as all of you have helped me!!


These were definitely a lot of work but hopefully worth it in the end.  I am happy with the final product AND the price per invite! I will break down the materials, tools and costs and then tell you how I made them.




- 65lb Cardstock, antique parchment finish ($8.96 for 100 sheets - from Walmart) used 2 packages 

- 24lb Coordinating antique parchment finish envelopes ($9.18 for 50 envelopes - from Walmart)  used 2 packages

- Blue letter size sheets ($3.92 for 10 sheets - from Staples)  used 10 packages

- Green letter size sheets ($3.92 for 10 sheets - from Staples) used 1 package

- Clear Labels ($4.96 for 300 - from Staples) these were Staples brand AND on sale! Only needed one package

- Crystal Fasteners ($2.99 for 42 - from Michaels) also one sale, needed 3 packages

- Scrapbook paper for envelop liners ($0.99 per 12x12 sheet from Michaels) needed 20 sheets -I am so mad at myself for this one! They were on sale the week before (I picked up one as a "test") for $0.40 each PLUS I had a 25% off scrapbooking material coupon so they cost ONLY $0.30.  When I went back with FI to pick up the rest of what we needed the sale was over :( oh well

- Rafia ($4.25 for a HUGE package - from Michaels) Regular $8.50 but I used a 50% off coupon to buy it!!


Cost Per invite worked out to $1.15 not including postage!


Tools (prices rounded): 


- Cuterpede - craft cutting board ($20 from Walmart)

- Cuterpede attachments - perforater and scorer ($4 each also from Walmart)

- Scissors

- Glue Stick

- Stitch ripper (used this to pierce holes to put the fasteners through!)

- Corner rounder (from Michaels I think about $4 again used a coupon!! DO NOT buy anything from Michaels without a coupon, there are ALWAYS coupons!!!!!)

- envelope liner stencil (I made this)


Alright, so I recently moved from Toronto to Peterborough and there are just NOT the same resources for paper etc. here as there were in Toronto but I decided I would have to make due.  We decided we wanted a simple "antiqued" looking paper for the main boarding pass part and then would incorporate our colours (navy and green) in the jackets and print.  


I took the aylee bits template (ayleebits.com) and put it in a Powerpoint file to work from.  I prefer PP to word and found it easier to do what I wanted to do!  Once I finished my design (think I design 20 different versions before FINALLY deciding!) I took the file to Staples to have them print a test run.  They refused to print it because they said they couldn't cut it (I wasn't going to get them to) because there wasn't enough space between each pass (there are 2 on a page).  I decided I would print my test at home and source a printer later.  After printing the test and being happy with what our printer did I decided I would just do them all at home.  I did all the cutting and FI was in charge or corner rounding, attaching the fasteners and getting the labels ready.  


I think this is long enough so time for the pictures!  If you have any questions just ask!!! I am pretty happy with my first DIY project but I love crafting and doing this kind of stuff!!


The tools: The purple attachment did the perforating, the blue the corner rounder, the pink the scorer (helped folding the jackets) and we used crystal fastners shown here.



The 5 pieces of the boarding pass

Boarding Passes



Front and back of the front page of our boarding passes






Front and back of our RSVP cards (detach and send back)



Finished boarding passes!




Finished boarding passes and inside of jacket



Finished product in envelopes



I am so pleased with my envelope liners!!!




That's it!!! Sorry this is so long!!

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Thanks so much!!! So nice to hear some positive feedback I love you guys!!


krsmith, I have attached my document if you want to work of something similar!! Sorry forgot to include it in the original post!

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