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  1. I am so glad you have figured out how to be strong and to work on things in a positive way with your fellow. THe stronger you can show him you are the stronger he will be also. Just do not make it all about him.....do not lose yourself in getting things okay. I will check back often foe updates. I have thought of you and your situation alot since I read your post. I guess it brought back memories. Be true to yourself and your heart and all things will work out for you. In your corner!!!!
  2. Weddings should be fun.....this was a fun idea and it looks like everyone had a great time....
  3. SInce my dad was not a touchy feely person, he really did not believe in dancing and he is now one of God's angels...I wish I would have. That would have been a special moment shared with him that no one else can fill. I would go back and redo everything again just to share a moment like that with the man that loved me first, last and unconditionally.
  4. My thought is, again, this is your time....if you have a "formal" AHR or whatever and they do not want to come it will be them that misses out. Have fun with who shows up and "PARTY" the time away!!!
  5. I have said this all through the threads...this is your time...do want makes you happy.
  6. I would wait till confirmation because of the guests having to arrange time off from work, sitters if they have kids and do not plan on taking them, etc etc. WAIT for confirmation
  7. I am loving the fact that so many are using dresses for their BMs that they could wear again.
  8. What a great and creative way to help your guests get the right food and to make it easier on the servers.
  9. Guava!! WHat a beautiful color!! So would use it is I was to ever do it again!!!
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