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  1. Old - FI's grandma's bracelet wrapped around my bouquet New - Dress Borrowed - My great-grandmother's necklace passed down to all the women in the family for thier weddings. Since it is an amethyst and will not match my wedding colors it will also be wrapped around my bouquet too Blue - belly button ring Becky
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by katrinkit35 We are (well, I am) more "fun" than "sexy," so in place of the TTD, we are going to do photos around Cabo. My BD pics are going to take all of me because of that "fun" part of myself. I already know that some poses just aren't going to work personality wise. I, like you, am way more fun than sexy. I was trying to think of some other fun pics to do. Rolling around in the sand is just not us. Anyone else doing another TTD type session without jumping in the ocean Becky
  3. We will probably end up going with a short song all four of us can dance do unless I can think of something else. Any ideas for short songs? Thanks! Becky
  4. I am not sure if my ceremony site will work with the floating orchids. Since it seems like several others are interested, I will decline them and let someone else take them. Enjoy! Becky
  5. Pm'ed you. I might be interested in the floating fowers. Becky
  6. I say yes, give her a gift bag. Hopefully by the end of the trip, she will be a friend! That's the way I am trying to think of it anyway. I have one friend we invited and she decided it would be a good idea to bring TWO guests to the wedding/trip
  7. Well I talked to my dad and he said he wants to do the dance "unless he chickens out." He acknowledged he can't dance, which is good. However, I think he wants to do it because of the sentimental value, SO I was thinking if I could come up with something else to do besides a dance he would go for it. I just don't know what.... Thanks for all the opinions. Keep them coming! Becky
  8. I have a good relationship with my father, but we do not have a touchy-feely relationship. I have never seen my dad dance, and to be honest, I think it would be really weird to slow dance with my dad at my wedding. At first I did not think it would be a big deal to just not do a father daughter dance. My dad is walking me down the aisle and "giving me away." The problem is FI really wants to do a dance with his mom. When I mentioned not dancing with my dad to my mom, she looked at me like I was crazy. Part of me thinks I should just suck it up and dance with my dad for 3 uncomfortable minutes, but I would really like to explore some other options for something to do at the reception to replace the dance. I also thought about doing a faster dance, but again my dad does not dance. Please note, I am not a good slow dancer myself which makes this worse..... Any advise/suggestions would be great! Thanks!!!
  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with thoughts about "needing" to do this and that. I don't think I really want to go all out on decor, but felt like a "should" because of other posters on here. Lots of decor is great for some people, but not my fiance and me. We planned our wedding this way so it would be low key, but with the seemingly endless list of to-dos, its not so easy to plan.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by staceychris17 mctilleys.... Thank you so much for your help. i just contacted your photographer and waiting to hear back from her with a quote. Great pictures!!! You have to send me your pictures when you get back from your wedding...pretty please:) We are really excited about Maggie. She is also very quick to respond. I will definitely send you my pictures when we get them. Becky
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MObride09 Hey there Mctilleys! I'm also using Maggie as my photographer for our May 29th, 2010 wedding You must be the other couple she was telling me about! Welcome to the Forum and Happy planning!!! Ha! She was telling us about you guys too! Maggie is the best! We are very excited about her photographing our wedding. My fiance was friends with her brother in high school and we immediately fell in love with her work. Since Maggie hasn't been to Barcelo Maya before, I promise we will scope out all the good photo places for you guys. Our dates are getting close! Becky
  12. Thanks ladies! I'm not sure why the one picture is so stretched out (it looks like me before I lost the wedding weight!) I figured the dress would not look like the picture because the photo was the EXACT same one from the BCBG website over the summer. I actually like the version I got better than the original, which was very lucky for me. I think the knock off looks more 'wedding-y' if that makes sense. The dress cost $79.99 + $20 to have it custom made to my measurments. For the record, it is a little big all over and so were the bridesmaid dresses I ordered from the same site. Some of that was due to us measuring up because the site only accepts whole inches (ex: waist measurment of 28.5 we put in 29. Looking back, I should have put in 2. Overall I am SO happy with my order. Light in the Box even threw in a free garment bag, which is really nice. The only downfall is the is an opaque material, so I will not able to use it for my dress. I am superstitious about my fiance seeing the dress before the big day and we are flying down together. Becky
  13. I recently received my dress from Light in the Box. It was a knock off of a BCBG dress. I am going to attempt to post the pictures. Please let me know if you have any questions. I do not think it looks at all like the picture, but I LOVE it. First the picture from the website: Now the one I received (needs to be pressed):
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by staceychris17 What is the trend here? Are most people picking a beacn reception or at one of the grills? If a grill, which one? Who is your photographer? If so, who and how much? Are you using the hotel DJ or getting on from outside the property? If so who? How much? Thanks girls:) I am waking up in the middle of the night have nightmares about these things For us, we are planning to have a beach reception. We are using a photographer who has an officer here in St. Louis and one in Florida. Her name is Maggie Stolzberg and she specializes in destination weddings. Her prices were very reasonable. Her website is Maggie Stolzberg Photography - Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer We are using an ipod instead of a DJ.
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