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  1. Any of you TA's work with Catalonia Royal Tulum?? Just trying to book a vacation next May.. and our current TA doesn't work with that resort.. PM me if you can help! Thanks
  2. Ya, Rocio is choppy in her responses.. but just know she is always super busy with brides that are coming in that week... so when your wedding gets closer, she is better about responding.. Here is what I got from her for our June 5, 2009 wedding: "In regards to the number of guests for the private reception.. if the minimum of people for a private event it`s 25 guests... but if the number is less than 25 people and you want still to go for the private reception I will need to charge for the 25 even the final head count it`s less than that."
  3. So frustrating! Sorry to hear about that! My budget was around $1000 and I went with Mexicanweddingphotos.com and had Mike Razo. He was great and got 3 hours of coverage, album and retouching. Got my photos the next week on our honeymoon at the Excellence Riviera Cancun. I know it is that last thing you want to deal with, but if she is a flake now.. at least you found out before it was too late and she just didn't show on the wedding day or something.. Best wishes!
  4. I had a blue garter - which was from Gainesville, Fl where we lived for a bit - Football team colors were orange and blue, so that was fun.
  5. I haven't personally used them, but went there for our honeymoon and inquired about doing a TTD shoot.. after looking through their album, we weren't very impressed so ended up setting up a shoot offsite with someone else. The shots were very standard, like point and shoot.. I was suprised that their portfolio album didn't have amazing photos to impress people with.. I have to say that if possible, I would probably recommend hiring someone else.
  6. Thanks ladies for all of your posts! Always so helpful, and nice to know that I am not alone on most of mine Would Do: OOT Bags: we kept them pretty simple - but the stuff we put in there our guests really used: ~ I made first aid kits with bandaids, advil, rolaids, wet wipes, immodium. Esp since the resort shops charge so much for that stuff. Probably would have been good to add small bottles of aloe and bug off wipes. ~ Bubba Kegs !!! The best thing ever!!! We had an entire suit case of bubbas - 40 of them total. Bought them from fireflybuys.com for $6 each incl tax &
  7. endless love - those pics are wayyy better than the ones I got cause I didn't want to get too close as the ceremony already started. smf47 - I am almost positive the isle is sand. The location of the beach ceremony is beautiful. It is on the far right side of the resort right off the Excellence section. It was nice that it is a covered area so your guests won't get too hot. Note that it is on the border of the property line, and to the right of the ceremony location, there were lots of beach goers and locals looking on. But - the ceremony site is set back pretty far from the water
  8. Mdgirl76 - I just got married and wore my hair down because I hate the way I look with my hair up. I was glad with my decision because I thought it looked pretty *however* in retrospect, I wish I would have pulled some of it back. It was windy on the beach and hot. My hair would blow in my face in pictures and was kind of a pain. I think if you wear it partially up or back, that would be good, and just make sure you pin any lose hair down or it will end up in your face.. I used a lot of hair spray.. but apparently not enough..grr. best wishes
  9. Hi ladies, great thread. My husband and I just got married June 5, 2009 in the Riviera Maya. We met when he was the CO in the Coast Guard in Santa Barbara, CA. Fell in love and moved with him to Gainesville, FL 1 year later. It was hard to leave my family, job, friends.. all behind, but it was worth it! He attended grad school for 1.5 years and now we live in Washington, DC. I think the hardest part for me is reestablishing myself professionally. In Santa Barbara, I loved my job and worked as a groups coordinator and manager of a Resort & Spa, and since then just doing Exec Asst. But
  10. We returned from 16 days in Mexico (Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen) with no problems at all. We mostly stayed on the resort, but we went to Coco Bongo in Playa one night for our Bach party, some of our guests went to Playa during the day for shopping, and Cozumel. Everything is normal and safe. The airport they are doing health screenings taking your temperature and filling out a questionairre. Nice because customs is super fast! For anyone that has traveled during peak season, you know that customs in Cancun can take over an hour, and this time there was zero wait time! Nobody is in masks or
  11. We did a symbolic and just booked the "renewal of vows" ceremony - which was cheaper too. Just bring your marriage certificate and you will be fine. We actually brought our own officiant which happens to be one of our good friends, so he performed the ceremony which was really nice because it was very personalized. Since it isn't "legal" you could actually have anyone perform your ceremony for you, doesn't need to be designated by the resort.
  12. added a french bustle also. here is the link to the Davids site. David's Bridal - Allover draped taffeta trumpet with button back.
  13. Purchased brand new from Davids Bridal. Worn once at the wedding. David's Bridal - Allover draped taffeta trumpet with button back. Style: P9345 Color: White Size: 8 Bustle: French White taffita fabric with sublte rooching throughout the dress. Zipper closure with cloth button overlay. Medium sized train with easy to use and beautiful french bustle that stays in place! I am 5â€7’ - wore 2†heels with dress, 130lbs, 34b, 30 waist, 34 hips. Minor alterations - took in bust a little, hemmed very slightly - like 1/2 inch, added bustle It is in great conditi
  14. Carried on my dress, a small Vera Bradley backpack and a larger backpack. FI carried on a larger carry on duffel and a small backpack.. no problems. We flew Airtran.. which is a cheapie airline (booked on United.. but cancelled as they added a layover) and Airtran isn't the nicest as they are more of a budget brand. But - I just layed my dress flat in an overhead as the flight was only 50% full.. no problems. They said there wasn't room in the closet (ya right) ... but worked out fine since the resort steamed my dress before the ceremony anyway
  15. I think because it is a program, and more of a nice touch to the ceremony, most guests won't even notice. They will be busy taking in the beautiful atmosphere and probably skimming the program. I say let it go and focus on the bigger things.. Esp since it is just in a song title, not like you spelled your mom's name wrong or something.
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