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  1. Thank you for your reply sdnative222. I cannot wait to see the beach in person. It looks so amazing in photos! I decided to have my hair professionally done, since they're more experienced with this sort of thing. I have a photo on my other computer of how I think I'll do my hair. Pulled back in a loose ponytail with loose curls and white flowers where it is tied. And yes, a TON of hairspray, gel, whatever it takes. My wedding will be at 5:30pm. It's just the two of us plus his sister, bil and their baby. The whole thing will be done, photos and all, by 6:30 and we're heading out for dinner afterwards. So I just need my hair to stay relatively in place until the photos are done. I'll be sure to get photos before heading outside too. I soooo cannot wait. The wedding is exactly one month away!!!
  2. It's final. I am going to wear my hair down and if it's windy, so be it. At least I will feel like I look good. I'll just make sure the wind is blowing the hair back away from my face. Estella, I love your idea. We're trying to keep this wedding low budget so spending $200+ to get my hair done, in a style I don't totally like, is not what I want to do. I am planning to do loose curls and that's it. I like the loosely tied to the side idea. Thanks for the tip!
  3. It was recommended to me by my wedding planner that I have my hair styled up and away from my face for my wedding because it can get windy. I'm not too crazy about the idea and my fiance outright hates the idea. For the most part, I always wear my hair down (I have long hair) and I really don't like the way I look with my hair up. It's just not natural looking for me and neither of us thinks it compliments my face as well when my hair is up. What are your recommendations? We're getting married on Po'olenalena beach at sunset in Sept. I know beaches get breezy but maybe I can just hairspray the crap out my hair and leave it down the way I have envisioned it.
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    Thanks for the tips. We've decided to get married on Po'olenalena beach at sunset. It looks like there are some nice rocky outcrops that will work perfectly. And I've decided to go with Marry Me Maui for the planner. It's just the two of us so it's pretty cut and dry. I'm just super excited that I now finally have a date set (Sept.21) and have our lodging booked. I cannot wait!
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    My fiancee and I would like to get married in Hawaii in September. It's going to be just the two of us so very simple, with not much planning needed since there won't be any guests. We are both envisioning a cliff setting overlooking the ocean. Does anyone know of any particular locations that fit this description. Neither of us wants to be in the sand for our wedding. The other option is a garden setting, but a cliff or high bluff is more ideal. Also, I'm thinking about using Merry Maui Weddings to help with the planning. They seem reasonable in price and very professional. Since it's just the two of us, a simple, low-cost wedding is key. Main concerns for us are location and of course, we want great photos to show everyone back home. Any other tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi everyone!

    My fiancee and I are planning to get married in Hawaii in September. Hopefully. After much contemplation, we decided on Hawaii because we wanted to get married by the end of the year at an affordable tropical location. I have only just begun looking into wedding planners, locations, etc. It's going to just be the two of us, so minimal stress. Yey! Off to the Hawaii forum I go to gather more info and ask lots of questions!
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