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  1. The flowers were green cymbidium orchids. The pictures definitely don't do the flower justice they were absolutely gorgeous in person. The bouquet that I had was 150$ I think then the boutineer was 22$. The original picture I found on the Knot also had orange calla lillies also, but I requested to have it without to keep the cost down a little plus all the colors and bouquet was exactly the same so you didn't even notice. Good Luck hope this helps!
  2. They do include the decoration on the gazebo. I think there was 2 choices for the side flowers. The only thing that we brought was the sand ceremony set.- Which by the way if you were planning on using one, I would bring your own because if you use one of theirs it will cost you double. As far as the pics. I did email them prior to coming down just to let them know that I was having my wedding, but I don't think I needed to. When you get there just stop in it is a small door not far from the main part. It will have a best images person standing there from 9am (I think) to 8 pm. FYI- they
  3. I would first like to thank everyone on this website who helped me when I was trying to plan our wedding. Hopefully this will help some people out there too. Resort: We booked a jacuzzi suite to stay in, however once we got there and checked in we had been put into a regular suite. This was no big deal after getting to our room for the night we realized that the air conditioner was not working and it wasn't because windows or doors were open. We had a difficult time trying to get someone to come look see what the problem was. Approximately an hour after we originally called someone arri
  4. Hello, we emailed a scanned copy of the form that we got at the court house after the "legal" marriage. When we got down there they never asked for anything else. We also didn't send our form till 2 weeks before, but they had not asked for it prior or acknowledged that they received it so I wouldn't stress.
  5. If you got those can you email them to me too, I can't seem to open it either. My email is gabbyarchibald@gmail.com
  6. Thanks for the advice it is very frustrating I have emailed her on a number of occasions without hearing anything back, (even if they still have me down to get married). I can't imagine how other brides that don't know about how they work feel, I am glad I have read things on here! Can the pictures, cake and dinner all be set up when we get there?
  7. Thank you for the number I think that I will call. As far as booking goes I have not booked the dinner or anything else. I just find this all very frustrating since I along with 14 other will be getting on a plane in less than a week. I know I have heard that things can be very last minute but is this normal?
  8. Can someone please email this to me at gabbyarchibald@gmail.com. I can't see these and I have emailed Chandlyn for them without getting any response.
  9. I am leaving for ROR in 2 weeks and still have not been contacted by Chandolyn for Wedding arrangements! I am concerned that there has been a mishap and they don't have me on their list. I have tried to email her but haven't gotten any response. Please help! Is there a number anyone knows that I can call to verify? Can the arrangements be made in this short of notice?
  10. Floral fantasy also has a rum/coffee gift set that you can buy for 12$ each, but it sounds like purchasing them in the airport might be cheaper. Does anyone know of any ideas for purchasing the blue mountain coffee?
  11. Wow those are really pretty! Does anyone know or has an idea how many flowers are in a bouquet of that size or like that?
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