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  1. Thanks ladies, I was starting to get a bit concerned on what exactly was required!
  2. I know that for civil & religious ceremonies you have to provide: Notarized birth certificate Notarized copies of birth certificates or driver's licence ect. Who can notarize these documents? Do the witnesses have to have the same documents notarized as well?
  3. That's a really creative idea! I might steal it! Can you post yours when you get it done please?
  4. Robinkar, I just bought my Bubba's this weekend at Canadian Tire they were on for half price, I went around to Orangeville, Barrie and Orillia (ON) and got all blue. The colours they had were blue, lime green, black and a saw a few pink. Hope this helps!
  5. 1. Registry: the Bay & home Outfitters 2. OOT bags: I'm giving everyone personalized bubba kegs (blue) so they can use it in Jamaica 3. Wedding Attire: Bride: La Creme (Guelph ON), Groom: Korrie's Clothier's (Toronto ON) 4. Rings: Bill Le Boeuf (Barrie) 5. Invitations: Things I do (Barrie) 6. Flowers: not sure yet, but I'll probably purchase them in Jamaica 7. Decor: My Mom's handling it (thank Goodness!) 8. Travel Arrangements: Sunquest 9. Are you active on any other Canadian Forums? (if yes which ones): No 10. Other: I am bringing my own photographer and I cannot wait to do my trash the dress pictures! __________________
  6. They look great and your guest will apprecitate that you did it yourself!
  7. We also met on line in 2005 from Lavalife.com. We always joke that I picked him! At first I didn't want to tell people we met on line, but the more people I talked to the more I realized a lot of people meet this way. I am so glad I did pick him!
  8. Congrats on your engagment! This is the place to be to get great advice. I love this forum!
  9. I totally agree with everyone's comments. Tell people what your plan is and let them make the decision. I had a similar experience with a family member...they were totally against the DW plan and said I would only have like 10 ppl, well I'm quite happy to report they were very wrong and 38 people are booked to come to our wedding. Parents can be very difficult and have an idea of what they think is right or wrong...but what you have to do is what you and FI want to do and the people who want to be there will be there!
  10. If you are considering a Riu wedding first reserve your date on line to make sure you have the day you want. Then start arranging the travel stuff. Because you have limited time I would tell as many people as you can verball or by e-mail your plans asap. I wanted to send STDs but I didn't have enough time so I just called people or e-mailed them. Another thing to consider that happened to me is that I was given a price quote for all inclusive air, transfer and accomidations, but that quote was only for a certain flight leaving on a certain day, there are limited seats on the plane so try to get your guests to pay their deposit sooner than later. I had to make panic phone calls (without even sending actual invitations!) and ask people to pay the deposit! It was crazy, but it got people to book early and now I know my numbers.....just something to think about.
  11. Are there any special requirements if you are bringing your own photographer? ie. work permit? Our photographer is also a guest at the resort so I'm not sure if that matters.
  12. I requested our date myself on line and they confirmed it the next day! I am surprised it's taking that long. I would look into yourself
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