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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you had an amazing time.
  2. I used Glamsquad702 for my hair & makeup. I also got married at Chapel of the Flowers. The person that came to do my makeup in my room the morning of the wedding arrived on time and did an excellent job. I got the airbrush makeup and must say that I am glad I did because it held up well in the heat of 100+ degrees and looked great in my pictures. They were also very reasonably priced!!!
  3. I'm glad things are beginning to work themselves out for the two of you. Keep communicating and you should see the progress.
  4. Congratulations. Your pictures are great!!!
  5. Going to the post office is extremely frustrating!! Why during peak hours like lunch time when people need to get in & out do they only have 2 people working with 4 other counters unattended & a line of about 15 people. It's like they do not care nor do they try to move quickly to help you. They are exactly like the DMV!!
  6. Definitely just ignore the contact requests from the exes and try your best to put them out of your mind. Like someone mentioned, they are an ex for a reason. I have not had this situation happen to me because I have moved around a lot and haven't had many around to bother me. And they shouldn't contact me because once it's over for me...it's over!!! No re-dos!! : )
  7. Most women would have the same initial reaction as your had so you should not feel bad for that. You should have told him how you felt initially when it happened so that you two could discuss the situation and how it made you feel. The fact that he didn't take the time to let you know they would be a little late "talking" is inconsiderate of your time since he asked you to pick him up at the normal time. I probably would have gone in there to see what was going on after about 15 minutes especially since you say he was always done around the same time all the time. Just make sure he unde
  8. sorry you have to listen to that, but does the relative understand that they do not have to come. You do not want people there that will complain the whole time & try to put a damper on your wedding experience. Like someone mentioned, when they understand that your plans are not going to change, then they can get with the program and make plans to come or stay behind. Everyone has to make the decision that is best for them and understand that the wedding will still go on.
  9. We decided to push our home search back until after our wedding. We were going to look for a house & get married but due to our budget, we decided to wait a few months after our wedding to purchase a home. We got married in July & will start looking for a home in a couple of months so that we could space things out. We are making it work right now in our 1 bedroom apartment but I will be glad when we move.
  10. Congratulations! Good luck on your wedding plans - I'm sure you will find good information here on this site.
  11. Congratulations and good luck with your planning.
  12. Here is a link to view some of my photos: Snapfish: Share:Registration
  13. I hope this works! Trying to upload some photos! Nicole Woods [447375]129 Thumb.zip [447375]088 Thumb.zip [447375]076 Thumb.zip
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