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  1. posting pics are a pain so if you'd like to check out more pics feel free to check out our website Lam Photography
  2. Thanks everyone! Had hundreds of beautiful photos but here are some of my favs!!!
  3. VIP LIMO's We used VIP limo's to transport everyone from the Forum shops to New York New York. They too were great to work with. And in fact had lowered their rates from the time we initially booked and gave us the better price. We also decided to use two limos instead of just one and they were able to accomodate our request 24 hrs prior to the event. We were required to be at the piano bar by 9pm and course we were running 15 min late and the strip was jam packed!!! Our driver quickly found a back route and had us there in no time!!! Bar at Time's Square - New York New York Ok well the evening ended up well but I had all kinds of problems getting ahold of people. Turns out the girl i initially contacted and signed a contract with was let go prior to our event. Luckily I had kept copies of teh contract along with all of our email transactions. So they did honor the contract which i was very thankful for because their new fees required us to pre-pay for alcohol for a certain time period which would have cost us close to $5000. And I certainly didn't have an extra $5000 45-30 days prior to the wedding. So once that was all straightened out I had to pay the balance the of the depost which covered everyone's entrance fee. I emailed and called and was unable to get ahold of anyone. This was the most frustrating part of dealing with this company. They were absolutely horrible to try to get ahold of and never called you back! In the end though, there was a manager waiting for us when we arrived (not the woman i had been talking to) who took care of us. They did a head count and only charged us for the exact number of people who attended rather than the number we had initially given them a few months back. They had enough seats for everyone and even made us a mini dance floor in our sectioned off area. The entertainment was awesome which is why we booked it in the first place. Everyone had a great time and they let my brother perform on the piano and me sing a song. Even our waitress was incredible; had drinks in front of us all night long! Overall, everything worked out but I was completely stressed about this part of the evening simply because no one could call me back. But we had a great time and many of our guests (including us) were there till the bar closed at 2am! I am so thankful to all the vendors we used who all made our day so special. Absolutely the best day of my life!!!!
  4. I'm very sorry it has taken me this long to post but things have been hectic since i'm now back in school. Everything about our wedding day was amazing!!! But I'll start at the beginning! We both had breakfast with our parents (seperately). I had read this in a magazine and I thought it was a great idea. You get so busy throughout the entire day that it was nice to spend some time with my parents before the day got too hectic. Color Salon at Caesar's They were all amazing!! I took my bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law plus myself. It was extremely expensive but I felt like a princess and the service was exceptional!! I was sipping a mimosa from a champagne glass within minutes of arriving! I loved my hair and makeup. My hair stayed curly the entire day (till 2am the next morning) and my makeup stayed on as well! The eyelashes even stayed on for a day or two after the wedding! Everyone recieved a manicure, up-do and make-up. Some of the girls asked about a pedicure and was able to get one. And i believe one or two upgraded to false eyelashes. Each of the girls paid for their own upgrades if they wanted them. But the salon was sooo accomodating in fitting the extras in. My only complaint would be the prices. It is very expensive but I honestly didn't care that day! We all had so much fun at the salon and we all felt like princesses! Spa at Caesar's Rather than buy all the girls and the mothers a present I choose to treat them to a day at the spa the day before the wedding. Like the salon it was expensive but the girls raved about it the entire trip. Said it was better than any necklace!!! They don't have a keepsake per say but the time spent together was priceless. Caesar's Palace My wedding co-ordinator Melissa was amazing!!! I can't say enough great things about her. She ALWAYS emailed me back within 24 hrs and had answers to everyone of my questions. I had 6 different parcels shipped to Caesar's and they happily held all of them till I arrived. And even though she was off the day we arrived, we had no problems picking up our parcels. My only complaint would be (and this is nit-picking) is that I wanted a isle runner and she recommended a company they work with. However, because of price, I decided to rent one instead from the company we got our linens from. I hadn't realized how wide the isle was and the rented aisle runner didn't look as nice as I had wanted. I wish she would have said something when i told her we were going with a rented one because they tend to be a standard size. i probably would have paid the extra cash to have the wide aisle runner but overall it probably wasn't that important and i doubt anyone else noticed. We brought our photographer with us and had no problems taking pics throughout the entire property; from the pool area to the gardens out front. Joe's Seafood, Prime Rib, & Stone Crab AGAIN AMAZING!!!! This restaurant is located in the new entrance of the Forum shops on the bottom floor. We had our reception in the Gigi room! The only requirement to book this room is that you have to guarentee $5000. We had 50 people and knew with dinner and alchohol we would have no trouble hitting that target! In fact we were more concerned with how much we would go over. The dinner was incredible!! We had eaten there before and knew this (part of the reason we booked it) but you never know when the food is cooked in such mass quantities. But every course was fantastic!!! Everyone of our guests is still talking about that meal!! We were a bit late from pictures and the staff already had everyone seated and had been serving the signiture cocktail prior to our arrival! We had our own private waiter who took care of us!! Our co-ordinator Sabrina arranged and set up all our flower arrangements I was unable to keep up with all the courses and he happily boxed up all our food so it wouldn't be wasted! He was ontop of any request we had immediately. Again we just felt like royalty the entire time! Now our guests (even the ones who don't normally drink alot) were just downing the drinks because the signature cocktail was soo good. But at $12 a drink we knew these would add up quickly but of course we were happy to see our guests having such a good time. As we got ready to depart I asked our waitor what the balance was that we owed (had already paid the $5000) and he said don't worry its covered! I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!!! His reply was you took care of us so we're happy to take care of you!! I'm not sure what he meant by that.....we had yet to tip him....but I'm very thankful!! The room looked amazing, the service was incredible and the food even more incredible. They even provided 2 go cups so that everyone could take a drink with them in the limo. I know its a bit pricy but if your going to have decent amount of guests - Joe's is the best place you could go!!!
  5. I got married at Caesar's Palace 6 weeks ago and my experience was amazing!!! Our wedding co-ordinator ALWAYS answered my emails and questions within 24 hrs and she was so friendly and helpful. As for hair and makeup, it was not included in our package....i believe the higher priced ceremony packages may include it but i'm not sure. I spent quite a bit of money for all my bridesmaids, my mother and my mother-in law plus myself to all go to the salon that morning. It was worth every penny! We all looked amazing and the staff was so nice! Plus the place is gorgeous! If your on a tight budget there are cheaper places but the service, convience, and ambiance was worth the cost for me! You will have to go to downtown Vegas to apply for a marriage license. But you would have to do that no matter what venue you choose to go with. They will give a form to give to Caesar's and you simply hand that over to your co-ordinator and she takes care of the rest from there! It was all very easy! goodluck!!
  6. I don't know about MGM but I can tell you that Caesar's has been wonderful to work with! Let me know if you have any other questions
  7. I have no experience with MGM but I can tell you that everyone has been absolutely fabulous at Caesar's Palace. The rooms are gorgeous and the bed is so comfortable. I know your not supposed to sleep in Vegas but it was impossible not to! The customer service during your stay is incredible and my wedding coordinator was always available to answer any questions or help with any of the selection processes. For 75 people I would recommend Joe's at the Forum shops. You want the GIGI room! There is a pic of it on the internet but it doesn't do it justice. The room is stunning and the food is FABULOUS!!! Check out trip advisor - the restaurant is ranked 10 out of over a 1000 restaurants. You can check out their website to see the catering menus so you can decide on whether the food and prices are what your looking for.
  8. I was also thinking about doing OOT bags! I was gonna include snacks, water, welcome letter, itinerary, koozies and a hangover kit. We have spoke to our wedding coordinator and will be leaving the bags with the front desk to place in our guests rooms upon arrival Just not sure what to put inside the hangover kit. I see you were gonna include one as well Shannon....any ideas??
  9. Beautiful albums! Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for the review!
  10. Your pictures look amazing! Glad everything turned out so perfectly!
  11. Congratulations NICMICJ! Can't wait to see pics when you get back! Hope everything was perfect! MICHELLEPICKSBRENT your only a few weeks away. Goodluck!
  12. Where in Ontario are you located? We have a great consignment bridal in Windsor called Lady Di's. Dresses range from $200-800 and she has some beautiful selections. I think you'll be happier if you buy a dress, that way you can have it altered to fit you perfectly. It's really not that big of a deal travelling with the dress. You simply ask the airline stewardess to hang it up in first class. They are usually very accommodating! Goodluck
  13. Another option!!! We are having a combined stag and doe/AHR to try to make it less tacky. We have the date set a month prior to the actual wedding. We have a massive backyard so we are simply having a huge bbq/pool party; casual and laid back. So we're not charging admission. We're offering FREE food and alcohol. I have rented table, chair, linens, and ordered centerpeices and paper lanterns so it will seem more like a reception. We'll have a DJ as well. However, we thought we would have a few games and raffles to help provide some cash as well as offer entertainment for our guests. Some of the games we have decided on are: (1) PIE IN THE FACE!!! Guests will gladly open their wallets to put a whip cream pie in your face. The costs are low. Pie tins and can of whip cream! And its definitely fun to watch. Not so great for the bride and groom but hey, I'll just jump in the pool afterwards! (2) DRUNKIN MUSICAL CHAIRS This is a classic fun game. Guests will pay a fee to enter. Can offer liquor bottle or cash as prize. But here's the twist. Guests will have to do a shot in between each round as someone is knocked out. We were thinking jello shots! Again drunk people scrambling and falling over each other is simply fun to watch! Only cost is the alcohol for shots. (3) DAROMETER Now we haven't exactly figured out how we're gonna set this game up but i love the overall concept of it. People donate money but at certain quantities you promise to do embarrassing tasks. For example at $20 you and your fiance would do a dare, then again when it reached $40, $60, etc. Obviously as the money goes up the dares get even more embarrassing. Also the dares are posted so that people know what they trying to get you to do. We wanted to keep the games to a minumum. Maybe just one or two more. This way people can spend money if they choose or just enjoy the day. Regardless I hope everyone has a great time.
  14. I appreciate the reply! I didn't realize they did tuxedo rentals. I'll head over to Michigan and check them out. Thanks again.
  15. Why not get a suite for the event and simply order pizza up to the room. This will keep your costs low and make the event an intimate occasion. Goodluck.
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