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  1. Hey BDW Family.Our wedding was Beautiful.Everything was Sooooo Perfect.I don't know how to download photos but I posted wedding pics on our wedding website here is the link: Lifetime of Commitment & Love Congrats to all the ladies and Good luck with Wedding Planning
  2. Congrats Pics Look nice.I also just got back from Negril.Our wedding was also Perfect!Again Congrats to you and your Husband and Good Luck
  3. Thanks Guys!!!My Gown Turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!My wedding was Amazing.The Grand Lido was wonderful!We were treated like royalty.I am trying to post Pic up but is having no Luck.I will post on wedding website.My OOT Bags were a hit.Some people were happy that flip flops were in the bag.Ladies I thank everyone with all their advise.To the ladies that are still planning Good Luck!
  4. I Live in Philly Pa. I just called downtown and they gave me the OK.Other Islands are not acknowledge in the U.SI do suggest to get a extra copy of license just in case something happen to the one you will receive from Jamaica.Give it to either one of your parent of someone that you can trust.Then you won't be running rapid
  5. OK I was having a great day.Until I went to go pick up my gown.Ladies I put my gown on and it looked all twisted the and bottom of the gown wasn't even laying right.They didn't take in the top portion of my gown in.The hem on the gown wasn't taken all the way up.The kicker was that the tulle underneath was showing from underneath the gown itself.They didn't hem the whole gown just the front of the gown. The extra material in the back of the gown was just bunched up which made my gown looked bulged up in the front. I know I had a lot to the gown but they had since 6/12 and today is what 7
  6. Alot of my guess went to applevactions.com They have deals like 5 Apple Square deal.Apple pick the resort that rates 5 apples.The only catch you don't know what hotel its gonna be.Me and my Fiancee' is staying at the Grand Lido and the other guests are staying at Club RIU which is 5 min away.They have to purchase guest passes from the Grand Lido.It was a little cheaper for my guest.2 couples are staying at the same resort.Try another travel agent also that can give you a group discount.Liberty Travel is also good.The prices of trips change so frequntly you have to keep checking like every Mond
  7. Here is a link to my Wedding website.I posted some pics of bridal shower on page.Hope you enjoy.I haven't had time to keep up with the BWD Family Sorry I'm happy that my OOT Bags are almost done.Just waiting for a couple of items to return.I will post pic on BDW(As soon I find out to add attachment)LOL http://www.kamikaandreginald.us/Temp...ingTracker.swf
  8. Do any one know where I can Purchase Footlace from?I thought It will be easy to find but not having any luck finding none.
  9. You know what they say.People get a little jealous of during the happiest time of your life.It a shame people rather spend all their time being hateful and mean.You will loss and gain a lot of friends before and after your wedding.Your true friend will be right by you and your fiancée' side.Need less to say that your other so called friend will just be left behind.Good Luck with your planning.Always remember that IT'S YOUR DAY.
  10. Beaches is a family friendly Resort.Also the Holiday Inn Believe it or not have good package deals for family.
  11. I'm Happy everyone was Swine Flu free!Your wedding look amazing.The photographer was out this world.Congrats to You and the Hubby.Good Luck with everything!
  12. This Is The Best Forum.I regret that it took me so long to find this forum!My mind is racing I found GREAT Idea for my wedding and is changing my OOT Bags!Thank You fellow BDW Members.Post REGRETS about your Wedding Planning (anything pertaining to DW)
  13. I know I'm going crazy.My nerves is starting.I have been snapping on people .ITS CRAZY.LOL
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