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  1. Pics from Karen (Cousin)
  2. A majority of our wedding party/group flew out of JFK and we all found it really convenient. They were extremely helpful to us because we were carrying our wedding dress/BM dress and suits, etc. We didn't think JFK was as bad as people kept making it out to be. If you want 1st class, I say go for JFK. 1st class is totally worth it! We got upgraded to 1st class when we went to Hawaii and now hubby doesn't think he could ever do a long flight again unless it's 1st class.
  3. We paid $3000 for a full day of shooting, a special photo shoot, and a dvd of all the photos, and travel. We paid an additional $2200 for a magazine style photo album with 40 pages and 2 parent albums.
  4. I've had quite the opposite effect, sort of. I initially went through a stage in my early twenties where I didn't want to have children, couldn't find the idea of having children even remotely appealing. But then, I hit my mid-twenties to late twenties and all I could think about was having a baby (after I got married, of course). Especially, after I met hubby, I totally envisioned us having children together and being a family, and all the works. Then, as we got engaged and closer to the wedding and then having the wedding, the more and more I think about having kids (we are now in our
  5. Our pro pics just came in and I've posted the best ones on our wedding website: http://fanelliwedding.shutterfly.com...l&startIndex=0 Hope you like them!
  6. Also, the WPJA is a good place to search as many photographers are members there and show their work there.
  7. Our wedding coordinator recommended ours and he was rated #1 on theknot.com so we figured he was very good.
  8. Hi Everyone, Just found out that our wedding is being featured on La Bella Bride Magazine's Blogazine!!! We were so excited to be chosen! Please check it out and feel free to post any comments on their website: Michael and Grace’s wedding in France! Hope you like the pics! They are a preview of what we will receive from our photographer soon! YAY!!!
  9. OMG! That is the cutest weirdest thing I've seen so far for a cat.
  10. Have to agree with most of the girls here and say that #2 looks absolutely amazing on you! It is just stunning and is so flattering with your figure. Best of luck choosing the right dress!!!
  11. Those shoes are cute but I agree with most of the other girls and have to say change the shoes. However, if you are able to get them dyed white, they would totally match and look awesome with the dress. Is that a possibility?
  12. We went through the same thing but reversed and I was the one who gained weight. DH did have the heart and honesty to tell me that a couple years before we got married. In the beginning, I was upset and hurt that he would say something like that to me and why wouldn't he love me regardless of the way I looked, etc, and all that comes along with that line of thinking. Then, I went to a bachelorette party of my friend who was getting married a year before me and when I saw those pictures, I was aghast! I was like what fat girl ate me?!? OMG! I had gained over 40 lbs since he had first met
  13. So glad I could help! Let me know how things turn out. Also, were you able to find a dress you love yet? How's the planning going?
  14. At our wedding, MIL walked DH down the aisle. At the end, he gave her a kiss on the cheek, helped her to her seat and got into his position. She raised him after his father passed away when he was 13 and they are very close. They wouldn't have wanted it any other way. My father is passed away so I had my mother walk me down the aisle. We thought it was symbolic that both our moms raised us alone and both were able to walk us down the aisle so that we could be joined together in the bonds of marriage. Also, since we were having the marriage ceremony and ring exchange to show our bond of u
  15. We gave our DJ a playlist on our ipod of all the songs we wanted. DH and I are very particular about the songs we wanted to hear and so he worked on our playlist, editting and splicing the songs so they flowed into each other nicely. He also put the songs in a certain order. We simply gave our DJ our ipod and told him that he could play the more traditional wedding music for the first couple of hours, but after that, we had our playlist that we wanted to hear in the exact order we had programmed. He was very accomodating and was perfectly understanding about it. Remember, this is your wedding
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