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  1. Girls, this thread is starting to make me hot! LOL! Keep posting those pics!
  2. Kittenheart, Hahaha. Hilarious. I might make another go of it this year. Then again, I remember thinking last year, "I'm getting way to old to be dressing up for Halloween"! LOL!
  3. Sorry that's so big! I resized in in photobucket and it didn't work!
  4. Amy, we were SO close to being Bill and Sookie this year, but we didn't think anyone would get it, so we were just regular vampires.
  5. Cara that looks awesome! It looks as if you went with just buttercream frosting and no fondent? Is that the case?
  6. I've had my dress for seven months now hanging in my closet. My FI will NOT look at it! I have even had moments of weakness where I've been like, "Man, let's just peek at it" and he refuses! Good man!
  7. Do not send that email....IMHO. It's his responsibility to deal with his mother. In the end he needs to stand up for your relationship. If he does that it will represent your relationship more than if you just went it guns-a-blazing. This is his problem to solve. Sounds like he has your back though!
  8. Cindy, are yours the real thing or knock offs I had orginally got real Loubs, but ended up with buyers remorse and took them back, so now I think I'll just get knock offs! Normally, I hate imitation stuff, but I'm getting over it
  9. So, now that we have had a competition week, I am starting to like the new format. That contemporary piece from Sonja was amaaaaazziiinngg!!! I think they were spot on with eliminating Alexi. I never thought she should have been chosen in the first place. She's good, but not THAT good. I think Christina should be next to go. I think a guy will win this year, do you? I think the routine Billy Bell had to do (Tyce DiOrio jazz) was not up to his skill level and didn't showcase his talent at all. But, I'm in love with Kent. He is so sweet and innocent. He's my fav guy now.
  10. Cassie, that dress is awesome! Seems so lightweight! You can dance the night away! Are you doing a TTD? In that dress I think it would be great in the water!
  11. I fell asleep half way through this week's episode, so I've gotta go back and watch it. Thank goodness I TiVo'd it! I just love anything vampire, so I'll probably start reading the books. I've actually been re-reading old classics (you know, the ones we were supposed to internalize in grade school and high school, but really didn't ) and I'm reading Bram Stoker's Dracula right now. It's awesome. From the above post, I suspect I will be seeing lots of Eric when I rewatch this, and I'm A-OK with that.
  12. I'm really torn on this cake thing. The one tier just doesn't look wedding cake-ish enough for me, but do I really wanna pay for the two or three tier when it sounds like no one wants to eat it!!! Bah!
  13. I would send invites to everyone you would like to invite, because I was pleasantly suprised at how many people actually decided to spend the money and come. I figured I would have 20 and ended up with near 50.
  14. Janapana, I'm glad you found the dress you like. I think every woman should be able to have the dress of their dreams! And, I hear you about this forum being bad for the budget!!! LOL. I've spent money on things I never would have before had I not seen them on here! But, you take the good with the bad, hehe.
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