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  1. http://www.sotteroandmidgley.com/dress.aspx?keywordText=chiffon&keywordType=any&page=0&pageSize=15&style=RSM1037  Sottero and Midgley dress for sale- $600 + shipping. Paid 900 and then paid 150 in alterations  Size 6, with a french bustle. if you want more pictures, feel free to PM me and I will send you some! I LOVE the dress, but I know it will just sit in my closet for years to come.
  2. I'm just wondering if any of you destination wedding brides received a gift from any of your guests who attended your wedding. I'm just curious ...
  3. I just had my wedding at the Majestic Colonial, and they did an amazing job. The resort is beautiful and very well kept. I would highly recommend it
  4. thanks ladies. I just had to tell myself I can't control the weather Phil was amazing. Also I forgot to mention...the flowers I got were beautiful. I was really impressed with them. THat wasn't me on facebook, that was the wedding the night before, but I did get the same picture I'll post some pics when I get a chance!
  5. Wedding review May 26, 2010 To start off, the resort is beautiful. I had about 28 guests, and every single person was very impressed with the resort. Some couples had been down to Punta Cana 3 times before, and thought it was the nicest place they stayed at. We got in on a Monday, and our wedding was on Wednesday. Monday night we got a letter under our door telling us we would meet Yadallis the next morning. I had been dealing with Sandra all along, but Yadallis had all the information. They really know what they are doing. You are allowed to make last minute changes; which is great too. The day of the wedding: It had been raining off and on since we arrived in Punta Cana. When I woke up, it was overcast, but not raining. Of course I wanted to get married on the beach, so I was hoping for sun, as I’m sure every destination bride hopes for. Well, that wasn’t my luck that day. It rained ALL day. Wardes who was putting on my wedding, called me at 11 that day (my ceremony was at 3) and informed me that there was a 90% chance of heavy rain at 3, and my best bet was to change it to the lobby. I asked if it wasn’t too bad, that I would like it in the gazebo. So we stuck with that. She called me back around noon, and said I woud be better off switching it to the lobby, and my reception to the ball room. The reception was going to be at the wetbar. Of course I was really bummed out, because I went to this beautiful place to have an OUTDOOR wedding. Although the lobby is beautiful, it really wasn’t what I wanted. My dad called my room to inform me they were setting up the gazebo around 1. I got really excited, and figured it would be good even if it rained. We called down and spoke with the wedding coordinators who informed me I COULD have it in the gazebo, and keep my reception at the wetbar. Around 2:30 my dad called my room back and told me they took down the gazebo and were setting up in the lobby! I’m a very laid back person, and nothing about the wedding stressed me out….until then. I started freaking out. Phil Steingard was my photographer, and he ran down there 15 min before my wedding and talked to Wardes and asked her to change it back to the gazebo. They did. I am so grateful to Phil for that. When it was time to walk down the aisle, it was sprinkling very lightly. I did a symbolic ceremony, but it was very hard to hear Wardes. All and all, everything was beautiful. I am actually very glad I had it in the gazebo; it really is a lot more private and intimate than the beach. The beach is beautiful too, but you should just be aware, that there are going to be A LOT of people around watching, and walking behind the wedding along the water. We also used the saxophonist for the ceremony. I would really recommend him, if you don’t have your heart set on a particular song to walk down to. He can play all the traditional wedding songs, and this way, you don’t have to “time” everything perfectly. We didn’t do dinner until 7. Before that Phil Steingard brought us EVERYWHERE taking pictures. I can’t say enough about him. He is absolutely AMAZING! He is so energetic, and he really keeps you going. All of my guests were very impressed by him and his work. If you need a photographer, I would definitely use him. He told me that he has done about 75-100 destination weddings, and ours was the first one he had done where it had been rained out the whole day. He really wanted to get us beach pictures, so he met us the next morning at 9:30 to do some, even though he had another wedding at 11. I can’t thank him enough, because the beach pictures were really important to me. He made the most of the rain, and took some really amazing pictures with an umbrella. We did the included dinner at the Steak house. Steak and lobster. The table was set up nicely. I had used 3 of their centerpieces, along with the centerpiece from the ceremony. Although you are in the steakhouse with everyone else, you don’t notice anyone besides the people you are with. I would highly recommend it. Around 9, we went to the wetbar. It was perfect for my group, because we definitely weren’t a dancing group. It was still raining, so the tables were inside, rather than outside under the terrace. With the tables inside, you lose a lot of your dance floor. Like I said, it wasn’t an issue for my group. I went with their DJ, which I decided last minute. I really didn’t want anyone of my guests to have to bother with the ipod. We ended up hooking up the ipod for half the time to get some songs on there we really wanted to listen to. The cake was amazing, everything was amazing. If you are going to have your wedding here, there is absolutely NOTHING to worry about. If it rains, don’t worry, your wedding will still be amazing. The wedding coordinators are very good and really know what they are doing. One more thing just to warn you, every single one of my guests had stomach issues at least once during their stay, some worse than others. As I had mentioned before, some of my guests have been to Punta Cana several times, and this is the first time they had an issue with the food. Just make sure to bring some Imodium with you, and you will be fine!
  6. Mine was great at first. After several of us had booked our trip, it was like pulling teeth. Then I gave her name to a lot of my guests, and she would tell them she would call them back with prices, etc, and NEVER did. They kept calling her but she wouldn't answer or get back to them until DAYS later. So needless to say, all my other guests ended up booking through someone else. USELESS!!! DO NOT USE, they are travel agents and that is all. THey don't know ANYTHING about where to have a destination wedding, the hotels, etc. Don't be fooled. Consider yourself warned I plan on contacting a manager AFTER my wedding which is in less than 2 weeks!
  7. June?!?! Okay good! I had tried googling it and looking on FX but it didn't say anything. I'll check again now. The last episode was such a cliffhanger, I can't Wait to see what happens to him!
  8. This is the dress my daughter will wear. The sash is actually more of a bright coral in person
  9. Does anyone watch Rescue Me? If so, do you have any clue when the new season starts? I know it was supposed to be sometime this month, but have seen absolutely nothing about it!
  10. oh no! I can't believe they can't change her name on the reservations! On the plus side, my fiance and our daughter got there passports 2 weeks after they applied for them, and that wasn't being rushed either!
  11. i'm wondering the same thing!! I'm afraid people will get angry if they know we are doing it "legally" before we go!!!
  12. I have my photographer for the whole day. From getting ready until the reception ends. I also have him for a TTD shoot.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi Totally did the same thing and LOVED IT! I can't imagine not using my real dress, and like you Aimee what else was I going to do with it?! Mine did not get so trashed though, it came out actually cleaner than it was after the reception! mmm and I hate to admit this but I still haven't taken it to the dry cleaners...yes almost a year later! I just have been too afraid that they will destroy it, haha, kind of ironic I think that right? It is fine though, just in the garmet bag in the closet...maybe I should make it my goal to actually get it dry cleaned before my 1 year anniv! Now though when I look at wedding and TTD pics I get overly excited when I see that a bride used her actual dress for her TTD! It is weird I know, but in my opinion if you are going to do a TTD you might as well use your real dress! BTW Aimee, I loved your photos! I want to use my real dress, but I'm so scared it will get ruined. WHat type of material was your dress?
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