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  1. Okay I want to check and clarify one last time! I keep having nightmares that we come home and find our we actually didn't get married! So for you Sandals brides- all you have done is send in your required paperwork (ie notorized birth cert) and this is it?? Then we sign paperwork at the ceremony and its official?
  2. Yeah, I still am undecided what to do about the photography. So far, thanks to Jamaicabride09, I am also doing an account with shutterfly and passing our cards to my guest so I can collect their pics. I honestly feel the most dissapointing thing about a destination wedding is the worry I have about the pics and what we should do...
  3. working on mine now! Can't wait to be able to view yours! Did you use your TA to gather info or did you organize it yourself?
  4. Yes I will have a note on th epostcards that say bring postcard to the concierge desk. (I am just assuming they will send them out- I guess I can let them know ahead of time)...or should I just say FRONT DESK nad not CONCIERGE desk?? I will email my wedding coordinator re: Jamaica postage. If anyone knows, please fill us in! :-)
  5. Thank you Lisa! So is that all? I walk down and then they say that right away or is there a little more added to it? If not, I think I would want to add a little something so its not so short. I'd like to do the sand ceremony too...
  6. So do we have to bring our own vows or does Sandals provide the vows for us??
  7. Hello everyone! I have read awesome ideas on here about brides who brought pre-postaged postcards with them and gave them to their guest and had their guest mail them home from Jamaica to the bride & groom. I think this idea is sooo wonderful! I want to make postcards on Vista (AWESOME website by the way!) and put our monogram on them, address them to ourselves and include them in our guest OOT bags! I want it to say something like, "In lieu of a wedding guestbook.....we would like you to fill out this postcard with your favorite memory while staying here in Jamaica! Please give this pre-postaged postcard to the concierge desk prior to departure back home so we will get them when we return from our honeymoon and we can make our guestbook from your postcards mailed from Jamaica!" I hope this isn't a stupid question but - How does postage work in Jamaica? Is it any different than here? For those of you who have gone, do you think the concierge desk would be ok with this? If any of you can think of creative ways to word the postcard better, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!
  8. good! I'm glad b/c its not fair if they get a discount! I love working with a TA- they have experience with booking trips/flights so things okay...
  9. hmm...working on my luggage tags now- still not allowed to view templates yet but I am getting plenty of ideas from all of you! Thanks!
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