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  1. Has anyone made their own cd's for a favor? Thinking about using it for a shower favor-jsut looking for a template for cd sticker....
  2. I actually bought a few sets of this wedding trivia game I found online on ebay. It's only available in the UK. I figured I'd put a set at each table so everyone can play....it's kind of like a pop culture trivia game but all questions are related to something romance related...
  3. papermart.com has a big selection of reusable bags that can be bought by the case...
  4. Sorry to hear about the job...good luck with your interviews! Also, please PM me and let me know how to send payment to you for the books. Just got them today! Where did you find them, I'm trying to find about 30 more...
  5. I am getting married there in May of this year! It's actually just around the corner practically!!!
  6. Just wondering specifically what snacks people put in their bags? We areg oing shopping in a few weeks and want to have my list ready!! So far we were thinking: Granola bars Pringles potato chips-small can gum mints wheat thins bottled water gourmet cookie (being made by a friend) We want it to be full of snacks so any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks!
  7. Just looking to connect with anyone that has gotten married there or is getting married there in the future....
  8. I bought all my girls hosting and the moms bath wraps with their names embroidered on. They are 15.00 at Fortunoffs. Just can't decide if I should put them in their OOT bag at the wedding or give it to them at the shower...
  9. I think I saw on here at some point someone wrote about a trivia card game that was played at the reception. There was a box of trivia cards placed at each table so they could ask each other questions during dinner-kind of like an ice breaker....anyone ever heard of this idea?
  10. You can also try the Gazebo at the Marriott Frenchman's Reef in St. Thomas...totally secluded..I'm getting married there in 3 months!!!
  11. Hey there, is anyone having a "Man of Honor" in addition to bridesmaids? I have best male friend that will be in bridal party. Just wondering if anyone had any gift ideas....help?
  12. Anyone have any ideas on the best approach of how to handle calling people for their RSVP's after the due date? My due date is approaching next week and there are still a lot of people who haven't responded. A chunk of who I think styill might come....just want to do it without being pushy. Help
  13. Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Good luck!
  14. OMG, I have the Rabbi for you! Her name is Rabbi Andrea Frank and the link to her site is:Jewish Wedding Guide by Rabbi Andrea. Jewish Ceremony Customs & Life Cycles. She is really great, will and has traveled anywhere and everywhere!!! She's doing my NY ceremony for us. Feel free to tell her I referred you, I'm Rachel in Queens..she'll know Good luck!!
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