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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm sorry I've been MIA since my wedding- life has been CRAZY from the minute the plane touched down from Playa! I'm going to do my best to get a full review out to you guys ASAP, but in the interim, email any questions you might have to me at mrsstahn09@gmail.com... I'd love to help!
  2. Shay, my dear friend... You are going to have a wonderful time! Everything looks perfect and I am in LOVE with your dress! I know your wedding is going to be everything you dream it to be! Love ya girl!
  3. Hahaha! Not sure who had the "pleasure" of doing it, but there was a woman sunbathing topless near my ceremony site and someone asked her to put her top on!!!! Apparently she was PISSED OFF and gave my FIL the evil eye through the whole thing! I laughed my a$$ off when I heard that one!
  4. Hi there everyone! We came home from our wedding-moon late yesterday and I couldn't wait to post and say good luck to all of you leaving soon! You'll have a WONDERFUL time, I'm sure! I'll work on getting a review done soon, but the AHR is Saturday and I'm all stressed all over again with those details!!! Feel free to PM me with any specific questions in the meantime!
  5. You guys are SO wonderful! Thank you all so much! I leave tomorrow morning at an ungodly hour, but I promise to post pics as soon as possible! I love you guys!
  6. Wedding shoes from victoriassecret.com (LOVE THESE SHOES! I BOUGHT THEM IN EVERY COLOR!) My bouquet and FI's bout We've paid a little extra for upgraded decor at the ceremony and this is the pic that Lili sent us... I pray it's this pretty! AND to save even more $$$ (and luggage space) she's letting us use the extra fabric and flowers to decorate the reception space! It's gonna be perfect! We wanted an edible favor for our guests and I saw these favor boxes on the Ghiradelli website and was set! They have 9 pieces of chocolate of assorted flavors
  7. My sister is my Maid of Honor and I bought her this dress on CLEARANCE at Nordstrom's for $75! She's not totally in love with it, so I'm still debating on forcing her to wear it (and going all Bridezilla on her!) or letting her wear a more casual BM dress that she picked out for super cheap. We're just going to take both to Mexico and see what feels right at the time! Here are her shoes bought on Ebay My Jewelry was bought from a FANTASTIC Etsy seller named Virginia Geiger! She made me this necklace called Pearly Girly and it's PERFECT to dress up my dress a little mo
  8. Okay, my planning thread is not NEARLY as AMAZING as the ones a lot of the ladies here have done, but I want to be a good BDW Bride, so here 'ya go! Thank you all so much for the well wishes, ideas, and your knowledge of destination weddings! I always knew a DW was the way I wanted to go, but I could've never done it without you girls (especially all of you on the Royal thread)! We leave Wednesday for Playa del Carmen and will be married at 4pm at the Royal Playa del Carmen! My E-ring and Wedding band... I absolutely love it! You can't see it well in the pic, but it's got
  9. I'm really not sure where our reception is going to be either... I asked for a beachfront location, but no idea where! Lili asked me for my dinner choices last week... I'm keeping it really simple and having the three course menu (the 1st course in the 4 course one is soup and I just think soup in the hot weather sounds yucky...) with the caesar salad, green peppercorn filet and the tres leches cake. I figured that it's simple enough of a menu that even the pickiest eaters (like FI) will eat what they like. I'm on the fence about the tres leches cake though... what do you guys think for
  10. Veronica, your review was awesome and so informative! Thanks for showing the pic of the reception set-up, I've been dying to see it! It was so great to hear about how yummy the food was too! Well, I'm finally legally married! FI and I had our Legal Day yesterday! I've posted my pics, but have no idea how to post a link to them... (when you see them, you can see how geeky excited I was the whole time!!!) Now it's time for fun in the sun and the REAL WEDDING! I can't wait!
  11. You girls are so sweet! Thanks for sharing the love! Now we're about a week and a half away from FUN IN THE SUN! Woo Hoo!
  12. Thought I'd share our Legal Day with my FAVORITE picture whores! Love you all! Just me! The vows The best kiss of my life!!! Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Stahn
  13. We're having a pretty casual AHR as well, so we're doing a candy buffet as our wedding favor... Does that help?
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