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  1. Hi girls! Quick questions...how much did you, or should i tip the wedding planner and photographer? Our photographer is from outside the resort....any suggestions?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by sdtooley Lindz... I am so excited for you and Matt and I wish that Michael and I could make it to see your wedding! We will be so excited to hear all about it and to see your pictures. I still think it is so crazy that we are getting married at the same place:). I hope that you have a wonderful week and I know that you will be an absolutely beautiful bride! Congrats! Thanks Shannon! I am so sorry we will miss you guys but Ill be sure to share all details learned...the to-do's and not to-do's! I hope Ill be able to up-load pics...Im so dumb with that stuff! Congrats to you too!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon2beTWells Yes, I have had the same problem. I have asked several questions...three different times starting back on the 2nd of June as well. I really need to know the conformation of our menu so I can get those printed up since we leave on Saturday... Also does anyone know if we can pay before we go down? One of our family members who can not go because of work wants to pay for the wedding as our gift...so I REALLY hope that he is able to do that... I am also bummed because we are not allowed to do the bonfire as of two weeks ago because of sea turtle nesting season. I have asked how to set up a privite event/ make resv. in one of the resturants and still haven't heard a word...STRESSED!! Lindz when are you leaving, I know we are getting married on the same day (So Exciting) did they confirm your reception location? We too have had really bad communication with the resort...so for that reason I don't believe we are "confirmed" for much of anything! Haha! However last we did talk I was requesting a beach-side wedding and reception...but who knows!!? What about you guys? Any details worked out?
  4. Hi Girls! Had a quick question for you all...I have a laptop I'd like to bring to Tulum but Im not sure about the security in the rooms. I read somewhere on here that the safes are kinda small....does anyone have more information on keeping laptops in the safes? (size of safe?) Thanks! Leaving in 3 days!!!!
  5. Your pix are wonderful! You two look so in love and happy! You look beautiful!...Thank you for sharing!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by wahmsuzanne I forgot to ask ... how much money is an appropriate tip for the wedding coordinator? How about others? I just want to make sure we're tipping an amount that is ... enough to let them know we appreciate them. I know it's up to each person ... I'd just like to hear from others what they've done or what they plan on doing. Thanks! *SmiLes* Suzanne This is a great question and I never would have thought to ask!!! Thanks for sharing-- I guess thats why they have such a valuable website, huh!? Anyway, I second the question above....what is an appropriate tip for the wedding planner? And outside photographer? And people at the spa?? Thank you!!!! SO SOON I CAN'T WAIT!!
  7. We are hoping to have our reception on the beach and i too bought lanterns...does anyone know if you can hang lanterns around the beach area? Has anyone heard of any weddings that were moved indoors due to rain? If so, how did it go? Its rained here for 2 wks straight and I am starting to get nervous that it will rain on our wedding day in Mexico as well! We leave on Thursday of next week!! See you soon Lonna!
  8. Thank you for the helpful pointers!!
  9. Lindz

    Syl's Dreams Cancun Review

    Your wedding photos and style have completely inspired me...you look amazing! Congrats
  10. Lindz

    LF: Flower for my hair

    check out haircomesthebride.com I got mine there and the quality is really nice!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz Natalia was my wedding coordinator and she was amazing. I loved her. You are you in excellent hands with her OH good! I remember when you came back how happy you were so its wonderful to hear that she was your planner! Thanks for the help!
  12. Lonna I am def. in for a drink! I can't wait! I also think that the cocktail hour before sounds soooo great...(almost an idea I might consider myself!) Girls-- Thank you all for the response on the day pass...I will probably try to get the half day cost! Sorry another question, has anyone done their wedding with Natalia? I just found out she is our wedding planner and wanted to get your thoughts on your experience with her. Thanks!
  13. Hi girls! The time is almost here! I had a few questions for some of the most recent brides... I emailed Natalia who is doing our wedding and she said that the cost to have a speaker ipod set up is $220 USD....is that what some of you paid?! Thats so much! Also, she quoted me at $90USD to bring a photographer or the day, wasn't it $50USD? Just checking to see if I have any room to bargin! Thanks for your help!
  14. I just tried to start a new thread about hair b/c I couldnt find this one...and I am glad I did! These are all great suggestions!!! Keep em coming!
  15. Hi Girls! I need your help! I think I am the most indecisive bride-to-be and I can't decide on hair styles! Anyone have any suggestions? Please post pics here! Did you have hair that your looooved on your wedding day? Or even suggestions as to what NOT to do! Pix of inspiration....anything to help please post! (If there is a thread on this subject please direct me there too..I looked but didn't see anything!) Thanks girls!