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  1. Hey guys, My wedding was on January 9th. If anyone is thinking of having a wedding here DO IT! We had a Hindu wedding, which is very involved and we had numerous out of the ordinary requests. We were so worried...until we actually went down there and met with Patricia. She is the wedding coordinator and is absolutely amazing, her final product is exactly what you want. For my ceremony we had numerous requests: a nice white tent, specific flowers along the walkway, specific flowers and colour of my bouquet, flowers on the gazebo, chair covers which we brought from home, special items for our priest etc. I am a perfectionist so I was very detailed and she got it 100% right. For our reception, we paid a little extra for the cake and it was worth it, it was obvious they spent so much time on it! Even the decor of our reception was exactly what we had asked for. The food at the Bahia is excellent, we had no issues with our menu choices. Regarding our Photographer Michael Steingard is AMAZING. He is from Toronto but goes down to PC all the time, he usually has a handful of weddings at a time so it is not expensive. We had numerous people tell us they were the best wedding pics they have ever seen. Check it out: Site Title Our videographer was Arnaud from HDC, he is amazing as well. The quality of the video was great and he is very professional! I can give you guys more details if you want just ask! Jessica
  2. For the flowers I just told them the colours I wanted and they said they would take care of it! The centerpieces, I just showed them a picture from the internet but I'm waiting to see how much they will charge for it. The bouquet I also showed them a picture off the internet and they said they would do their best at no charge.
  3. I'm getting married on the Punta Cana side (it's almost the same thing anyway!) on January 9, 2010. I just had to pick a bouquet and centerpeice but that is about it so far...I am mainly concerned over the menu options!
  4. Hi guys. Any brides out there have any suggestions for the main course at the Garden Grill Restaurant (the steakhouse). This resort is insane and they expect every wedding guest to eat the SAME main dish! And I don't want to make the wrong choice! Thanks! Jessica
  5. You should get in contact with them. My wedding planner is planning a wedding there in June and the hotel wedding coordinator couldn't find the details.... I'm pretty sure it is sorted out now, but you should send an email just to verify!
  6. I am getting married there January 9, 2010 and flights are terribly expensive! Paying close to $1800....but we are flying through air canada vacations. Prices however should drop in a few months.... The wedding coordinator is no longer Gildania, she left! The contact person is Claribel, you can use the same email address
  7. interesting...our wedding planner said we can book anytime!!!! I'm going to find out about this....
  8. yeah I am thinking of having it at the gran bahia principe bavaro...they have a nice garden gazebo that looks partially secluded (don't want random people in our pictures!). The price is also reasonable.
  9. Does anyone know if all four of the photosouvenir photographers are good? I see you guys talking about Severine is she the best?
  10. I am thinking of the bahia principe bavaro and also wanted to book photosouvenir, can't wait to see the pics!
  11. It sucks I want to stay at a top notch resort but at the same time I want people to actually come to my wedding!!
  12. I have seen this lovely gazebo, but it's out of my budget for our guests!
  13. I didnt realize that the gazebo was on a hill! Thanks for the info It's funny b/c that Marriott was my first choice, the gazebo is stunning! The only problem is that I wanted to stay at an all inclusive resort...and I didn't want my guests to break the bank! Were you able to get a good deal?
  14. Hi guys, I have been reading through dozens of posts...thanks for the awesome info! I am looking for a garden gazebo that is somewhat secluded...I like the gazebo at Bahia Principe Bavaro however I hear there is a walkway right next to it which will result in a crowd of people watching us. Although it is not in the garden, the gazebo at Paradisus Punta Cana is beautiful however I think we would have the same problem. Has anyone seen any gazebos in a secluded (but still affordable) resort? Thanks!! Jessica
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