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  1. Rancho pescadero is definitely very nice. I went there last week for a sunday brunch, nice but out of the way. Cool mexican modern decoor. There are some really cool places in Todos Santos now. We went to this really cool new sports bar... saw all the olympic events. Very old cantina vibe cool old mexican movie posters on the walls. Perfect place for a bachelor or bachelorette party or even a welcome dinner. They serve THE best shrimp stuffed chiles. The place is called La Garra. They have wifi and I think their email is lagarrats@yahoo.com The Todos SAntos Inn also has a very good new mexican restaurant... Landi's. It is very good.
  2. Hi Girls ... so there IS a florist in Todos Santos. it is where the fake flowers that someone already mentioned. You would need to go in there in advance like 2-3 days and request flowers ... they will order them. Personally I would do the calla lilies they are GORGEOUS!! They are in Pescadero only 15 min. from Todos Santos. For hair you might want to contact Sarah Rutowski. She does incredible highlights ( i have long hair and it was only arround $50 dls!!!) her cell in mexico is 044 612 118 3492 if you are calling from the states it is 01152 1 612 118 3492. she has email but I do not know it.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by anacgarcia I've tried so hard not to rise my prices but I think I will have to do that anytime soon. I also want to remind you that the dollar/peso price is SO high right now, we were able to buy dollars for $11 pesos 3 months ago and know it's almost at $15. That is right... right now is actually a great tme to have a wedding in Mexico. The exchange rate is great. Basically, if the prices quoted to you are in pesos and you pay in pesos onsite (ie. at a restaurant or for that cute hat you have to have) you are going to get what is basically a 20-35% discount just by paying in pesos. ie. 2 months ago I bought a hat in Cabo for $100 pesos = $10 dls Today for the same hat $100 pesos = $7 dls !!! So if you are smart get quotes in pesos NOT dollars!! Bring your debit card with you and pay in pesos onsite after you get a great exchange rate. Todays exchange rate in Cabo was $13.47 pesos to the dollar. Last friday it was $13.87.
  4. there is a calla lilly grower north of cabo!! My wedding coordinator mentioned it to me. You could probably buy really cheap. Wedding coordinator Happy Moreno reservations@alegriainn.net I´m sure she would help
  5. You will also be able to find them in Playa del Carmen easy. They sell them at any of the "ferreterias" or hardware stores. They also have them at "todo por un precio" everything for one price (like a dollar store). Mega or Soriana grocery stores will also probably have them.
  6. Basically NOT a good thing to mix your ipod with a PC and a Mac computer try to avoid this as the ipod gets "confused once it talks to a PC".
  7. Hi! AeroMexico is one of the OLDEST airlines in Mexico. They are very good. Comparing them with other Mexican airlines they are probably the ones that have the most expensive ticket prices. They are consistently ontime and I have never had problems with luggage getting lost. That doesn't mean that it doesn't happen!! You should ask about the cost of upgarding to a 1st class ticket. I think last time I did it they charged $50 dls for this then gave me and Hubby shrimp cocktails and free drinks during the flight.
  8. Thought you should all know there is now a Walmart and Sam's club in Cabo! I went in and it is definitely a Mexican version of what we have at home. They did have some really gorgeous vases. They ranged from a coupple of dollars to $20 dls. The $20 dls were for some really huge cillindrical clear glass vases. They had some pretty colors and shapes too. Thius walmart is also a Supercenter store so it is a great place for food shopping. Their produce was good. Just another place for shopping. It is located just before you get to Cabo walmart and Sam's club on the right. If you are coming from Cabo you have to take the new overpass to get to it. No signs so confusing. Stay to the right and right after the overpass you will see the right hand turn to get up and on the overpass.
  9. Here is one web page that I found. Hope it helps. Do you have your Padrinos? It is tradition that the padrinos buy those items for you. http://www.weddingarras.com/index.htm
  10. another option is that you wait to get them in PV. there will be TONS of places there to get them. The mercado being one of them. But if you are like me I wouldn't be able to wait
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by coreyphil Wow - great information! 3 quick questions: How far is the farm and is it hard to find? Is the location it pretty common knowledge? And is it north of Cabo San Lucas or San Jose? Thanks for the heads up! It is in Pescadero about 30-45 minutes north of Cabo. I do not know exactly where it is. I found the flowers being sold on the side of the street. You might want to email my coordinator, happy Moreno, she should know as she was the one that originally mentioned the farm to me but as I had Roses I neverreally asked. You can email her at happymoreno1@yahoo.com She is great and is usually happy to help.
  12. Kendra- Just a quick heads up...... there is a calla lilly farm north of Cabo. they have the most gorgeous Callas and they are cheap! I got some last spring for $15 dls a dozen- they have the mini's and the larger callas.
  13. Cabo is definitely HOT in august... but just let everyone know and be prepared. You should not have any problems with rain or hurricanes... the worst time for them is late August and all of September. Congrats!!
  14. I just looked at the hurricane path and KIKO is not slated to become a hurricane until tonight. I think that there may be some rain in southern baja on Monday and Tue. But I think that it will be gone by the 28th. You also have to remember that this time of the year it almost always rains every afternoon in southern Baja... the catch is that it mostly only rains in the mountains. GOOD luck! I really do not thing there is going to be a problem.
  15. thanks ! Yes, I'm definitely checking it out.
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