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  1. Hey Welcome! This is a great site and unfortunately found this site later in my planning stage. Everyone here is so helpful and NICE! Anyway, we just got married in Playa del Carmen. We didnt' have an AI thing so everything was planned a la carte... We stayed at the Shangri-la Caribe...beautiful resort (semi-AI..comes with breakfast and dinner) and got married at the resort next door (Las Palapas). My first choice would of been at Shangri-la but, they were all booked. A few other ladies here are planning a Playa del Carmen wedding and are going the AI route, if that's what you're looking in to. They'll be more than happy to help, i'm sure! Let me know if you want anymore info and GL!
  2. Wow! just saw the pics of where you'll have ceremony and reception! Looks awesome!! Now, I want another wedding......just a do-over!
  3. The Westin looks amazing! Where is this? In PV? AND the "heavenly" beds...ahhhh..love those beds!! I know this is off topic but, they're on sale at Nordstroms right now! Your plans look good!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyandMatt08 Yes, I got the Aqua color. And they were on sale!!! $49.99!!! Scooore!!! Good for you! I paid 98 dollars for each dress I hate it when I buy things full price...oh well! Guess, it's worth it! Good Luck and happy I was able to help somewhat....!
  5. We paid $500 for 45 minutes! And I thought that was insane! Funny thing is...these are the same Mariachi Band that played for FREE at our Welcome Dinner at a restaurant! They play there every night!!! I was turned off when I noticed it was the same people...felt very cheated On the flip side, it made for very good pictures!!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by carlymcmullen Love the photos! I especially love the few of you and the girls in front of the ocean with the parasols. The BM dresses match exactly to the ocean! I have been trying to pick colors that will stand out against it, but your pics are making me second guess myself! Congratualtions and who was your photographer? They did an excellent job. Ok, so I just finished the pics and I want that to be my wedding! You looked gorgeous and everything else looks wonderful! I really hope that my comes out half as good as yours looks! Aww..thanks! My photographer is Joel Maus out of Orange County...he's really good! Made the rainy look amazing and almost made me happy that it did rain that day! Yeah, I love my BM dresses...as mentioned above, I wasn't too thrilled with them until the wedding day! Good luck in planning!!! I'm sure your pics will out beautiful!! how can they not just spend extra $ on your photographer...soooo worth it!!! BEst well spent money!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyandMatt08 I just wanted to let you know that you rock! I called the special occassion department at JCrew and they were able to locate them for me, since I was having a hard time getting them at the stores. They are perfect and simple and exactly what I wanted. Hey...glad you found them...I called the special occasion department when they first came out and they had no records of them in their system?! I got the AQUA color which I'm sure you're getting b/c it's their new "blue" color in that line! Congrats! You'll looooove them! Was it on sale?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsV-to-be Wow! Congratulations! What a stunning wedding! You were a beautiful bride! I LOVED your dress I have a few questions - do you mind if I pick your brain? 1. Where did you get married? it was a beautiful location! 2. Who did your hair & makeup? 3. Where did you get the white sandals that had blue stones on the straps? and where did you get your earrings? Thanks! No problem on picking my brain... 1. Got married in Playa del Carmen at a hotel called Las Palapas. We actually stayed at Shangri-la (which we liked better but, they only do 1 wedding/week). Shangri-la and Las Palapas are on the better stretch of the beach in Playa del Carmen in my opinion...clear and clean water...aqua, too and less people..Beautiful beach! 2. Hair- a lady named Doranna did my hair...she's a bit pricey but, is pretty good and has lots of experience working with hair. She's from Italy and has lived in Egypt doing hair. My hair is really thick and curly so, i trusted her! I paid $100 Makeup- a lady named Francine. She did a good job although, i think i could of done it myself b/c i bought all my Chanel makeup for the wedding and gave me a self-taught lesson. She was $50. PM me if you want their contact info. They're really good...and Dorana gets booked up fast. 3. The white sandals with the blue stones were my flower girl shoes...my cousin did that. She bought shoes from old navy and glued those blue stones...believe she got it from Micheals, joanns, a craft store... Earrings from Macys...they were clip on.. Thanks for you compliments..if you need anything else, feel free to ask! Good luck with wedding plannin!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyandMatt08 Very pretty! Where did you get your BM dresses? Got my BM dress at JCrew...it's their famous beach embossed beach dress in aqua! Can't get it online..only in the stores and had to order it all over the US to get all of them for my girls! I got it about 3 months ago.... I wasn't too crazy for them at first and when my BM put them on, it looked exactly like the ocean!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Julesr Everything looks so perfect and beautiful. You look amazing. I love love love your bouquet, its perfect. What are the green flowers in it? The pics of you and your husband on the beach are amazing. You look so happy and so in love. Great photographer. I also love the flower in your hair, is it a clip or is it real? Also, do you mind posting a pic of your starfish escort cards? I would like to do something kinda the same. Your centerpieces are beautiful. Congratulations. Thanks, Everyone! WE had a great time...although there was some things that my Wedding coordinator did not do and decided to add in her taste to my wedding....argh! but, nonetheless, we had a great time! The green flowers were the cymb..orchids. They looked really fake b/c they spraypainted it green!!! Yeah, no joke..they spraypainted it and for the longest time, my family and friends had to convince me it was real! They spraypainted it b/c that was the color on the picture!! Really!! I would prefer it to not be painted at all... Flower in my hair is fake. Got it online from latebloomerboutique.com I don't think I have a picture of my own starfish escort card. I'll see if any of my guest took any. They're just the white pencil starfish and had their names on them with table assignments printed on white cardstock and layered with an aqua/torquoise cardstock...attached with a colored ribbon from michaels ..the .39cent ones. thanks for your compliments...! if I find a pic..i'll post it but, you have to help me since i'm comp illiterate!
  11. Hey Ladies! I'm sorry i didn't have time to thank everyone before i left..I ran out of time! Thank you for all your help! Our wedding/honeymoon was amazing!! We would do it all over again! It was great seeing family and friends over several days and b/c our reception didn't run as smoothly as planned, it was ok b/ the party continued until the next day! We just had an amazing time! Why wouldn't anyone not do a destination wedding?? Oh and our pictures came out really well despite it raining all day! Our photographer was awesome!! Here's the link to our slideshow if interested: http://www.emausphoto.com/slideshows...aya+del+Carmen Thank you again!
  12. Yeah, I am! I bought this ceramic shell with a pillow lining from a girl from the knot...so cute! I can post pics when i come back...it's all packed up!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Just Martha How are you guys taking so many suitcases? I thought you were only allowed 2 suitcases to check and one carry on? Am I wrong? I always check two, carry on one for myself. All of our family and friends are in SO. CA and we live in NO. Ca so, we're paying the extra $$$ to check in. We're (let me correct that... I'm exhausted to orchestrate "who will carry what" and wouldn't even know how to get it to them. Less stress and easier in our case if we carried everything ourselves. I think it's $100 extra per baggage!!
  14. Hello everyone, I am highjacking this original posting to explain that I merged all the threads that I could find related to this topic. Please keep all your questions/concerns in THIS thread and DO NOT start a new one. This will make it easier for future brides to find all the information that they need in one particular thread. Thanks! Carly __________________________________ You think I can swing it? What did you carry on? I'm flying American Airlines...do you think that's too much? What would they do?? Thank you!!!
  15. Wish me luck that I don't get stopped! We have about 6 suitcases full of wedding stuff!!! This is what I'm stressin' mostly about....crazy huh?! I HOPE i just get through without any ?s! Thanks, Ladies!
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